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Aloha Aina, Your Santa Rosa Dispensary


About Aloha Aina

Aloha Aina is committed to bringing the Hawaiian spirit to Sonoma County. More than just hello, aloha is a way of life. It is compassion, kindness, and love. Everything we do, we do with aloha.

When you visit our Santa Rosa dispensary, you’re ‘ohana (family), and we want you to feel that way. Our budtenders will help you learn more about cannabis, cannabinoids, terpenes, consumption methods, and the products that we carry so you can find the best ones for your goals. We love to share our ‘ike (knowledge)!

Aloha Aina translates to love of the land. For us, that means appreciating the beauty that surrounds us and being good stewards of the land. When you shop at our Santa Rosa dispensary, you’ll find cannabis products from vendors that share our Aloha Aina and that are grown in an environmentally responsible way.

Add more island to your life. Let us transport you to a land of palm trees, hula dancers, and colorful leis. Stop by our Santa Rosa dispensary and commit to enjoying life with some Aloha spirit.

Stop by Aloha Aina for a break from the everyday or order online to shop our extensive menu of flower, vape cartridges, edibles, concentrates, and more.

Santa Rosa Cannabis Dispensary

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365 Recreational Cannabis

“Your New Neighborhood Shop”

Visit your favorite Santa Rosa dispensary for the best cannabis in the county! At 365 Recreational, we’re committed to making cannabis accessible. We’re open every day in gorgeous Sonoma County to make sure you can easily source the best products.

From the rugged Pacific Coast to the rolling hills of Bennet Peak, Mount Hood, and Sonoma Mountain, Sonoma is a hiker’s paradise, a world-class wine region, and—in our humble opinion—one of the greatest places on earth to kick it with some premium cannabis. And right at the very heart of it is the beautiful town of Santa Rosa.

Founded way back in 1833, Santa Rosa has been an important waypoint on the Northern California trail ever since. From the time of the original Pomo native population through the Mexican colonial era to the American settler period, Santa Rosa has always been a place of natural wonder and beauty. Whether it’s the Russian River—a kayaking wonderland with amazing views—or the trio of Trione Annadel State Park, Spring Lake County Park, and Howarth Park, walking around Santa Rosa can make you feel like you’re in a beautiful urban wilderness.

We put people and quality products first. 365 is a place to engage, explore, and expand your understanding of marijuana to achieve better feeling. ]]>