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Seeking Wellness at the Murphy Hemp Store

October 2017

Marijuana may be getting all the headlines with the recreational users, but when it comes to medical treatments, hemp is the wave of the future. Kit and Lisa Doyle, founders of Seed Oil Company and owners of the Murphy Hemp Store (6790 Williams Highway) learned that through direct observation.

“Having run a medical dispensary for three years, we were able to see how different strains, strengths and delivery systems of cannabis helped people solve physical and psychological health issues,” Kit said. “Conventional healthcare methods were not working for them, and in many cases causing life threatening consequences.”

The Doyles also noticed that the high THC strains (the recreational side) were tolerated and sought after by only 20% of their customers.

“Most people were seeking natural solutions (for their ailments) without the high,” Kit said. “So on August 1 we opened the Murphy Hemp Store, a full spectrum hemp store providing high quality, affordable and locally grown organic CBD products.”

CBD is short for cannabidiol, an active ingredient in cannabis with no THC and thus no high.

“One of the important differences between full spectrum hemp CBD and imported CBD products is that the imported stuff is made from stocks and stems,” Lisa said. “Full spectrum is made from the hemp flower, and fortunately for us in Oregon, we can have full spectrum hemp CBD products available. They are grown locally and organically, so why settle for imported products that have been stripped of natural properties and altered?”
The Murphy Hemp Store carries its own hemp line, grown on the first certified farm in Oregon (the only other one is in Kentucky).

“Grants Pass has been our home for 25 years,” Lisa said. “We moved from southern California in the early 90s to raise our family in a rural, close-knit community. In 2015 we co-founded Oregon Hemp Company in order to grow the seed, fiber and medicinal flowers for Oregon-made products. The Murphy Hemp Store is like a small store of the logging era, as we carved out a shop in the corner of the drying shed that used to be Murphy Lumber Mill.”

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