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About Sanctuary ATC — NH’s Therapeutic Cannabis Provider

Sanctuary Alternative Treatment Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the highest quality medicine, service, education and experience to qualified New Hampshire Therapeutic Cannabis patients. We are a compassionate group of NH citizens who believe that this goal can only be accomplished through a caring, trusting, and knowledgeable approach focused on a patient’s specific medical condition and financial availability. A true sanctuary, free from harm, judgement, and prejudice.

Finest Grade Cannabis

Sanctuary ATC will provide the finest grade Therapeutic Cannabis to eligible patients. Our medicine is locally produced and laboratory tested for safety, potency and consistency.

Driven By Compassion

Our patient focused and care driven staff will be managed by a board certified medical doctor ensuring premier customer education and service.

Patient-Focused Care

Evaluations, dietary considerations and comfort level will direct our patients to a full range of medication options: flowers, tinctures, oils, salves, patches and various edible choices.

Community Outreach

Compassion and community service are trademarks of Sanctuary ATC and will be exemplified through our Patient Affordability Program and our Community Outreach Program.

A Message From Dr. Syrek

As medical director, one of my biggest roles in the success of Sanctuary ATC is community, physician, patient, and caregiver education regarding the safety, usefulness and efficacy of Therapeutic Cannabis as it pertains to the list of qualifying medical conditions set forth by the NH DHHS. Although cannabis research has been largely pushed into a dark corner for the past 70 years due to its federal illegality, the last few years have brought forth a large amount of new medical knowledge regarding cannabis and the endocannabanoid system. As a physician and NH citizen, I take great pride in offering qualified NH Therapeutic Cannabis patients quality medicine, safety, and education …

Sanctuary ATC is a non-profit dedicated to providing the highest quality locally grown medicinal marijuana, service and education to qualified New Hampshire Therapeutic Cannabis patients.