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CBD Cream: Everything you must know

In recent years, CBD has become the talk of the town with the old, the young, the sick, and the healthy seeking to get the many benefits of the cannabis product. With that in mind, we sought to understand what CBD promises and how it delivers. But is CBD even legal? It makes sense to ask such a question before trying cannabis products, but you should know about the 2018 Farm Bill. There is no harm in using CBD products with THC contents lower than 0.3%–federal law allows that. However, While CBD products with higher amounts of THC may land you into trouble in some states, others have legalized the recreational use of marijuana. For this article, we will concentrate our energy on cannabis topicals. More precisely, we shall talk about CDB cream and other related CBD forms, including hemp seed lotion.

What are CBD and Marijuana?

CBD–short for cannabidiol­–is one of the more than the 100 compounds making up the marijuana cream. Although inconclusive, research studies have indicated that CBD has a wide array of benefits for the human body. On the other hand, marijuana refers to harvested flowers and seeds of cannabis and which is known to have a psychoactive effect on users. Note that CBD can be extracted from either the hemp plant or the cannabis plant. However, products made from the hemp plant are preferred to those made from cannabis. And how do you know that you are using hemp products and not marijuana? It is extremely easy to know since hemp products usually have the name “hemp” before the name of the product. For instance, hemp seed oil and hemp seed cream. However, reading product labels before buying remains the most effective way to differentiate the two.

Is CBD legal?

CDB cream, CDB lotion, and other CBD products, including oil tinctures and vape pens, are legal to buy and use. The 2018 Farm Bill we previously mentioned removed the hemp plant from schedule 1 commodities. Because of this amendment, we have seen a sharp rise in the number of CBD manufacturers and the controlled cultivation of cannabis.

It is worth mentioning that cannabis topicals, regardless of the plant they are extracted from, may not have the psychoactive effect associated with THC. Furthermore, all topicals are designed to be applied in the skin, and they do not get directly into the blood system. Therefore, all cannabis cream and hemp seed lotion are considered safe for use.

However, note that it may still be unacceptable to buy and use marijuana lotion and other products with more than 0.3% THC outside states that have legalized recreational use of marijuana.

What are cannabis topicals?

A topical is a general word referring to products intended for use on the skin. Cannabis topicals usually refer to CBD infused products ranging from CBC cream, CBD lotion, marijuana lotion, and hemp lotion, among others. Unlike other CBD variants, topicals do go through the digestion process, and neither do they get into the bloodstream. Instead, they are absorbed slowly through the skin and interact with nearby endocannabinoid receptors.

How the body absorbs CBD after topical application?

CDB cream, hemp seed lotion, and other topicals do not go into the bloodstream. How do they help the body from the outside? The human body has a special system called the endocannabinoid system–ECS responsible for sleep, pain and other processes in the body. ECS receptors are distributed throughout the body, including under the skin. When you apply a CBD topical cream, it gets absorbed slowly to reach the ECS. Since topicals are not digested, the small amounts that reach the system are usually enough to initiate the ECS activity.

Benefits of CBD topicals

Thousands of people have come out praising CBD for helping with various wellness conditions. However, the FDA has only approved Epidiolex for the treatment of seizures. All other CBD salve you will find in the market are unregulated, and any medicinal claims attached to them need evaluation. In other words, regardless of the praise, CBD receives from the public, there is no scientific proof supporting the health benefits.

And why do people continue to use CDB cream? As we will see later, the unapproved benefits of CBD cream, hemp lotion, and other products in this line outweigh the Side effects of using CBD products. This is perhaps the sole reason people will continue to use CBD lotion and hemp hand cream even before the FDA legally approves them.

Claimed benefits of CBD topicals

1. Pain alleviation

CBD manufacturers and thousands of users claim that CDB cream, hemp lotion, and related topicals can relieve pain. The information in the public domain indicates that many people have used CBD products, including hemp seed oil, to treat pain. Particularly, CBD topical cream is hailed as the best alternative to pharmaceutical pain killers. Perhaps, this can be associated with its fast action speed when treating localized pain. Another reason could be that CBD does not have serious side effects and does not have habit-forming tendencies. Further, a CBD topical cream is more convenient compared to other drugs you would have to swallow.

