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South Park’s ‘Tegridy Farms’ Exists – It’s Called Brother David’s Cannabis

Over these last few weeks I’ve received countless emails and texts about a new South Park clip on YouTube advertising “Tegridy Farms.” The 1:24 minute video spoofs Med Men’s advertisement directed by Spike Jones, released back in February that briefly discusses the history of cannabis in the U.S. and the negative impact of the Drug War. South Park’s new video calls out corporate investors seeking to profit from the cannabis boom and ends with a pitch for a cannabis brand called Tegridy Farms, declaring that “Tegridy is donating 100% of profits to charities that work to right the wrongs of the drug war until weed is legal nationwide.”

“Tegridy Farms” was also the subject of an entire South Park episode on the marijuana industry released last October. Not only were “Tegridy Farms” t-shirts seen at Comic Con in July, but web domains for the brand name have also been bought. Many are now wondering if this is more than social commentary on the corporatization and mass-market consolidation of the cannabis industry. Is Tegridy a real cannabis brand, and is South Park teasing its launch?

This video keeps appearing in my inbox because the mission of Tegridy Farms aligns with our own company, Brother David’s, a non-profit cannabis brand launched by David Bronner, CEO of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, in March of this year. 100% of Brother David’s profits are dedicated to small scale farms practicing regenerative organic agriculture and fighting a system that unjustly criminalizes cannabis.

Furthermore, Brother David’s and the farmers we source from are fighting back against the Big Ag model of production. Large cannabis conglomerates practice industrial agriculture, which uses massive chemical inputs and requires unnecessary high volumes of fossil fuel energy to run intensive indoor growing facilities. This model has extremely negative consequences for the environment, and only further consolidates the means and power of production in the hands of the few.

In contrast, Brother David’s sources cannabis exclusively from small-scale heritage farmers who are Sun+Earth Certified — meaning, these farmers cultivate the plant outdoors in natural sunlight, in living soils, within a regenerative organic farming model, and uphold fair and socially just labor practices. Our model is better for both people and the planet.

And ironically, though the South Park video takes a jab at Med Men, Med Men was among the first retailers to agree to sell Brother David’s. We hope more retailers will embrace our vision and help get our product out to the world.

Whether Tegridy Farms will be a real company, or the new video is simply a provocation — the concept described in Tegridy Farms’ spoof ad is already a reality at Brother David’s.

If Tegridy Farms is real, and I hope it is, Brother David’s invites Tegridy Farms to join us in the fight against the chemical-industrial-for-profit model that is usurping the cannabis industry. In fact, we invite all cannabis producers to join in solidarity to end the Drug War, to support efforts to empower those most marginalized by it, and to adopt clean, ethical, and regenerative cannabis cultivation practices.

Brother David’s is real, no joke, and is dedicated to selling cannabis with integrity. We hope to welcome Tegridy Farms, and many others, to the good fight.