sunset weed strain

Sunset weed strain

Nice nighttime medicine! Definitely has indica effects.

Wonderful medical strain in MD. I agree with past reviews and so here it is listed at an Indica even though it is 50/50. It does cure pain and helps with my tremors and inflammation. But you will have to try it, cause it is hard to describe the experience as it is like no other. 😀

The bud smells of oranges, but the flavor was different. On the inhale you could taste the spice flavor. On the exhale you could taste the orange on your toungue. Kinda neat, but then the after after taste is not as good. The buzz though is real nice. This says it’s a 50/50 hybrid, this is defiantly more of an Indica high. I smoked a HD mellonberry wrap with my Mandarin Sunset. I smoked it by myself and it took me 4 trips to finish her off. Each time I stood up and got the heavy head buzz that left me feeling dizzy. I loved it. Nice heavy Indica buzz. Good for pain, sleep and relaxing!

Mandarin Sunset is a perfect strain choice for those of you looking to replicate a smell similar to that of Cuties Clementine. This marijuana strain is a cross of Herojuana and Orange Skunk. It is an indica dominant strain that carries hints of fresh citrus combined with subtle notes of five-spic…