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The best coffee

The best! This coffee is so delicious.

I use Isodiol CBD tincture for aches…

I use Isodiol CBD tincture for aches and pains; sometimes in my hip and sometimes in my hands. I have also discovered that I sleep better if I take a few drops and hour or so before bed. I trust the quality of the products from Isodiol and have suggested them to my friends.

Awesome products Black Friday deal?

Awesome products.. like to fill up looking forward for thanksgiving / black friday deals are they coming?

This it the site

The products are excellent quality. The coffee is so yum!

I love the coffee

I love the coffee! It tastes good while providing me with the CBD that helps me

Very helpful

Very helpful, great Products.

I love the k cup decaf Pot o coffee…

I love the k cup decaf Pot o coffee Light it up. My regular store stopped selling it! I’ve been looking for awhile now and was so pleased to see you sell it-and you offered a coupon code for this sale! This coffee, both regular and decaf, is the best thing since sliced bread! I will be ordering from you again if you continue to sell this wonderful product! Thanks again!

Fast delivery.

Very pleased with their products and…

Very pleased with their products and customer service,Orders are shipped out quick.

Tried to complete order with a prepaid…

Tried to complete order with a prepaid credit card. Order would not process. I got no explanation of what the issue was. All I got was a note to “try another form of payment” Do not understand!

Exceptional customer service and product quality!

I contacted Isodiol to inquire about ordering Isoderm for my grandmother. Andrew and Brian were extremely helpful with helping me proceed with my order. Thank you Isodiol! The product quality and customer service are outstanding and unparalleled!

I am totally pleased with my purchase

I am totally pleased with my purchase. Matt Radomski was very accommodating and Professional at every point of the order.This is a re-order and I am very pleased with the effect mess of the product. I highly recommend it.

Getting amped up again

Getting amped up again! CBDxtreme products are top of the line. The amped up works great for that energy boost we all need!

I purchase my CBD from you

I purchase my CBD from you. I have tried others but yours works the best !

Thank you Isodiol !

Love the salve”Smooth”

Love the salve”Smooth”. Great for aches and pains!

Great stuff fast service!

Products good, but customer service.

Your products are effective, and the effect on my skin has been very good. Took advantage of your sale and bought a second time.
But I wanted to confirm free shipping to Hawaii if purchase was over $99 and could not get in Phone contact w customer service. No answer either when I left email.
While your product is good, I’m not sure if I’ll continue if no customer service

100% satisfied

Great customer service and ease to ordering online.

As usual and great

As usual, my order was processed and delivered efficiently and rapidly.

Your sales personnel was great

Your sales personnel was great, friendly, took time to explaine all questions that I asked. 5 stars to him.

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