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Kentucky advocates motivated by election results legalizing marijuana

On Election Day, neither a red or blue wave was evident across America, but a green one was something many in Kentucky had their eye on.

Voters in a number of states decided Tuesday whether to legalize marijuana for various uses.

Massive raid takes out illegal mail order weed ring that supplied nine states

A massive raid involving hundreds of investigators and 27 simultaneous search warrants in nine communities in Washington State has taken down an illegal weed-mailing ring based out of Seattle.

The Entire U.S. Hemp Fiber Industry Is One Factory In Kentucky

Here’s an almost forgotten fact: Henry Ford spent a lot of time and money during the 1930s building a car entirely of plastics derived from hemp. He refined hemp biofuel to fuel it just to demonstrate it could be done.

The FDA is killing Kentucky’s most promising crop

A year before the Declaration of Independence was signed, pioneers planted the first hemp crop at Clark’s Run Creek in Danville. Fast forward to 2018, which looked to be one of the most momentous years in the history of this storied crop. That’s because President Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill, and in doing so legalized hemp for the first time in 60 years.

It was a big victory for the commonwealth and for the man who delivered it, Senate Majority Leader McConnell. He had reopened the market for a crop that was cultivated by the great Kentucky statesman, Henry Clay.

Fellow Sens. Pat Roberts (R-KS) and Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) also hailed the bill for giving “certainty and predictability to rural America.”

960 Hemp Growers Licensed For Kentucky’s 2020 Hemp Season

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture has licensed 960 hemp growers along with 150 hemp processors and handlers for the 2020 growing season so far.

The farmers will collectively grow up to 32,000 acres of hemp and the Department has also licensed 4.6 million square feet of greenhouse space for production.

However, not all the licensees will be growing this year – 157 have not requested growing sites, but intend to store hemp from last year’s harvest for sale this year. There may also be more processor licences yet to be issued – the Department is still waiting on completion of dozens of related applications. Processors are a critical part of success in hemp operations and one of the reasons the USA had problems last year – there simply weren’t enough of them.

Kentucky Advances Two Hemp-Related Bills

Kentucky legislators are defining and redefining what’s allowed with regards to hemp products.

House Bill 593 calls for a creation of a new section in the Kentucky Revised Statute’s (KRS) Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act to establish labeling requirements for cannabidiol (CBD) products, including:

Which State Will Legalize Marijuana First In 2020: Kentucky, Ohio Or Indiana?

As with any bet, there is no sure thing. But, the following predictions are most likely how it will all go down.

There has been a lot of discussion this year about legalizing marijuana in a few additional states across the Midwest now that Michigan and Illinois have joined the party. So far, three states — Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana — are looking at some options that could lead to new marijuana laws going on the books in 2020.

University of Kentucky Economist Offers Considerations for Potential Hemp Producers

As much uncertainty continues to swirl around the hemp industry, University of Kentucky agricultural economists remind producers to consider their personal risk tolerance, business contracts and all possible production scenarios before committing to grow hemp.

“This is still a developing industry that has long-term viability but is going through significant growing pains as it tries to find its footing and develop the infrastructure needed to support the industry,” said Tyler Mark, economist in the UK College of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

Will Kentucky Legalize Medical Marijuana In 2020?

While this issue has enough support to suggest that the land of Bluegrass is well on its way to becoming the 34th state in the nation to legalize medical marijuana, the battle is not over. ​

After years of failed attempts, Kentucky is closer than ever to legalizing medical marijuana.

The state’s House of Representatives recently approved a bill (House Bill 136) in a vote of 65-to-30 that is designed to give patients with a variety of health conditions access to cannabis products.

Kentucky House Votes to Legalize Marijuana

Kentucky’s House of Representatives has approved legislation to legalize medical marijuana. The vote on House Bill 136 was 65 to 0: It will now be sent to the Senate, where passage will send it to the governor for consideration. Kentucky is one of just 17 states where marijuana isn’t legal in some fashion.


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Bill & Adriane Polyniak, along with Dave Hendrick, are owners of Kentucky Cannabis Company and Bluegrass Hemp Oil, both Kentucky-based, farm-to-family businesses focused on the creation of high-quality, full-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) products.

Bill & Adriane entered the hemp industry as a parent advocates. At age 3, their son was diagnosed with idiopathic generalized epilepsy. Hundreds of seizures and harmful pharma side effects led the Polyniaks to search for better options. During this time, they learned that non-intoxicating cannabis varieties rich in CBD (hemp) were beneficial for those suffering from epilepsy and began advocating for its legalization. With the passage of SB50 and the Federal Farm Bill of 2014, Kentucky Cannabis Company was born. As one of the original six companies given authorization to grow and the only company growing for cannabinoid production, they sought to create quality CBD products for their son and those in need.

Today, Kentucky Cannabis Company remains vertically integrated and creates full-spectrum hemp extracts and CBD-infused products for consumers under the name of Bluegrass Hemp Oil. Bluegrass Hemp Oil is quickly establishing itself as a household name as it continues to help many with a variety of conditions due to its high quality and top-of-the-line consumer support.

Bluegrass Hemp Oil has three retail locations: Lexington, KY, Midway, KY and Spokane Valley, WA. Additionally, its products can be found on pharmacy and health food store shelves throughout the state and country.

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