hemp calming support for dogs

Hemp calming support for dogs

These are really helpful, they settle my dog and he loves them.

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My whippets ADORE these treats! Yes they do help to calm them down but guaranteed to get them running straight back to me when out in the field or beach, when they know a pack of these are in my pocket. Safe, tasty, healthy and a definite winner with the girls!

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Calming supplement for dogs helps manage stress and behavioral issues.

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Your dog may experience stress from car rides, vet visits, thunderstorms or separation anxiety. But, Calming® with Hemp can help your pup relax no matter where the day takes you. This formula is carefully crafted with L-theanine, lemon balm and broad-spectrum hemp to support calm behavior in anxious or stressed dogs. It can be given daily or as needed and it’s suitable to double or triple the dose during times of heightened stress.

Calming® with Hemp features Broad Spectrum Seed and Stalk Oil, which is a source of naturally occurring CBD. It’s third-party tested to guarantee THC content is below the federal legal limit of 0.3%. Your dog will love the peanut butter and chamomile-flavored chews that make it easy to administer without the hassle and mess of liquid hemp products.

Directions for Use: Product can be given daily
Under 25 lbs: 1/2 chew
25 – 50 lbs: 1 chew
51 – 75 lbs: 2 chews
75+ lbs: 3 chews

Product can be given daily or on an as-needed basis. Double or triple the amount in times of increased stress.

Calming supplement for dogs helps manage stress and behavioral issues.