According to information in the public domain, CBD can alleviate pain resulting from menstrual cramps, muscle pain, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid Arthritis, to mention but a few. Research has also indicated that CBD can help reduce chronic pain by influencing the ECS receptors’ activity. In a study involving rats, researchers found that CBD reduced pain occasioned by surgical incisions. There have also been studies on humans with one research showing that CBD reduces muscle pain that results from activity and illness.

2. CBD for Acne

With the fact that topicals are applied on the skin, it is worth noting that there is an array of benefits for the skin too. Acne, for example, is a skin condition that affects close to 10 percent of the American population. The possible causes of Acne include inherited genes, excess production of sebum, and inflammation.

Studies have found that CBD oil, the mother product for all CBD topicals, including marijuana lotion and cannabis cream, has anti-inflammatory properties. The implication here is that your Acne may be controlled using CBC cream if it results from underlying inflammation. Further, researchers have discovered that CBD can help reduce the production of sebum. So, applying hemp seed lotion on your body may control sebum production, keeping it within the required amounts. However, note that these are only promises and findings of inconclusive research studies. Furthermore, the FDA has not approved a CBD-containing drug for the treatment of Acne. Regardless, and perhaps the most important factor to consider here is that you may get a better quality of life using CBD cream for Acne.

3. CBD for Arthritis

Like with Acne, Arthritis is related to inflammation, and CBD topicals work the same way for the two conditions. Even though CDB cream does not heal Arthritis, it reduces the pain of patients who use it regularly. Further, researchers say that patients who consistently use CBD hemp hand cream­–regardless of whether they are experiencing pain or not–will likely experience less pain and reduced inflammation in time. On the other hand, people who use CBD cream to reduce pain in real-time will usually experience more pain and frequently. As with other ailments, hemp hand cream and cannabis cream do not cure Arthritis, but it improves the quality of life in the long run.

Like with CBD cream and hemp hand cream, hemp lotion can also reduce arthritis pain when applied to the various affected parts. These topicals may also provide reliable relief for muscle and joint pain.

4. Inflammation

Various institutions are in the race to unravel the mysterious properties of CBD and cannabis. Even with inconclusive research, preliminary findings indicate that CDB cream has anti-inflammatory properties. According to researchers, the properties can be applied to control various types of inflammation, including Arthritis, among other conditions.

Note that inflammation and pain are conjoined, and any cannabis cream claiming to reduce pain may also reduce inflammation. Again, there are research findings from experiments carried on lab rats and a few human studies, but the FDA has not approved any CBC cream to treat inflammation. Regardless, most CBD manufacturing plants are FDA approved, and herds of patients live better lives courtesy of marijuana lotion, hemp seed lotion, and CBD topical cream.

5. General skin health

CBD has strong antioxidant properties, which give it the capacity to protect the skin against free radicals. For instance, CBD infused lotions can protect your skin against aging, which is normally a result of exposure to UV light, smoke, and other environmental pollutants. However, to achieve the best results for skin health, you may need to apply a thicker than normal layer of CBD cream or hemp lotion to your body. Research from 2019 and whose results were published in Clinical Therapeutics shows that CDB lotion used consistently for at least three months could reduce dermatitis symptoms, scars, and psoriasis. However, this was a small study, as it only included 20 patients. For a conclusive verdict on whether CDB cream can heal skin diseases, wider research would be needed.

Regardless of the foregoing and with the knowledge of the antioxidant properties of cannabis topical cream, people are flocking online stores and manufacturer websites to buy the healing herb. However, the results of using CBD cream on the skin vary from one person to another. Therefore, it is to be expected that some people may not notice changes on the skin while others may heal significantly.

6. CBD: Anxiety, depression, and sleep

Anxiety, depression, and lack of sleep (or insomnia) are common issues with a significant population percentage. These conditions, if not treated properly, may result in reduced productivity or disability. Patients with these conditions have been using pharmaceutical drugs, which are known to have habit-forming tendencies. Other than the risk of addiction, such medicine may bring along other side effects, including but not limited to, headache, sexual dysfunction, and drowsiness, among other things.

