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Top 10 Classic Cannabis Strains That You Just Have To Try

These top 10 classic strains are a must for any cannabis smoker. These genetics have changed the cannabis world and have resulted in many strains that are known and loved today.

There are some cannabis strains that are known to almost every smoker, even those who are new to the scene. These strains have earned high status and hold impressive reputations due to their unique properties and successful genetics. Perhaps they offer a recognisable and potent aroma; maybe they spoil growers with massive yields; or they might be very high in THC. Whatever the reason, these strains are not to be missed out on. They are musts for novice and veteran cannabis smokers alike. Here is a top 10 list of some truly classic cannabis strains, all available from Royal Queen Seeds.


Kicking off our superstar strain list is Haze Berry, a much loved strain within the state of California, as well as other medical marijuana meccas around the world. Haze Berry is a sativa-dominant strain that features 80% sativa genetics and 20% indica genetics. The strain results from the crossbreeding of equally beloved parent strains Blueberry and Shining Silver Haze. This breeding project resulted in a strain that is very high in THC, offering a content of 20%. Haze Berry also offers a medium CBD content. This cannabinoid profile makes the strain ideal for medical and recreational users alike.

The effects of smoking Haze Berry involve both mental and physical effects. The head high induces a relaxed state of mind with some exhilarating feelings and even a slight aphrodisiac effect. The body high is defined by feelings of calm, couch-lock, and sleepiness. It is known to help combat pain and will cause users to develop quite the appetite.

Haze Berry is known for more than just the impressive high that it catalyses. The strain offers sensual delights in terms of its complex flavour profile and aromatic palate. When opening up a stash jar or bag filled with the dried flowers of Haze Berry, fumes carrying the scents of berries and fruity sweetness will be released. When smoking a joint or blunt loaded with the strain, tastes of berry, fruit, sweetness, lemon, and vanilla will be detected.


Royal Jack is a sativa-dominant strain that is composed of 40% sativa genetics, 30% indica genetics, and 30% Cannabis ruderalis genetics. The strain was birthed via the crossbreeding of Jack Herer and a ruderalis variety. The slight sativa-dominance of this strain makes its high more motivating and energising. Royal Jack is a great strain when looking for some creative inspiration or before getting down to some work where focus is required. With that said, the strain also offers somewhat of a stoned feeling that targets the body at the same time. These factors make this herb quite multi-purpose and it really depends on what mood the smoker is in and what time of day the herb is being smoked.

Royal Jack is known to give off a peppery aroma, which is accompanied by a spicy and somewhat herbal taste. These sensual smells will please novices and cannabis connoisseurs alike.


White Widow is a legendary name within the worldwide cannabis scene. The very mention of the name conjures images of cannabis flowers heavy with shining white trichomes. There is probably no other strain out there with quite the reputation that White Widow has built for itself over the years. The origin of White Widow is quite a controversial subject and a topic that is often debated, however it has been confirmed that the original White Widow is indeed a Dutch classic and was grown initially in The Netherlands. As far as ancestry goes, the original White Widow was the love child of a pure sativa landrace derived from Brazil, and an indica hybrid from southern India. It is reported that White Widow is the result of years of breeding in the mountains or Kerala, a project that aimed to produce cannabis plants dense with resin.

White Widow has now spread all over the world, with Royal Queen Seeds offering phenomenal seed specimens with genetics derived from White Widow S1. This strain consists of an even split between 50% sativa and 50% indica genetics. This stunning hybrid offers a great THC content of 19%, along with medium levels of the highly-medicinal cannabinoid CBD. Such an even split in genetics has created a strain that offers a potent high that targets both the body and the mind simultaneously.

The head high generated by smoking White Widow flowers is defined by meditative, thought provoking, and relaxing states of being. It is also slightly psychedelic and offers aphrodisiac properties. On the other hand, the body high creates a stoned sensation that is deeply calming, sleepy, and narcotic. It will more than likely plunge the user into a state of the munchies at some point in the smoke session.

White Widow is also recognised for its complex and equally delightful scent and flavour profiles. Upon smoking this strain, smokers’ taste buds will be ignited by tastes of hashish, rose, bitterness, sweetness, and sourness. The scent of the flowers is sensational and features hints of hashish, sweetness, and tropical tones.


Northern Lights is certainly another absolutely classic strain that is well-known all around the world by name alone. The origins of the legendary strain remain somewhat of a mystery, although it is believed to have come out of the west coast of America. The exact genetics of the strain are unknown, though rumour has it that Northern Lights was from Afghanistan, yet other sources claim the original plants contained Thai genetics.

