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CBD Crumble UK

Broad Spectrum CBD Concentrates

Just like CBD powders and Isolates, our Broad Spectrum CBD crumble is now available in the UK; a potent and concentrated form of CBD. Our CBD crumble is supercritical CO2 extracted and distilled, containing 97% CBD. Unlike a CBD powder, the texture is soft and crumbles easily from touch or heat.

Nature & Bloom CBD crumble can be purchased pre infused with terpenes to give an added depth of flavour and added wellbeing benefits. It is in a crystal-like form in larger quantities and is broad-spectrum, naturally rich in cannabinoids including CBD, CBG and CBDV. This CBD concentrate is for true canna-enthusiasts!

We have taken particular care in sourcing our pure CBD concentrates, bringing only the most premium products to market. By partnering directly with a Swiss hemp farm we have sourced a certified THC & CBN free product which is both completely legal, and of the highest standard.

Buy CBD Crumble UK & Samples

Below you can see our range of CBD crumble ready for order and next day delivery in the UK. We know that getting the perfect CBD concentrate for you takes time, patience and some trial and error.

That is why we also offer the opportunity to buy CBD crumble samples so that you may try it out before you decide whether it is worth it.

If you are a regular CBD concentrates user then we are sure you will never go back to what you were using before! Get yourself a sample or go all out – we know you wont regret it!

97% Broad Spectrum CBD Crumble in the UK. Containing 97% CBD (0% THC) + terpenes for supreme flavour, great for vaping and dabbing.

What is CBD Wax or CBD Crumble Exactly?

Anthony Wallace – November 7, 2018 November 29, 2018

CBD oil has been gaining popularity lately. People take it to treat anxiety, inflammation, and it’s even been added to several prescription anti-seizure drugs. But oil isn’t the only form of CBD that can be used. CBD wax is another way to consume CBD, but the terms can get a little confusing. Wax, crumble, live resin, it can be difficult to keep it all straight. So what exactly is the difference between CBD oil and CBD wax, and what are the different types of wax available? Under what circumstances is CBD wax preferable to CBD oil?

CBD oil versus CBD wax

CBD oil and CBD wax are both cannabis concentrates. Their extraction methods are nearly identical. Whether a manufacturer uses ethanol or butane to extract CBD concentrates doesn’t have an impact on whether the final product is wax or oil That is determined by the purging process. If the extract is whipped, you end up with wax, if it is purged of chemical solvents, you get oil.

As far as vaping devices go, oil is easier to use with a pen and wax is going to work better in a dab rig. Whether you go for wax or oil comes down to personal preference. Oil can be infused into edibles whereas wax has to be inhaled. There are also differences in potency. At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference.

Types of CBD wax

CBD wax comes in a few different varieties, and each has its advantages. Your options to choose from are shatter, live resin, crumble, wax and budder. Each is a variant of CBD butane hash oil, which is the blanket term for all kinds of CBD extract.

  • Wax
    Just to make things a tad more confusing, CBD wax can also refer to a specific kind of wax, in addition to being the blanket term for many consistencies of CBD. Wax is one of the more popular variants and has a consistency similar to beeswax, hence the name.
  • Shatter
    Shatter has a texture similar to glass. You get shatter when the extraction process stops just short of fully crystallizing. This gives shatter a rather cloudy look. When it heats up during the vaping process, it takes on an appearance much like thick honey.
  • Live Resin
    Other extraction methods use dried cannabis trims or cured buds, but live resin begins with cryogenically frozen buds. Because the freezing process preserves cannabinoids and terpenes much better, CBD live resin usually has a very strong, clear flavor. CBD live resin is one of the more expensive types of CBD wax. CBD live resin is often considered high-end or a special treat.
  • Budder
    When manufacturers purge at a very high temperature and air pressure, budder is the result. Budder is lighter and a bit more wax-like than shatter, and is of comparable potency. The consistency is similar to butter or margarine.
  • Crumble
    Crumble wax is very similar to budder in terms of how it is extracted. To get crumble instead of budder, manufacturers pre-purge their CBD oil. This makes the end result a bit more moist, which leads to the more viscous texture of crumble. As the name implies, crumble comes apart easily. This can make it difficult to work with, but many people say the flavor is worth it.

What’s the appeal of CBD wax?

CBD wax is more expensive than oil and can be confusing and tricky to work with. So why do people go for it? It has to do with purity and strength. It’s different for each person, but CBD wax is more effective for some. Others feel it gives a smoother experience. It all depends on an individual’s metabolism and how their body handles CBD.

CBD wax also allows users a great level of control over their dosages. You can fine tune the amount of CBD you’re taking in without much of a problem.

And it’s not a zero sum game. Many people also choose to combine CBD wax dabbing with other forms of CBD. There are times when dabbing may not be viable or appropriate and so people turn to edibles or topicals. There’s nothing stopping you from mixing and matching until you find the perfect combination of CBD products that work for you.

Where is CBD wax available?

CBD wax can be purchased in all its forms from most hemp retailers. Since it contains at most negligible amounts of THC, CBD wax will not give you any sort of high and is completely legal in the United States if sourced properly. Although if you choose to dab CBD wax, be aware that people who see you may not be familiar with CBD and might instead think you are using marijuana.

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What is CBD Wax or CBD Crumble Exactly? Anthony Wallace – November 7, 2018 November 29, 2018 CBD oil has been gaining popularity lately. People take it to treat anxiety, inflammation, and ]]>