king harvest cbd

King harvest cbd

Certified Organic Hemp

Certified Organic Hemp

More Than Just Hemp

The Keys to Great NC Hemp







The How and Why

At King Harvest, we’re dedicated to ensuring that every product sold contains the highest quality cannabinoid extracts. That’s why we oversee every step of the production process from seed to sale.

To ensure you’re able to enjoy our end-product to the fullest, we grow our plants on carefully tended and tested North Carolina soils. Throughout the growing process, our hemp plants also undergo rigorous testing to ensure they’re achieving the correct phytochemical profile.

After harvest, we extract the desired compounds exclusively from the highest-quality parts of the plant: its flower and stems. Before making them available for sale, we also test our extracts to ensure they meet the high-quality standards we’ve set for ourselves.

Put simply, our team is working toward a simple goal: we aim to continue growing, harvesting, and innovating premium North Carolina hemp with trust and transparency at every step of the process.

King harvest cbd Certified Organic Hemp Certified Organic Hemp More Than Just Hemp The Keys to Great NC Hemp Certified Fresh Variety Quality Collaborative Industrial



Tailored Medical Cannabis Treatment
Our experts recommend products perfectly suited just for you.

From Farm to Patient

King Harvest guarantees quality medicines that work.

Free Expert Pain Relief Consultation
King Harvest guides you every step of the way.



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King Harvest
All-inclusive Care

Our Cannabis-based CBD/THC Medicines
Are More Effective Than Hemp-based

Our Approach to Your Well-being

King Harvest Wellness is a California-based collective that is dedicated to providing patients with safe, lab-tested, whole molecule medical CBD and THC cannabis oil medication(s) for sale.

We offer diagnosis-specific cannabis oil protocols with a holistic approach to healing that is designed to complement Western medicine and related therapies.

Why Our Products Work

King Harvest Oil (KHO) products are derived only from Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica flowers, not hemp. Our Cannabis Oil is extracted using organic food-grade ethanol, resulting in safe, yet extremely potent medicines that are lab-tested for quality, strength, and efficacy.

Our medical grade CBD oil products are useful in the treatment and prevention of a wide variety of diseases, including cancer, neurological conditions, ischemic disorders, age-related inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, and myriad other health conditions.

If you’re not sure if cannabis oil products are right for you, please call our patient care consultants at (877) 469-4584 for a free consultation. We’ll help to inform you of the ideal solution to help you or your loved one find relief, hope, and healing.

Real pain and illness. Real stories of healing.

“Josh had just had his 8th birthday when he was diagnosed with B cell lymphoma. He had been sneezing for a few days with swollen lymph nodes under his throat but we assumed he had picked up a cold. The news was devastating. He did also have an intermediate mct on his ear which had been removed 4 years earlier & treated with massivet but grown back. We did not know about cannabis and were told his condition was not curable but could be treated even though B cell is rare and they used treatment from a different type as did not have 1 specifically for his cancer. We were told a maximum life expectancy of 20 months with chemo but on average 6-12 months. Continue reading…

“After taking King Harvest FECO, I have found that when I work in the yard or perform any kind of physical task, I feel a radiating warmth moving up my back. There’s this pleasant, gentle, and healing energy flowing through me. This leads me to another enjoyable and surprising side effect from taking King Harvest FECO. I have amazing dream recall. Whereas before, I could hardly remember my dreams, I now remember vivid and colorful dreams. Continue reading…

“In December 2018 we received a diagnosis from our vet that our 5 yr. old Pit (Baby) has intestinal T Cell Lymphoma. With no treatment, we were told she had 1 – 2 months and with Chemo possibly 8 – 10 months. I have read stories about how unpleasant chemo treatment can be and it was very expensive. We were devastated. Before the diagnosis, she had a bad experience with prednisone so we knew that was out of the question. Continue reading…

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