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Tommy Chong’s Cannabis

Shango is the exclusive grower for the premium line of Tommy Chong’s Cannabis recreational and medical marijuana products in Oregon and Nevada.

Tommy Chong’s Choice features top-shelf indica, sativa and hybrid flower in grams, eighths and quarters as well as an incredible indica-dominant shatter in grams.

Tommy Chong’s Cannabis XJ-13 is considered one of the most powerful strains in Nevada and Oregon. The THC percentage is exceptionally high in Tommy Chong’s Cannabis strains, along with potent terpenes that give Tommy Chong’s marijuana its distinctive taste. Drop by any of our Shango locations in Oregon and Nevada to get your Tommy Chong’s premium cannabis, the same as Tommy smokes. Tommy has made frequent appearances at Shango dispensaries. The legendary movie icon is revered in the cannabis world for his dedication to growing the best flower. Shango has the exclusive rights to his strains, which are big sellers at each Shango outlet. Tommy Chong has become a marijuana activist and supports legalizing the plant’s use. He is a regular contributor to Cannabis Culture Magazine and sits on the NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) advisory board. Shango is proud to call Tommy part of the family.

Shango is the exclusive grower for Tommy Chong's Cannabis flowers & shatters. Visit us online or in-store for Tommy Chong's choice of recreational marijuana.

New Strain Alert! Paradise Seeds Chong’s Choice 2017

One of the great joys of working at Paradise Seeds is experiencing the excitement of a new cannabis seed release. Over the years we have released some classic varieties (now over 30), but this March we are celebrating the release of a very special collaboration with a real cannabis legend.

If you love weed then you will definitely know Tommy Chong. He is one half of one of the greatest counter cultural comedy duos of all time. Back in the day when the marijuana plant was demonized by most sections of society, Cheech and Chong put cannabis comedy on the map with classic movies such as Up in Smoke and Nice Dreams.

With the legalized cannabis scene in the USA booming, Tommy Chong is the latest member of the cannabis royalty to launch a product range. He is bringing his lifetime’s experience as a weed user to his new company Chong’s Choice, the company he runs with his son, Paris, and the products include a range of weed that carries the famous name.

The veteran cannabis advocate was looking for a seed bank to work with in order to bring his name to a range of cannabis seeds and as, one of the oldest seed companies in the business, we got the call at Paradise Seeds. So it is a huge pleasure and honour for us to work with Tommy and collaborate on a new line of seeds. The Chong’s Choice selection features a new Sativa, Indica and Hybrid strain.

We cannot lie. When a cannabis hero like Tommy Chong asks us to develop seeds that are worthy of the title Choice of Legends, we have serious work to do! It was definitely a challenge for us at Paradise Seeds, but we have been working away in our breeding rooms and we are super pleased with the final results. Our joint collaboration is three new varieties of cannabis plant combine the genetics and flavors of California and Amsterdam.

– Blue Kush Berry (Indica): Tommy wanted an Indica that delivered a powerful hit with a taste to savor. We have responded with our own take on this popular combination, which mixes mighty Kush power with a delicious Shishkaberry fruity flavor. This one has been developed with Indica heads in mind – a sweet tasting plant that produces a long lasting couch lockdown effect.

– L.A. Amnesia (Sativa): Tommy requested something special for the sativa addition to our Chong’s Choice line and we did not want to disappoint him! The result is this strain which combines the genetics of the world famous Dutch plant, Amnesia Haze, with a potent Californian Kush. The result is L.A. Amnesia, a sativa that will take you places others will not! A very powerful plant with a very high THC count (20 – 24%).

– Mendocino Skunk (Hybrid): We wanted to produce a hybrid that celebrated the great traditions of two parts of the world with a long history of growing and strain development. We have taken our inspiration from California’s Emerald Triangle and Holland’s Amsterdam coffeeshop scene. This transatlantic meeting of the genes has produced a fruity skunk in the tradition of our best selling Wappa strain. The result is a high yielding plant that tastes great, feels great and delivers all round great performance in both indoor and outdoor setups.

Paradise Seeds has produced a new range of seeds in collaboration with cannabis legend Tommy Chong. Its new Chong’s Choice collection fuses the best genetics ]]>