More Texas Holdem Poker Strategies That Work

The popularity of texas holdem poker is growing by the day and for many people playing online is their only source of poker playing. Many people are unaware of the little known tips and Texas holdem poker strategies that will take their poker game to a higher level and make them a successful player. There is a lot of information available on the internet and with the amount of poker playing on the internet today there is no excuse for you not to use it. Below I will list some of the best tips and Texas holdem poker strategies that have been discovered.

Tips on Texas Holdem Poker Strategies #1: Loose Aggressive

Loose aggressive players play a lot of poker pots. They raise and bet with hands they should not in position. They try to steal blinds with weak holdings and will bluff pushes to take the blinds. While the benefits of winning a pot are very high, the drawbacks are high as well. Its extremely easy to run into a situation where you are None-of-these-ses-your-table-is-playing-a-lot-of-nowhere.

Loose aggressive players often take games off you. It’s important to capitalize on their strengths while avoiding theirs. Strategies such as that are outlined below.

Tips on Texas Holdem Poker Strategies #2: Tight Aggressive

Tight aggressive players play less hands than other poker players. They are, by far, the best player type since they are the most likely to either win or lose a particular poker game. However, tight aggressive players make up for this by being super tight and disciplined. Tight aggressive players will hardly ever play unless they have a premium hand. They will fold a lot of hands and only bet with a quality hand. If three players are going at it, tight aggressive players will likely be in the game. But, they will play super tight.

Loose aggressive players allow themselves to be involved in a lot more pots than tight aggressive players. They will play inferior hands, raise with weak hands, and bet with hands they should fold. Because of this, loose aggressive players can create trouble for tight aggressive players. Tight aggressive players will have trouble winning against loose aggressive players. Even when a tight aggressive player does hit a hand, loose aggressive players will find a way to get the best of them.

Tips on Texas Holdem Poker Strategies #3: Leverage Your Position

Most of the time the strategy to play with the best hand is not the most effective when you are in later position. However, when you are in later position you have more information than players in front of you. You can judge how the actions are going and play to make the most out of your hand. Play aggressive when you are in late position. This is the most effective strategy.

To drive home how critical position is to consider, consider the following example. You have pocket 7’s. It is late in the tournament and the blinds are $3k and $6k. You raise to $10k and everyone folds to you. If you have performed any type of trapping and you hit a big hand, you should definitely come over the top of this pot. Position is everything and knowing how to utilize it can make or break you. Play aggressive from the small blind!

More Texas Holdem Poker Strategies That Work