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Top 10 White Widow hybrid strains

White Widow is one of the most famous and most popular cannabis strains on the planet. Besides a great smoke herself, White Widow is also a very popular plant for crossbreeding. Since the nineties many different strains have been crossed with With Widow creating beautiful new varieties. Here are our faves, with an extra special “bonus” strain if you still cannot make up your mind.

1. Blue Widow

This feminized cross between a Blueberry strain and White Widow is appreciated by growers worldwide. It produces a lovely, fast-growing, vigorous plant. The buds are large and compact with lots of trichomes.

The THC content can range between 12-16%. While it is a sativa dominant, this is a real 50-50 sativa-indica hybrid. This is also a good plant to nurture and shape with ScrOG techniques. The bud even develops a beautiful blue colour when grown in outdoors, colder temperatures.

It is also a lovely smoke. The flavour and aroma is one of bittersweet berries. The effect? A powerful, long-lasting bud which produces mellow, long-lasting effects.

2. Moby Dick

This cross between a Haze and a White Widow has created a truly well-rounded hybrid. Moby Dick has fast become an international star because of its great genetics. This is a fast-growing, large yield, potent contender. Indoors, this plant can generate about 180 grams per plant. When grown outdoors, this baby will deliver even more. 230 grams per plant is not uncommon.

Moby Dick’s aroma is flowery and fresh, with hints of lemon and exotic woods. Its powerful high will infiltrate your brain and body with a strong and pleasant stone.

3. White Russian

This cross between AK-47 and White Widow dates back to the 1990’s. This plant grows to a medium height, and produces dense, resinous flowers. The crystals start to begin appearing after only five weeks of flowering. The plants are also quite smelly during growth and flowering.

The high is a pleasantly cerebral one. That said, this baby has won medical prizes too for fast relief. With a 22% THC concentration, that is not surprising. But these stretch from the mid-nineties and Cannabis Cup fame. This is a very popular strain. More recent awards include the El Punto Cup in 2005 and at the Highlife Cup in Amsterdam in 2013.

4. American Pie

This 60% sativa dominant hybrid is a mix of Power Plant and White Widow. With a THC level of 20%, its intense cerebral highs are just one element of American Pie’s popularity. The plant has a large, compact flower that produces resinous crystals. Plants reach full maturity between 65-75 days. Harvests can also be very rewarding. Plants can bring home up to 550 grams a square meter.

Growing is also straightforward. This is a good candidate for ScrOG growing and pruning methods. When grown outdoors, the best time for harvest is in the middle of October.

5. Mohan Ram

Growing this feminized hybrid has been described as creating an environment of being in an Asian garden. Beyond its aesthetics, this plant is easy to grow. It also produces hefty buds quickly. Grown indoors, the plant can reap up to 500 grams per square meter. Outdoors it remains a compact plant.

Due to its heavy indica influences, this is a popular strain with medical users, particularly those suffering from insomnia or nausea. It is 85% indica and as such is an ideal plant to unwind to or relieve pain.

6. Shark Attack

Despite its vicious name, smoking this strain is actually a trip into mellowness. This is a cross between Super Skunk and White Widow. The end result? A feminised, indica-dominant strain that is also very easy to grow. This is also a very vigorous plant. Buds are thick, compact and resinous. This plant also performs well either in or outdoors.

The aroma and scent are reminiscent of lemony flowers.

7. G13 Widow

This strain has a definite cult following. Who can blame them really? The exotic influences that go into its genetics are inspiring enough. G13 Widow combines Afghan, South Indian and Brazilian influences in a single plant. Yields are high – between 400-500 grams per square meter. The aroma is very intense. Medical users value this plant highly.

This plant is well suited for either in or outdoor cultivation. That said, do not be surprised if your plant does not look like you expected it to. Appearance can range from a tightly packed indica to one with a more statuesque sativa look but indica flowering pattern. Taste and aroma can also vary from plant to plant. Breeders who stick with this strain have developed their favourite clones and stick with them.

