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Krypted is brand built off of quality and potency. Some of the unique attributes to our company is that we use whole plant terpenes derived from the cannabis plants. This gives the consumer the flavor profile of cannabis without having the psychoactive effects that are associated with cannabis profiles. Also Krypted being the first CBD E liquid company to hold a High Times Cannabis Cup award for best product, we have established as strong grass roots base that has proven to be the average consumer. We are also the first company to offer CBD in a closed looped Vape system for on the go convenient delivery ( The K-Pen ). Krypted CBD products are not only some of the most potent strength products by volume on the mark but also are offered at an affordable price for the consumer. All of our CBD is 99.5% pure CBD isolate derived from industrial hemp and Co2 extracted for the highest quality. This in conjunction with all kosher grade PG\VG and fruit based terpenes we can confidently say we are providing some of the highest quality CBD products on the market

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