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Mobile Doctor Unit Provides On-Site Medical Marijuana Certifications

With medical marijuana dispensaries finally opening, increasing numbers of potential medical marijuana patients around Arizona will need better access to doctors who are able to evaluate their need for medical marijuana. Southwest Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center introduces its Mobile Doctors service to serve that need. The Mobile Doctors unit will provide on-location evaluations in under-served areas of the state as well as at selected dispensaries. It will be the first service of its kind in Arizona.

The Mobile Doctor clinic is a fully self-contained 31-foot 1976 Airstream travel trailer. Its doctors and staff will be able to help patients with everything from setting appointments to conducting pre-qualification exams for medical marijuana.

Dispensaries, which will be operating as non-profit entities, will find that the Mobile Doctors unit can have a positive impact on both their level of service and their bottom line. As a welcome service, they will be able to provide their patients/customers with on-location evaluations, thus simplifying the often-confusing process for them. Additionally, since Mobile Doctors is also a non-profit entity, donations to the clinic can be treated as charitable contributions.

Dr. Burns, an Arizona-licensed and board-certified Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD) and Certified Expert in Cannabis Medicine, is the founder and medical director of the Southwest Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center.

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Medical marijuana mobile clinic

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