Northern Lights is a 100% pure indica strain and therefore the high generated is very stoney and potent. However, it is also reported to have a head element that is slightly elevating. The strain offers a THC content of 18%.


Skunk is another superb example of a classic cannabis strain, and one that holds the genetics responsible for many successful strains that are known and loved today. The original Skunk was derived from a combination of Mexican, Colombian, and Afghan landrace genetics. However, over time and with experimentation, this original has been tweaked and improved. Skunk XL, a classic variety, brought about by Royal Queen Seeds is an example of this.

Skunk XL is a hybrid strain that features a genetic makeup that consists of 50% sativa genetics and 50% indica genetics, presenting an even split. This strain offers a THC content of 17%, capable of inducing quite a powerful high. The high associated with Skunk XL is a combination of a stoned sensation along with cerebral elements. It perfectly represents the genetic split that comprises the strain. Skunk XL also contains medium levels of CBD which might appeal to some medical users that are also looking to use THC as part of their health strategy. CBD has been shown to help to successfully relieve and treat certain health conditions, and is known to have anti-inflammatory and anti-seizure effects.


Amnesia Haze is an incredibly potent strain of cannabis that placed second at the HighLife Cup in 2011. The strain is a hybrid that consists of 70% sativa genetics and 30% indica genetics. The THC content of Amnesia Haze is sky high and weighs in at a powerful 22%. The CBD content is also rated as medium. This cannabinoid profile results in a potent, long-lasting, and relaxing state.

The high generated from Amnesia Haze targets both the body and the mind to varying degrees. The head high is more dominant, defined by thought provoking, psychedelic, meditative, and uplifting qualities. These elements make the strain an excellent smoke when pursuing creative projects or when seeking some mental motivation. The body high is less dominant, but still present and offers calming and soothing vibes.

The taste of Amnesia Haze is quite desirable, the flowers offer flavours of sweetness, sourness, and spice. The aroma is quite complex and interesting. Opening up a stash jar of the dried flowers will unleash pleasant scents of lemon, pepper, and honey.


Another top-notch classic. The exact genetic origins of OG Kush appear to be unknown, however it is thought to be the result of crossbreeding ChemDawg, a Lemon Thai, and Pakistani Kush. Others theorise that the strain is simply just a good cutting from a ChemDawg plant. Regardless of the origins of this strain, what we do know is that it offers a powerful and impressive high.

OG Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that features 75% indica genetics and 25% sativa genetics. Being heavy on the indica side of the spectrum, this strain is relaxing and offers a soothing high that targets the body; although the head high is definitely there too. The body high is characterised by calming and pain-numbing sensations, whereas the slight head high brings about a meditative, relaxing, and psychedelic state. The THC content within the flowers of OG Kush is 19%.

OG Kush features a strong and dank taste when smoked that generates a long-lasting aftertaste. The scent of the strain is very potent with citrus and Diesel aromas.


Critical is an indica-dominant strain that features 60% indica genetics and 40% sativa genetics. The strain was created via the crossbreeding of Afghani and Skunk. This close genetic balance makes for a high that is stoney in the domain of both body and mind. The THC content of 18% ensures that this high is on the potent side of things. The body high elements brought about by Critical are very calming and smokers will more than likely experience some couch-lock and a case of the munchies. The head high, although slightly less present, is still certainly noticeable. This cerebral element can be described as both relaxing and exhilarating.

The taste profile offered by Critical is very complex and equally as delicious. When smoking a large blunt or bowl loaded with these flowers, expect your taste buds to be treated to hints of orange, honey, spice, sweetness, and bitterness. The smell experienced from stepping into a grow room full of these plants will also be impressive, featuring scents of blueberry, rose, coffee, lime, and chocolate.


Blue Cheese is a powerful hybrid strain that consists of 60% indica genetics and 40% sativa genetics. The strain harbours a THC content of 19%, making it quite the heavy hitter and a superb recreational strain. The CBD content of Blue Cheese is within the medium range, meaning medical smokers who like to get a decent dose of THC could really enjoy using this strain. Blue Cheese is the result of the crossbreeding between Original Cheese and Oregon Blueberry Blend.

The high generated from smoking the flowers of Blue Cheese is very balanced between a body high and a head high, mainly due to the genetic balance of the strain. The effect overall is a strong stone. The genetic makeup of this strain contributes to a lovely taste. The fruity flavour of Blueberry mixes perfectly with the earthy tones of the Cheese.


