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How to Cure Cannabis

Many people are looking all over the internet for the best method to dry and cure cannabis. Especially since the curing process is just as crucial as the rest of the grow. It is important to note that the method to cure buds is the same as how to dry and cure cannabis leaves.

The Best Method To Cure Cannabis

The method to cure Cannabis has not changed, this means that the best method to dry and cure 2019 will also be the best method to dry and cure 2000 or even best method to dry and cure 1999. This is the most important parts to take into consideration when learning how to cure cannabis.

How to Cure Cannabis – Best Practices

  1. As soon as you have chopped your plant, mase sure that you keep all the buds on the branches. Let the plant cure upside-down in a dark and ventilated area (like your grow tent with the light off) for one week. If you do not do this the THC crystals will not set correctly and your harvest will have reduced potency or worse, none at all.
  2. Once the week of darkness has passed, trim the cannabis off the branches and manicure the buds. Make sure you collect all the trimmings from the manicure as you can get valuable bubble hash. For more information on trimming, take a look at our article “How to Trim Weed”(This is where the link to the article would go, have not linked since zendesk will not be the ultimate URL)
  3. Collect all your trimmed buds and place them in an airtight bag. Ideally, you would open the bag every other day to make sure the buds are fresh. They should be left in the airtight bag anywhere from one week to a month.
  4. Using humidity management tools like Boveda sachets or airtight containers will improve the overall quality and taste of the cured weed.

How to Cure Cannabis – How to Cure Cannabis Seeds

There are some people who collect genetics and have an interest in increasing the duration of cannabis seeds, however, there is no particular method regarding how to cure cannabis seeds. Once the plant reaches maturity, the harvested seeds will be able to produce new plants, therefore curing cannabis seeds is not required. If anything, some best practices to conserve cannabis seeds for longer include keeping them in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight and humidity. If possible, store them in the fridge.

Many people are looking for the best method to dry and cure cannabis. Especially since the curing process is just as CRUCIAL as the rest of the grow.

Top Tips To Successfully Dry And Cure Your Fresh Cannabis Buds

The process of growing cannabis does not stop at harvest time. Properly drying and curing your fresh cannabis stash is paramount to prevent mould contamination from taking place. These procedures will also result in buds that taste better and offer a superior high.

Get the answers to 9 of the most frequently asked questions about drying and curing cannabis.


Ahhh, harvest time. After watching your ladies grow and flower, it’s finally time to collect your hard-earned buds. But before you can enjoy a toke of some homegrown Kush, you’ll need to dry and cure your freshly harvested weed. Below, we’ll share our answers to some frequently asked questions on the drying and curing process, so you can maximise the flavour and potency of your stash.


Drying, as the name suggests, involves drying fresh buds so they contain less moisture and can be smoked or vaporized properly. Curing, on the other hand, involves storing your buds in closed containers over a period of at least two weeks. This helps develop the flavour and aroma of your buds as they mature.


Drying your cannabis flowers serves several important functions that ultimately increase the quality and shelf-life of the end product.

Freshly harvested cannabis buds contain a significant amount of moisture, which needs to be dealt with before smoking. Why? First, smoking fresh buds serves up harsh hits with little flavour—if the buds are able to ignite at all. Removing moisture helps to tone down the harshness and let the terpene profile shine. Second, fungi thrive in dark and moist conditions. By drying your flowers correctly, you’ll dramatically reduce the chances of mould striking your stash.

By placing individual buds on a drying rack—or hanging entire branches in a drying room—you’ll reduce the water content of your buds by 10–15%. This process removes water from the outer layers of each flower, but you’ll need to cure your stash to rid moisture from deeper within the buds.

Curing is super important because it helps preserve your weed so it can be stored over time—while still retaining its unique flavour and maximising potency. When you harvest your buds, they contain excess sugars and starches that eventually come under attack from airborne bacteria and enzymes. By curing your buds, you actually encourage the degradation of these nutrients, making for a smoother, better-tasting final smoke.

Properly drying and curing your fresh cannabis harvest is essential to decrease the risk of mould, and to enhance the taste and high that your buds offer.