8. Flash Back 2

This is White Widow crossed with Flo. The end result? A trichome coated bud with a powerful and cerebral high. Aromas elicit the feeling of traveling to an exotic country.

White Widow is one of the most popular strains of all time. Mixed with other cannabis strains, you create new varieties. Check out our Top 10!

The White

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Named “The White” for the color of the finished buds (which absolutely drip with resin glands), this strain seems to be somewhere in the Kush family but is thought to have come from Triangle, an elite Florida strain. Though it’s not considered a true OG among most collectors, it’s reached the stratified air shared with those elite OG cuts in terms of rarity and overall value. The potency tends to be the most noteworthy trait of the strain aside from its incredible appearance, with many growers complaining of an overall weak taste compared to other OG-derived lines.

A tidbit from Krome: “My strain ‘The White’ has no relation to White Widow to the best of my knowledge. It’s called The White for one reason only; the color of the buds when finished. Looks like they were just rubbed in confectionery sugar or something. The real name of the strain is “Triangle.” Got the name from being a 3 way cross. Has nothing to do with location, as I’m far away from Cali and to the best of my knowledge, it was born and raised in my home town. The Triangle Kush is another local strain that’s been around for years. I really don’t want to get into its origins as it always seems to start a heated debate.”


Unknown, thought to be a phenotype/S1 bagseed from Triangle


Straight from Krome via Lucid on forums: “My favorite plant in the garden. It’s got a few names around my way, but the most common is simple “The White.” For me, this is the one that I judge all others by. This one has the high, flavor, potency, looks, everything. The only thing is that it yields like crap. I got it as a clone about 8 years ago from a friend and haven’t stopped growing her since. From what I’ve gathered it was from some seeds called “The Triangle.” Some friends grew it out and weren’t too thrilled and gave a cut to a friend. When he grew it it was the bomb! It’s been around in clone ever since.”


Very OG family line dominant in structure and yield, but the dried flower is just covered in large gland trichs – truly “caked.”


Lemon, pine, and hash, with some oddly sweet qualities creeping in at times — definitely “kushy” in nature, though not as sharp as some OGs, trending instead towards the musky side of things.


Not necessarily known for its taste (many breeders cross it for its trichome coverage with another, tastier strain), The White gives off a pine-heavy taste with hints of Kush spice. The smoke is thick and expansive, filling the chest and often causing coughing, especially on larger hits.


Very strong starting from the relatively quick onset, The White smacks the user in the face with a variety of cycling facial and cranial pressure changes as well as a warming sensation that creeps up behind the eyes. The body buzzes, and the entirety of the patient generally feels heavily medicated by 30 minutes in — though The White tends to keep the user sedentary, the mind remains fairly active and acute. A good strain for relaxing, it calms the body and mind without being overtly heavy or indica in nature until later in the duration, when the eye effects tend to lull the user to an early slumber. With strong mental and physical effects, The White has solid muscle-relaxing, pain relief, and anti-anxiety properties as well as stimulating appetite. The effect tends to get heavier as it goes along, so some patients will find sleep aid properties to be present as well.

Grow Medium

The White is a pretty big feeder, though not a great yielder… it normally stretches 100-125% during flowering and responds well to early topping. Fairly aggressive pruning of lower branches is recommended to maximize production of top and “neckbone” bud sites, which will produce the best, most dense final product. It yields a little bit better than some finicky OG varietals, but is still definitely a connoisseur “headstash” type of plant as opposed to a production plant. Copious early resin production makes some people cut her early, but the last few weeks is when she really piles on the trichomes, so patience is a virtue.

Named "The White" for the color of the finished buds (which absolutely drip with resin glands), this strain seems to be somewhere in the Kush family but is thought to have come from Triangle, an elite Florida strain. Though it's not considered a true OG among most collectors