Royal Queen Seeds’ Bubblegum XL is a sativa-dominant hybrid that consists of 60% sativa genetics and 40% indica genetics. The strain is the result of crossbreeding between parent strains Power Plant and Santa Maria. Bubblegum XL contains a THC content of 19%, alongside medium levels of CBD. The rather balanced genetic makeup of this strain results in a high that targets both the body and the mind evenly. The body high is calming, sleepy, and pain-numbing. The head high is both relaxing and meditative. Bubblegum XL features a sweet aroma along with sweet and earthy tastes when smoked.

These top 10 classic strains have made a large mark within the cannabis scene and are known all over the world for their high status.

6 Classic Strains That Influenced the Modern World of Cannabis

Cannabis is an extraordinarily diverse plant that is bred and propagated at an astounding rate throughout the world. Regardless of where you place your finger on cannabis’ evolutionary timeline, a few unforgettable classic strains loom somewhere in the background as deities carved into the “stoned” masonry of the living cannabis pantheon.

These strains are genetically and culturally significant touchstones because they give us a glimpse into the not-so-distant past, where strains were transplanted from their countries of origin to be cultivated and refined alongside the history of the counterculture.

Classic or “old school” strains were not initially bred for potency, but rather for the exotic flavors and effects enjoyed outside the borders of the Western world. As these strains traveled and proliferated, new genetic hybrids were created, intentionally or unintentionally.

The blending and crossing of transplanted landrace strains led to the explosion of genetic diversity we see today, but before there were even a thousand named strains, the classics gave way to a new generation of cannabis mainstays that fortified their own mythologies and lineages. The “new classics” described below are strains that have grown out from under the shadow of foundational genetics like Haze or Afghani to create robust and unique offspring that are almost as ubiquitous in smoking circles as a Bic lighter.

How Potent Are Old School Cannabis Genetics?

These classic strains tend to vary by only a percentage or two in terms of average THC levels, but as many of us already know, the terpene profile is where the nuance and uniqueness of a flower is truly expressed. As you’ll see below, these strains also exhibit some similarities in terpene profiles, but ultimately boast a unique composition that sets each one apart.

Click to enlarge. (Elysse Feigenblatt/Leafly)

Willy’s Wonder

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Willy’s Wonder (or William’s Wonder) is an old Afghani cut that has seen more pipes than the Mario Bros. This old school beauty produces a sweet, tropical aroma thanks to notable quantities of myrcene, limonene, and linalool. These terpenes also contribute to Willy’s relaxing, yet happy physical buzz that gradually spreads over the consumer.


Find Cheese Nearby

Cheese is the inordinately pungent offspring of Skunk #1, another classic, foundational cannabis strain. Known for its sour and funky aroma, Cheese (also called UK Cheese and Exodus Cheese) made its mark on the palates of yesteryear. While its terpene plot looks somewhat similar to Willy’s Wonder, Cheese retains just enough sweet, floral funk to push the aroma from tropical to gnarly.

White Widow

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White Widow firmly stands among the icons of cannabis. This hybrid cross of a Brazilian sativa landrace and a South Indian indica embodies the look and smell of what many consumers recognize as “classic” cannabis. Its semi-sedative effects and pungent earthy aroma lingers in the collective unconscious of lucky ducks who snagged a bag of this fine flower during its pre-legalization heyday.

Sour Diesel

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We’ve all encountered that signature acrid fuel aroma native to many cannabis varieties. The Sour Diesel genetic line has imparted its pungent, gassy fragrance to many strains over the years, and has essentially defined one of the many archetypal attributes of dank, potent cannabis.

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AK-47 was created in the early 90s by blending a variety of landrace genetics together to create something outstanding. With a terpene profile rich in pinene and caryophyllene, AK-47 provides an alert mental state without uppity overstimulation.

Amnesia Haze

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Amnesia Haze bridged the gap between the old and new worlds of cannabis. Bred from South Asian and Jamaican landrace genetics, this strain required a degree of globalization to even come into existence. The happy, heady buzz and peppery, tropical aroma of Haze genetics continue to inspire new strains and genetics.

Explore More Classic Cannabis Strains

Still jonesing for some timeless cannabis cuts? Look for these old school beauties on your next dispensary visit.

Which other classic strains belong on this list? Tell us about them in the comments section!

Learn about six classic cannabis strains that would go on to influence the countless varieties we encounter in the modern marijuana world.