The 3 Biggest Texas Holdem Strategy Secrets Of All Time

Are you frustrated that you aren’t quite sure what to do when you are playing Texas Holdem? Well these Texas Holdem strategy secrets are sure to save you all the trouble.

The overall gist of the Texas Holdem strategy secrets is this. Do things the easy way, and you will come out ahead. That’s it. You can play a lot of pots, win small amounts, and still make money. Or you can do things the hard way, and lose a lot of money.

So, what are the hardest things to do?

Playing after the flop. It’s a bit of a pain right. If you aren’t sure what to do post-flop, or if you completely miss the flop, or realize too late you have the worst cards, you can often easy avoid most of the hard parts of the game by just following a few simple rules.

Playing too many starters. This is the number one problem gamblers face. It’s so incredibly easy to get excited and play a lot of starters. When you’re at the casino, and your pocket is getting dry, you won’t necessarily be thinking about outs and odds, you willbe thinking about betting and raising. Playing too many starters is just playing with your emotions, and you willjust end up getting blood rushed in the wrong directions.

Not sticking to your plan. When you set out to play a certain hand, you need to completely rigidly follow your plan. Whether you take a small amount of time to review your opponents, or just continually click the online button to play, you should alwaysreview your hand before making a decision. Continuing this practice soon after you sit down at the table isobey and can signal easily make you lose a lot of money.

The pool of money you are playing poker with is big and deep. Opponents will be readily available to you, especially if you are playing at one of the top 5 or 6 tables. The deeper the pool of players, the more players who will be willing to play against you. The deeper the pool of players, the more people who will call you and the more people you will have bets against you. It’s not unusual to see a 92% call rate on one of the best sites.

Stay away from the expensive high stakes poker sites. Stars and PokerStars are expensive for a reason – they are big time players. Most of these online poker sites rarely take action against any player for something like collusion – the fact that you are playing with the same cards and thus potentially colluding with others to win. Also, the way these sites make their money is with a high rake rate, which is expensive to players.

Stay with the big name poker sites, even if you think you have to fight rake in a big way. Remember, big name poker sites get the big visits and advertising and can spend big money to get you to play on their site. If you don’t want to play on a big name poker site, then you can usually find a small poker site that is a lot less popular, but will play nice and cheap.

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The 3 Biggest Texas Holdem Strategy Secrets Of All Time