goo marijuana strain

Gorilla Goo

Gorilla Goo

Gorilla Goo, also known as GG4, is a potent Indica-dominant Hybrid that comes from a clone cut originally bred by Joesy Wales and Lone Watie of GGstrains. It took first place in the California, Michigan, and Jamaican Cannabis Cups in 2014, it has achieved legendary status among cannabis connoisseurs around the world. Known for its abundant trichome production and consequent stickiness, this cultivar has gained the reputation for “gluing” users to their couch. A cross of Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel, Gorilla Goo has a unique flavor profile reminiscent of gourmet coffee.

Physical Effects
Heavy, relaxing, sleep-inducing.

Coffee, Pine, Chocolate, Earthy

Gorilla Goo is a potent Sativa-dominant Hybrid. This strain is a perfect blend of its parent strains that treats both Sativa and Indica lovers kindly.