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Green Leaves CBD: Is Dr. GreenLeaves Hemp Cannabidiol Oil a Trusted Brand?

Dr. Green Leaves CBD is a new brand and product line that makes some bold claims about its broad spectrum, hemp-derived cannabidiol-infused herbal tincture drops.

February 18, 2020

As consumers continue their hunt for the ideal CBD solution, more and more firms are introducing their approaches to wellness within the market. The one problem we are faced with today is that the market is saturated with products of either exceptional or poor quality. The purpose of this review is to introduce Green Leaves CBD with respective to its intentions, the claims made, and the overall quality being offered.

What is the Green Leaves CBD Oil?

Dr. Greenleaves CBD is a 500mg broad-spectrum CBD oil that claims to relieve chronic pain, anxiety and stress, restlessness and possibly maintain blood sugar levels. Based on what’s been shared, this solution contains no traces of THC and aims to ensure that our natural endocannabinoid system is well-maintained.

What can be expected from the Dr Green Leaves CBD Oil?

As listed on their main website, the use of Dr. Greenleaves CBD will trigger a number of improvements. To be more specific, its uses have supposedly reduced anxiety and stress by 98%, increased cognitive performance by 67% and improved antioxidant support by 43%. Additionally, this website even boldly claims this solution is trusted as being doctor-validated, by Chief Medical Correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and recommended by Chiropractor & Pain Therapist, Lilly Lyons. This of course, is a misleading lie even though Dr. Gupta has endorsed CBD itself, by no direct correlation should anyone assume “Dr. Green Leaves CBD” brand or product has any affiliation with the famous weed documentary doctor.

What is the Green Leaves CBD Oil Trial?

The Greenleaves CBD oil trial was created to help induce confidence in consumers. For a period of 14 days, consumers will be able to try the oil free of cost (only shipping to be paid) prior to making an investment. Each individual will be provided with a 30-day supply. Once the trial period is over and consumers fail to return the product, they will be automatically enrolled in the monthly subscription plan.

Green Leaves CBD Oil Final Thoughts

Overall, the intentions behind Green Leaves CBD is similar to that of many existing CBD oils. However, there are a number of concerns that need to be mentioned.

First, the creators claim that broad-spectrum CBD has been used. If this is the case (or any CBD), a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) should have been provided. Second, it appears as though the product has been tested, as statistics in regard to improvements have been shared. That said, access to this respective study should have been made available. Following this, comes the health claims made, which are not supported by the FDA. Hence, some risk may be attached.

Finally, comes the free trial. While it is great to be able to try a product prior to paying the full price, if evidence in regard to what’s in Green Leaves CBD has not been provided, then consumers are putting their health’s at risk. Such trials should only be considered if enough information has been provided in relation to its quality. On that note, consumers should contact the creators behind Dr. Green Leaves CBD, prior to purchasing it, and request more vital information and details before spending any money on a product of this nature.

When there are so many top-shelf brands, companies and products to choose from right now, it is best to opt for a company who delivers transparency and lab results ensuring potency, purity and quality are intact. Pro Restore CBD is a great one to review as an example of how a reputable CBD company conducts itself and showcases all the right elements when it comes to offering a CBD product you can trust.

Dr. Green Leaves CBD is a new brand and product line that makes some bold claims about its broad spectrum, hemp-derived cannabidiol-infused herbal tincture drops.

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