purple train wreck weed

Purple Trainwreck


  • Energetic
  • Happy
  • Dizzy
  • Headache
  • Nervous

Pairs Well With

  • Amusement Parks
  • Exercising
  • Exploring Nature
  • Gambling
  • Going Out
  • Social Events
  • Walking in the City
  • Yard Games
  • Yoga

About this Hybrid Strain

Purple Trainwreck is an indica-dominant strain hailing from Northern California that was created by the Humboldt Seed Organization. Its parent strain, Trainwreck is a high-powered three-way cross between Mexican and Thai Sativa’s, and an Afghani Indica Landrace strain. Its other parent is the soothing Indica, Mendocino Purps. The best of these parent strains genetics seemed to have been passed on, as Purple Trainwreck has shown to test up to 26% THC and has a beautiful violet color.

The buds of Purple Trainwreck cannabis are fluffy yet dense, with spiraled forest-green and lavender leaves. Long and wavy clumps of orange pistils are scattered throughout the buds. White-trichome hairs give the buds a fuzzy look and mask some of the deep purple color.

Purple Trainwreck has a pine and lavender aroma mixed with some fruity sweetness. Combusting this strain brings out rich flavors of sour grapefruit and tart berries.

The long-lasting effects of the Purple Trainwreck strain are known to reportedly provide all day pain relief. The relaxing euphoria can help users unwind after a long day or help loosen the mind up to access creativity for a project. This versatile hybrid has built up a loyal following amongst medical users seeking relief from chronic pain and inflammation. In fact, some users have said they only needed to medicate with Purple Trainwreck to manage their pain. Other medical users found Purple Trainwreck effective in helping to manage insomnia, anxiety, epilepsy, and migraines. The CBD content in Purple Trainwreck has shown to test up to 1.5%, with the dominant terpenes being Terpinolene, Myrcene, and Caryophyllene. All are revered for their sedative and analgesic properties. As the psychoactive properties wane, many users find themselves feeling tired and hungry, making Purple Trainwreck a good choice to enjoy in the evening before that final meal.

It has become a popular choice for cultivators as it is naturally resistant to mold and mildew and produces excellent yields. Purple Trainwreck is reportedly capable of obtaining 1.5-2 pounds of flower per plant in about 10 weeks with a mid-October harvest.

Purple Trainwreck is an indica-dominant strain hailing from Northern California that was created by the Humboldt Seed Organization. Its parent strain, Trainwreck is a high-powered three-way cross between Mexican and Thai Sativa’s, and an Afghani Indica Landrace strain. Its other parent is the…

Purple train wreck weed

I’m not sure this bud stands out for any real reason but it is very good so I will give it 5 Stars. The taste is great if you like berries and fruity smoke. It also looked nice and was actually cured right, with no leaves or seeds (which are valid concerns when buying cannabis in Arkansas) Grown by Osage Creek Cultivation.

Earthy flavor? More like pure dirt! Maybe it was just the batch that I got. But, thankfully for the strain, I smoke to get high, so taste does not figure into my reviews. It doesn’t get me as high as I’d like, but it’s a good quality high.I’m basically an extrovert, but this stuff really amplified that. Put me in a very playful, sparkly, and effervescent mood, and I had no qualms with showing it off! Also made me quite creative and feminine, as it seems to really help bring out the right-side of the brain. It’s the only time I ever smoked ‘dirt weed’, and got a good high out of it.

As someone who struggles to maintain some semblance of balance, mentally, I cannot praise Purple Trainwreck enough. It has helped with my anxiety, depression, bipolar 2, ADD and ADHD. Thank you for helping me to quell the ceaseless storm that rages inside of my mind.

I apparently got the grape(indica) pheno-myrcene was 10 mg plus range. This is from Natures Chemistry brand, I’ve tried several of this companies strains so far I’m somewhat impressed, not in my top 3 “companies/brands” but far far from the worst, in fact it keeps growing on me (oh did I mention NC generally has a nice terp profile usually indicative of a grown o knows/care etc etc) and here is a reason for that-this current PTW confirms all the more. the tangle and hells ocean grown are very decent( though oddly some of the bud burns to that nice white ash you wanna see and then every so often you get hat charcoal brick that will turn a greyish color(shango’ bud does the same greyish thing- which either means it’s not being grown organic and or not flushed correctly right and more than likely pumped with pgr’a Odd. Bought @ inyo Fri from a cute knowledgable girl who recc it to me. thank you for the recc..much appreciated

I bought the shatter version of this strain and it tasted beautifully, and got my friends and i pretty baked.

not the most powerful I’ve ever smoked but definitely one of my favorites. When grown properly especially in soil the purple comes through very strong and the Earth Tones and the flavors are Unleashed the aroma is a combination of spices and citrus. I’m very interesting Aroma to say the least. The flavor is as interesting as the aroma. Well flushed specimens are a definite treat and one of my personal Prides. I pull no punches when it comes to purples they may not be the most potent but they offer a very unique experience one that I frequent as often as I can. People have to remember that it’s not always about the power it’s about the experience that that particular plant can invoke. The younger generation has forgotten what “the circle”, truly represented. Being invited into a circle, was a definite honour. People would Exchange different strains and share smoke together and it was a sort of Brotherhood. I like a good powerful specimen myself now and again just to get blasted but being Econo sewer means appreciating each plants individual characteristics both strengths and weaknesses.

I am an experienced smoker, trying Purple Trainwreck. It is very resinous, potent, psychedelic, euphoric with plenty of the sensory effects that sativas are known for. I’ve never seen pot this purple and I’ve tried many MANY, did I say MANY purple strains. Purplebreds. this is Very green to dark purple and almost black! with crystal. Yes, I said black. no in between. powerful -not a beginner strain whatsoever. Prefer this over GDP, but if going for a Sativa it will be Trainwreck ove Purple Trainwreck. To me, Trainwreck is nearly a perfect strain if looking very Sativa dominant. I am partial to hybrids so this gets the nod!

Purple Trainwreck has a spicy and fruity flavor and is a cross between Trainwreck and Granddaddy Purple. It has an 18 percent THC level and has a leafy appearance that is deep green in color with traces of purple. It has a spicy aroma that is similar to that of Trainwreck with hints of lemon and …