However, there is hope for partial replacement of these addictive chemical products if previous clinical research is anything to go by. Notably, both human and animal studies have revealed that CBD can improve the quality of sleep and reduce both anxiety and depression.

How to use CBD topicals?

Unlike oil tinctures that you must swallow, topicals are designed to be applied to the skin. Further, when used for pain, topicals are considered better than other forms of CBD.The different variants of CDB topicals available have different application formulae. For instance, hemp hand cream is suitable for application on the hands and feet, while CDB lotion can be used on general skin, including hands and feet. Furthermore, from the nature of the different products, lotions are more suited for regular use, while creams work best for spot healing.

For the best experience, you should always wash your body before applying CDB lotion. However, sometimes you will need to apply CBD cream on a patch of the skin, say for spot healing, and do not need a full body wash. And what’s with washing? Washing is important as it removes previously applied CBD lotion or cream. It also removes unwanted dirt and skin oil buildup. Furthermore, washing the skin area to receive the application opens skin pores and increases permeability.

When applying CBD lotion and creams, there are parts of your body to which you should pay attention. These include:

  • Joints-including knees, ankles, wrists, and elbows.
  • The face–specifically the temples and cheeks
  • The feet–the heels and the sole
  • Shoulders and the neck
  • Any area experiencing pain

Note that there is no universal dosage information for hemp lotion and other CBD products. Therefore, you will need to work out a personal best-experience dosage. Did you just ask how? A repeated trial method is perhaps the best way. With this method, you apply small amounts of the lotion or cream to the whole body or affected area and observe the effects. Additionally, you should repeat the application at least once every few hours before judging its efficiency.

Note that applying excess cream or lotion on your body may not have any side effects but makes your skin greasy and uncomfortable.

Side effects of using CBD products

Most people do not experience any negative reaction to CBD products. However, a section of users may get mild side effects. However, legal CBD products will not get you high since they have low THC content. Further, it is worth mentioning that the World Health Organization has cleared CBD for medical research, and this may bring forth the unknown long-term effects of using CBD.

For now, these are some of the short-term side effects associated with the use of CBD:

  • Headache
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Lightheadedness
  • Drowsiness
  • Skin rashes
  • Irritated skin

Note that some of these side effects may affect you only if you are using other forms of CBD besides topicals. However, others like skin rashes and irritated skin may affect people with allergic and sensitive skin.

Therefore, it is advisable to execute diligence and consult a dermatologist before using CDB lotion and CDB cream. For other CBD products, consider speaking with your doctor before purchasing.

What to look for when buying CBD topicals?

Like with other products, buying the right CBD lotion or cream is more about your personal needs than the price and other factors. However, with the CBD market’s unregulated nature, you may get overwhelmed by the wide array of products available for sale. For this reason, we have prepared the following factors that should guide you in getting the best product.

1. Consult your doctor

It is bad practice to add supplements to your diet or start a new form of medication without your doctor’s consent. Most of the time, your doctor should recommend CDB lotion or cream, but you should not shy away from initiating the discussion. Note that CBD is known to interact with some medications which only your doctor can assist with. If you are on prescribed skincare products, your dermatologist’s opinion could be helpful. Further, you must disclose to your doctor any skin allergies if they recommend CBD topical cream to you.

2. Third-party lab test certificates

Genuine CBD product vendors will avail, either by way of an email, a hard copy shipped with your order, or through their website, a third-party lab test certificate. Such a document should then contain details regarding the amount of CBD in the product and any impurities. Perhaps, this test should be the only way for sellers to show their commitment to quality and transparency.

3. The purpose

Why do you want to buy CDB lotion? Various additional ingredients included in topicals cater to different needs. For instance, a topical with warming ingredients is better suited for pain relief. On the other hand, natural ingredients like coconut oil, turmeric, and lavender may make a topical best for skin growth and daily care.

