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What are Orange Hairs on Cannabis Plant?

You ever wondered what those orange hairs on cannabis are? Are they indicators that your buds are highly potent, or do they have any other important role? Let us find out.

Cannabis Vaginas

Well, first things first. Those orange, red or brown hairs on the cannabis plant are called pistils or stigmas. But they’re also quite known for their nickname “cannabis vaginas.”

The colour depends on the strain, however, when they start growing, they’re usually white, sometimes light yellowish colour. As the cannabis plant matures, the darker shade they become.

Are They Important for Us?

Pistils have two main benefits or factors that we should be happy for. First of all, people gave them a nickname “cannabis vaginas,” because they’re actually female cannabis plant sex organs. Therefore, discovering pistils early in the growing process confirms that you have a female plant, which is yay for you!

And another important role of pistils is that they indicate whether our plant is mature or not. When 75% or more of pistils become darker it means it’s time to harvest.

It’s crucial you do harvest at that point since if pollen gets in contact with pistils, they become pollinated and seeds begin to produce. Of course, this is something you want to avoid to because later, the plant starts focusing on producing seeds rather on producing buds.

Do They Indicate That Weed is Strong?

There’s a common misbelief that buds covered with colourful hairs are more potent, however, that’s not the case. While pistils are very important in the flowering stage, when it comes to consumption, we should keep an eye on white crystals or trichomes since they are full of THC and therefore, indicate THC-potency of buds.

Next time someone asks you what orange hairs on the cannabis plant are, make sure to tell them. Now you know!

What are Orange Hairs on Cannabis Plant? You ever wondered what those orange hairs on cannabis are? Are they indicators that your buds are highly potent, or do they have any other important role?

Orange Weed Hairs – Vaginas of the Cannabis Plant


Well to begin with let’s just call the weed hairs little cannabis vaginas. They’re actually called pistils, but I like the name I came up with better. They’re a very important part of the plant and the name “cannabis vaginas” fits their role very well.

The pistils grow from the calyxes and extend outwards sometimes reaching 10mm or more in length. When they first start to grow they have a white, yellowish colour which progressively turns into a variety of darker colours once the flower has matured. The hairs can be orange, red or brown depending on the strain of cannabis being grown. Strains like Blue Dream tend to have bright orange hairs, whereas big hitter indicas like Master Bubba have much darker hairs.

Does more hair mean stronger weed?

You may think that when you’re bud is covered with lovely orange hairs, it’s going to pack more of a punch. This isn’t necessarily the case however. The hairs are most important during the flowering stage and are far more important during that stage of the plants life. When it comes to consuming, the most important thing to look at is the amount of trichomes, or crystals, which appear on the bud.

What even are they?

Pistils are one of the first signs that tell you that a cannabis plant has begun flowering. They grow outwards from the bud, or calyxes, which are the female flowers of the plant. Plants that are being grown from seeds that aren’t auto-flowering will usually need a change of light cycle to begin the process.

When the plant is putting all of its energy into flower production clumps of pistils will soar from the main bud. Their job is to collect pollen as it floats by, and at this point they will have reached their maximum height.

The weed hairs suck all the pollen back into the plant and fill up the newly formed resin glands. By the time the bud has reached its final stage, the pistils have dried up and turned much darker. They will also have receded slightly into the plant.

Little Orange Vaginas

So there you have it. The hairy little weed hairs, or vaginas, suck in lots of lovely pollen into the female flowers and make them grow bigger so that we can all consume and enjoy baby sized nugs!

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