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Cured Nutrition: CBD (Cannabidiol) Products

December 29, 2018

About Cured Nutrition

Cured Nutrition describes itself on its website as “A movement inspired by nature and grounded in a shared desire to leave a lasting impression on you, our community, and this world. Together, we’re a collective of heart-centered human beings who are inviting you – the conscious creatives, dreamers, and healers – to join our family.” Based on the “shop” section of the website, it appears that Cured Nutrition offers Colorado-grown hemp products.

Organically Grown in Colorado

Cured Nutrition explains on its FAQ that its “hemp is locally sourced from partner farms right here in our neighborhood. Pure, Colorado-grown bliss.” It further explains that the hemp is “organically grown.” Organically grown hemp extract may be important because hemp is a “bio-accumulator, meaning it has the ability to absorb both the good and the bad from the air, water, and soil in which it’s grown,” as the brand’s webpage explains.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Phytocannabinoids

The brand offers full spectrum products. Per the brand’s blog, “Broad-spectrum CBD is full-spectrum CBD without any THC. To create broad-spectrum CBD, companies will put their products through additional processing to isolate and remove as much trace amounts of THC possible while preserving the other natural cannabinoids and terpenes including CBD, CBG, and CBC, allowing you to still reap the health benefits of these cannabinoids.” Full spectrum products may provide benefits that the hemp has to offer.

Cured Nutrition Third-Party Testing

Third-party testing may be an important consideration when looking into a brand and its products. The purpose of third-party testing is to verify that the products comply with regulations, that they are free of contaminants, such as heavy metals, and may also provide insight into the potency and purity of products.

Concerning third-party testing, the brand’s website explains, “Each Cured product is third-party tested for the absence of harmful contaminants like microbials, pesticides and heavy metals. Fully aligned with complete transparency, we’ve published the details directly on our website.”

American Industrial Hemp Products

The brand explains on its website “[a]ll of our American industrial hemp CBD plants are grown and distributed in full compliance with the State of Colorado, as well as in full federal compliance with §7606 of the 2014 US Farm Bill.”

The Most Effective Serving Size

Determining the serving amount is difficult, as such a quality can vary from person to person. As the brand explains, it cannot recommend a specific dosage due to FDA regulation. However, it “encourage each customer to experiment with different dosages and evaluate the effect.”

Cured Nutrition Product Options

The brand has six different product options on its website. The products are unique in the sense that there are a few of them that may be used in cooking, such as the cured spices. Here is an overview of a few of the products so that users can determine if any of them are the right option for their needs:

Cured Classic Mint Oil

Cured’s Mint Oil is made with grape seed oil, and peppermint extract. The product is identified on the brand’s website as “vegan, gluten free, no preservatives, and 3rd party tested” and as being “THC free.” As for the flavor, well that is most likely peppermint.

Cured Hot Peppermint Cacao

This is a limited-editing product that may be available only during the holidays. Cured Hot Peppermint Cacao is a CBD hot beverage mix. The cacao is made into hot chocolate like most other products. A few of the main ingredients include CBD, reishi mushroom extract, ashwagandha, cacao, and peppermint pieces. The brand also provides directions on how to make a hot chocolate beverage using the product.

Cured Spices

The product webpage for CBD infused spices explains that its “spices should be used no differently than any other spice in your cabinet.” It appears that the only blend available is “smoky bbq” flavor. However, other flavors may be available at a different time.

Cured Dog Treats

As the title suggests, Cured Dog Treats are also available. Per the product webpage, there are 20 treats per container, and 4mg of CBD per treat. The ingredients include cured protein, crude fat, crude fiber, and moisture.

Cured Nutrition Summary

To learn more about Cured Nutrition and its products, visit the brand’s website website.

All information is for general informational and educational purposes only. Nothing should be interpreted as legal or wellness advice.

Cured Nutrition: CBD (Cannabidiol) Products December 29, 2018 About Cured Nutrition Cured Nutrition describes itself on its website as “A movement inspired by nature and grounded in a


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