weed leaf panties

Weed leaf panties

Yoga pants and “athleisure” are all the rage for a reason: they’re the perfect low-key look that can also be dressed up for a night on the town or a music festival. This soft and stretchy pair is a must-have.

Keep It 420 T-Shirt

Why aim for just 100 when you could be keepin’ it 420? This unisex tee shirt is printed in the USA and is guaranteed to last.

Women’s Mary Jane Sugar Skull Burnout Tank

Need a Cinco de Mayo look with a 420 twist? This ganja-loving sugar skull tank top is perfect for warming weather and looks best double-fisting beers (or blunts).

420 T-Shirt

This shirt is clever and subtle, and ensures that only those curious enough to take a second look will see what’s really going on. Pick one up in the color of your choice.

Ganja Galaxy Hoodie

This glittering galaxy hoodie has got us feelin’ some type of way here at Stoner Toolbox. Comfortable and unisex, this one would be an excellent cold-weather festival accessory.

Women’s Dark Pink Weed Leaf Sleeveless Dress

This flattering dress includes a pop of color and an eye-catching weed leaf design. Pink not your style? Rest assured, there are more than THIRTY different marijuana-inspired designs to choose from.

USA Weed Flag Shirt

Show your love for the stars, stripes, and spliffs with this trendy t-shirt. America the Beautiful has sure gotten even more gorgeous as legalization has been creeping in.

Albert Einstein Smoking T-Shirt

How else do you think he did it?

Smile High Club Panties

These green, tie-dyed booty shorts are comfortable and cute, which makes them excellent undies for lounging around the house and smoking all day. After all, big blunts pair best with big butts — no pants required.

Green 1-Up Mushroom Pot Leaf Ear Plugs

It’s-a-me, your newest ear accessory. With six different size options, these plugs are sure to give you a 1-Up on your peers.

Blunt Roll Colorful Rasta Shirt

Do you ever smoke a little too much and then forget how to roll your blunt? Well then buy this colorful shirt and you’ll always have the instructions right there below your nose. Roll it, lick it, smoke it, and enjoy!

Weed Leaf Pullover Hoodie

This digital printed sweatshirt is designed to have an almost 3D look to it. Not only is it prime-eligible, but also very affordable and available in a huge selection of designs if this one is a bit too loud for your tastes.

Marijuana Christmas Tree T-shirt

Have a holiday party coming up that you need to do some shopping for? Look no further. Throw one of these t-shirts under a tuxedo jacket to show your Christmas spirit, and wait to see how long it takes someone to notice the tree is extra lit.

Rasta Themed Ganja Leaf Footie Pajamas

These footie pajamas just make us want to curl up with a good book (or a binge-worthy show on Netflix) and a nice sticky bowl. Check out the sizing chart and choose from six different sizes to get the perfect fit for you, or for your loved one this holiday season.

Let’s Get Baked Sweater

This hilarious piece takes on the classic cozy Christmas sweater and turns it into a modern and dope remix. There’s nothing better than sitting by the fire in a comfy sweater, unless you’ve also got a blunt in hand of course.

Marijuana Leaf Galaxy Hoodie

This galaxy leaf hoodie comes in 10+ color options and eight different sizes to suit every stoner.

Luna Sosano Gold Weed Leaf Belt

This military-style belt comes in a variety of designs and colors, and is a great unisex accessory.

Men’s Tie Dye Plantlife Crew Socks

HUF socks are a classic in the stoner world, and these tie-dyed crews are no exception to the rule.

Gold Weed Leaf Snapback

This blingy snapback comes in a variety of colors. There is even a “4-20” option to replace the gold leaf, if that’s more your style.

Weed Leaf Skate Shoes

These trendy, skate-style shoes are both affordable and currently prime-eligible. Pick these up for both casual, day-to-day use and a nice party staple.

PantyHoes Weed Underwear

These Rolling Stone-inspired underwear feature “Roll Your Weed On It” text on the back, perfect for the stoner lady in your life.

Blunt Slut T-Shirt

This unisex tee has a trendy pastel tie-dye and would make a great gift for your favorite blunt-lover.

Green Weed Leaf Knee High Socks

Knee-high socks are making a comeback, and these are designed to Women’s sizes 4-12 or Men’s sizes 6-13.

Adjustable Gold Marijuana Leaf Cap

This snapback has that luxurious gold-foiled look and comes with three different color preferences.

Marijuana Print Booty Shorts

These weedy panties would also make great rave/festival bottoms, and would be a great gift for your favorite stoner lady.

Rasta Addicted Parody Tank

This rasta tank would make for a great festival look to show off your glowing summer skin, and comes in either white or black.

I Don’t Care I’m High Crew Socks

These socks are a great accessory with a peek-a-boo message on the feet, making a great conversation starter when you take your shoes off, put your feet up, and get ready for another bowl.

Weed Leaf Marijuana Print Snapback Visor

The snap-back visor is the ultimate golf grandpa accessory that’s making a comeback, and this ganja print gives it the twist every stoner needs. Perfect for festivals, or a sunny day out on the Frisbee Golf course.

Hit It Pot Leaf Booty Shorts

These cute and comfy panties come in ten different color options and could also double as a rave accessory.

Couple’s Matching Best Buds Pot Leaf T-shirts

This matching men and women’s tee set comes in a variety of colors to suit every couple’s preferences.

Smoke Weed Socks

These cozy socks feature some words of advice on the bottom, in case you need a suggestion on what to do as soon as you get your shoes off after work.

Kiss Me I’m Highrish

Prepare for Saint Patrick’s day with this t-shirt. After all, shamrocks are cool, but we know a better green plant.

High Times Blue Ganja Panties

These adorable panties look perfectly cozy for lounging around the house during your next wake ‘n bake session.

Cannabis Leaf Roach Clip Bracelet

If you are a fan of fat joints and stylish wrist jewelry, then this functional bracelet is right for you. Impress your friends when you take off your cute leaf bracelet and use the tip for a clip.

Oscar The Nug T-Shirt

If you’re in need of a new addition to your closet, this shirt may be your next pick. After all, you love weed like the monster loves cookies, right?

Sassy Assy Marijuana Booty Shorts

If you want to spice things up this Valentine’s Day, check out these dank booty shorts.

Weed leaf panties Yoga pants and “athleisure” are all the rage for a reason: they’re the perfect low-key look that can also be dressed up for a night on the town or a music festival. This soft