4. Product label info

Often, we forget to look up what is written on product labels to experience side effects later. Some companies will list any possible side effects on the product label. Besides side effects, the product label also tells you how much CBD is contained in a product. It also lists other ingredients making up the topical. It is important to know how each ingredient will benefit your skin or how your body may react to it. A simple lookup on the internet will give you all the info you need.

5. User reviews

Is there anybody else who has benefited from the product you want to buy? Good products should have positive reviews. You can buy a CDB lotion or hemp seed lotion with confidence if other people with an intent like yours have benefited. However, you should be wary of following influenced reviews.

Where to buy CBD topicals?

Hemp lotion, marijuana lotion, and cannabis cream are some of the wellness products that have become so popular in the streets today. Additionally, you will find all sorts of CBD products in the gas station or grocery shop near you. While these outlets are convenient, you cannot trust that what you are buying is genuine CBD topicals. This leaves you with only one option: buy from a reputable manufacturer.

Besides quality assurance, you also get expert support by buying from a reputable manufacturer. The availability of third-party lab tests and customer reviews are factors that can guide you on which seller is better. So, if you are concerned about your health and quality, do not buy hemp seed lotion or any other CBD product from the convenience stores.

The bottom line

There is no doubt CBD has more benefits than side effects. And with research on how CBD can help with various health and wellness conditions underway, there is hope in the product. As of 2019, various studies showed that CBD could help with skin disorders like dermatitis and scars. Further, research has shown that CBD reduces inflammation and pain. So, arthritis patients and people experiencing chronic pain can benefit from it.

Buying CBD products is not a walk in the park. The unregulated nature of the industry has led to an influx of genuine and fake CBD dealers. Therefore, every buyer needs to exercise caution when looking for hemp lotion and related products. You can refer to our buyer’s guide above to know what to look for.

In conclusion, we would like to note that the FDA has evaluated any of CBD’s claimed benefits.You should, therefore, trend with care as each one reacts differently to CBD. Regardless of this, CBD topicals are worth a try, but you should always buy from a reputable source such as Noble Hemp.

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I have never received my order? Nobel Hemp is blaming the Post Office who knows? But I. The meantime I am out almost a $100!!

We are not blaming anyone. Sometimes mail gets lost or goes missing. We suggested in the last email that you contact the group in charge of the packages at your chosen shipping address. We do not like seeing anyone not receive our product or be out of pocket.

We will work with you and USPS to help locate your package.

I have both the oil and transdermal and…

I have both the oil and transdermal and so far the salve works best for my arthritis.

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I was sent another customer’s order and I have not received my order.

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An overall good experience from their website & ordering to timely delivery of product


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Pain relief is very fast! Although next time I will buy a stronger dosage than 250 mg for more relief. This is so much safer than the previous arthritis meds I took. There are no side effects I noticed.

Fast delivery

Noble Hemp

Very professional with rapid response after our order was placed on-line.

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I didn’t realize I was not ordering CBD oil (only Hemp Oil). plus there is an additive in this oil (peppermint) I didn’t know about when I ordered it. It doesn’t work as well as previous CBD oil I have purchased plus the peppermint upsets my stomach acid. I would like to return these bottles for a full refund.
Plus, if this Hemp oil works this poorly, it shouldn’t be as expensive as the price you are charging.

Hi Jane, I am sorry that have not received the results you where looking for. I can confirm that you did in fact order CBD oil. It is listed on the label as “Aerial parts” which is where the CBD is prevalent in the Hemp plant along with the organic peppermint flavour. We have the 30-day full money back guarantee just for this type of situations. Please return your used and unused product(s) to the following address: #140 7250 Gilpin Way
Denver, Colorado 80229, USA

Thanks for your​ time.

Since my husband has just started use…

Since my husband has just started use of CBD gel tabs I figure it will take a few weeks before he notices anything. We are trying to reduce inflammation in his lungs so he can breath easier.
Reading information available on Noble Hemps website has been enlightening. Their site is easy to order on and delivery is quick.

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I just got off the phone with Noble and was told Mary got my order and they would ship mine for delivery in a week or so. They also said they would email me a confirmation. So far, NO EMAIL CONFIRMATION!
The business owner Adam reached out to me and got personally involved to resolve my problem. Thank you Adam!

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