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NuLife CBD: Full Spectrum Hemp Cannabidiol Oils, Pain Relief Cream and Capsules

February 3, 2019

Something that appears to be common within the CBD market, is a brand’s reliance on hemp grown in Colorado. While Colorado is typically preferred for its stern regulations on hemp growth and cannabinoids extraction, it is primarily known for its nutrient-dense soil. This is where NuLife CBD comes into play.

NuLife CBD aims to bring nature close to one’s reach as possible and in order to see how this has been achieved, the following review will analyze its multiple aspects. By the end, consumers should have a sense of what NuLife CBD is all about, along with how they appreciate cannabinoids in the form of the products offered.

What is NuLife CBD?

Based in Philadelphia, NuLife was established with the intentions of bringing the healing powers of nature to a consumer’s household. The need to do so stems from the fact that the team prefers alternative remedies to pharmaceuticals, where the latter has been associated with undesirable side effects. To show that pharmaceuticals will eventually be replaced, NuLife CBD continuously works towards bringing quality CBD essentials.

What Does NuLife CBD Currently Offer?

According to the claims made, NuLife CBD products are CBD-dominant and carry less than 0.3% of THC, which is the accepted threshold. As for the utilized hemp oil, the plant itself has supposedly been grown in Colorado soil. Now, here’s what NuLife CBD succeeded in offering:

CBD Pain Cream (500mg per 2 ounces)

The intent of the CBD Pain Cream is to ensure one’s skin health is on par, while helping to bring relief to chronic and acute pains. It contains a rich source of CBD per container, with added ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, vitamin E, green tea extract and more, where the latter focuses more on skin health than pain.

CBD Oil (250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg)

CBD-infused oils have become a standard in the CBD industry. What sets NuLife CBD apart from the rest is the different strengths they’ve managed to achieve, with 2000mg per 30ml being the largest. As for its uses, consumers are advised to take it underneath the tongue, which is common for absorption purposes.

CBD Softgels (25mg)

The CBD Softgels may come out as purely CBD, but it is in fact a full spectrum solution, including cannabinoids in both acidic and non-acidic forms such as CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC, CBDv, CBDa and a wide range of terpenes.

Pet CBD Oil (250mg, 500mg)

A secondary factor that makes NuLife CBD worth considering is that their target market doesn’t simply stop at caring for humans, as they’ve also considered pets. The oils targeting pets come in 250 and 500mg only, which makes sense as their bodily functions are more prone to sensitivity compared to humans. Its uses have been deemed to bring a gentle relief with no side-effects attached, another crucial factor to consider.

Why Choose NuLife CBD

Based on what’s been shared, it is clear that NuLife CBD has followed the necessary guidelines in ensuring that quality has not been compromised and safety is emphasized. For instance, all of NuLife CBD’s essentials have less than 0.3% THC, which is considered the safe and acceptable amount in CBD products.

Next, they rely heavily on full spectrum extract, including a wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes. This is important, considering the fact that the six major compounds, including CBD, has been concluded to bring exceptional health benefits when combined.

In order to enforce trust in consumers, NuLife CBD has since made their Certificate of Analysis available which not only assesses the different types of cannabinoids used, but also concludes whether or not pesticides and other toxins are found – none of which have been detected in NuLife CBD’s case.

Lastly, when it comes to their overall affordability, it seems like the broad population can benefit from it. This is primarily because of the different strengths offered. For instance, it would make no sense for a newbie to invest in something that is $100 with high concentrations of CBD. This is why NuLife CBD has started with 250mg and increased it from there.

NuLife CBD: Full Spectrum Hemp Cannabidiol Oils, Pain Relief Cream and Capsules February 3, 2019 Something that appears to be common within the CBD market, is a brand’s reliance on hemp grown

NuLife CBD

October 24th, 2019

Take cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), cannabinoids in the cannabis plant like non-high-inducing CBD may help treat the side effects of cancer. But clinical trials that study cannabis for cancer treatment are limited and there are no such ongoing studies in a vast database of more than 30 million citations maintained by the National Institutes of Health, NCI says.

You can’t rush the science. Yet many marketers of CBD products including, until recently, NuLife, tout their CBD-infused capsules, oils and creams as a proven treatment for cancer, among other serious diseases. It seems it’s not until they are faced with the threat of legal action that they begin to tighten up their marketing.

Such was the fate of NuLife, which, after receiving an FTC warning letter last month, made extensive edits to a medical applications page on its website that had recommended CBD for everything from cancer to Alzheimer’s disease to autism. These claims are gone.

In addition, other language has been toned down. For example, where NuLife used to refer to the “health applications of CBD,” the company now cites the “possible benefits of CBD.” However, in another section of the website, NuLife still carries three product reviews that claim the company’s creams and oils help with arthritis and high blood pressure, despite the FTC flagging the reviews in its letter, which warned:

It’s not enough that an endorsement represents the consumer’s honest opinion or experience. Reasonable consumers may interpret an endorsement claiming a health benefit from the use of a product as representing that the product is likely to be effective in achieving that benefit. Under FTC law, an advertiser must possess and rely on competent and reliable scientific evidence to support health claims, both express and implied, made through the use of endorsements.

Disease-treatment claims vanish in wake of FTC warning letter.