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CBD Pur US Becomes First Cannabidiol (CBD) Company to Obtain Pharma-Grade Certification for Pure CBD Isolate

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C.–( BUSINESS WIRE )–After three months of extensive testing, David Mouser announced Dr. Bob Sievers, PhD, University of Colorado, Boulder, has discovered and developed a forth extraction process performed on CBD Pur US Isolate bringing the product to PHARMA GRADE purity. (Dr. Sievers is dean of the chemistry department and studies: analytical, pharmaceutical, and environmental chemistry at the University of Colorado, Boulder). Patents have been initiated by Dr. Sievers to protect the intellectual property pertaining to the 4th critical extraction now used by CBD Pur US. All unwanted plant wax and potentially toxic humic acid have been removed in the process.

CBD Isolate, paste, and oil products all contain humic acid and plant cuticle wax. Humic acid is a natural fertilizer sold for gardening. Consequently, all CBD hemp extractions are subject to growing things. Contamination long range becomes a serious issue regarding “shelf life”. CBD Pur US Isolate PHARMA GRADE now guarantees the industry an unequaled purity for CBD product manufacturers by eliminating these potentially harmful product liability issues (see ProjectCBD, Oct. Page 17-18).

“Responsible companies now have an alternative to avoid potential liability, costly litigation, and loss of market reputation…”

David Mouser, CEO stated, “Responsible companies now have an alternative to avoid potential liability, costly litigation, and loss of market reputation regarding the inherent humic acid issues. CBD Pur PHARMA GRADE is a breakthrough for the CBD industry worldwide. We have now applied the identical 4th extraction process to our new SDP Water Soluable Isolate as well. Oregon Analytical Services confirmed the 99.9% PHARMA GRADE in accordance with certification of CBD Pur US. CBD Pur US Isolate is not a synthetic.”

CBD Pur US is the first CBD manufacturer of PHARMA GRADE CBD Isolate distributing worldwide. “We have set an industry standard for all CBD isolate manufacturers, seriously undertaking a leadership role with a passion to maintain accountability to the CBD market space. Look for the CBD Pur US logo on all CBD products. It is your guarantee of PHARMA GRADE CBD. It just makes good sense,” Mouser said.

CBD Pur US main office is in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina with satellite offices in the United Kingdom and Jamaica for export to European, Caribbean, and Latin American manufacturers.

CBD Pur US becomes first CBD company to become Pharmaceutical Grade Certified for its Pure CBD Isolate.

New Legislation ‘Cannabis for Kids’ has Been Filed

MUNCIE — State Rep. Sue Errington, D-Muncie expects the House speaker to assign her medical marijuana bill to the “graveyard committee”again.

However, a bill related to Cannabis that was incorporated by Jean Leising, the Senate Agriculture Committee Chair, whose district also extends to the southern Henry County, has a very strong possibility of being enacted.

Errington addresses Leising’s Senate Bill 72 as “a great move”.

An interim study committee was set up to address to discuss the legality of cannabidiol (CBD) oil with the aim being to provide treatment for children with seizures. The committee proceeded to cast a vote that tallied 10–0 in support of the proposed legislation (SB 72). …

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Jan 22, 2016

NBC News: Cannabidiol (CBD) “Turns Off” the Cancer Gene Involved in Metastasis

NBC News Reports that Cannabidiol (CBD) “Turns Off” the Cancer Gene Involved in Metastasis. Findings by Scientists at California Pacific Medical Center gives Scientific Support for Cannabis Science Initiatives.

Dr. Robert J. Melamede President & CEO 1–888–889–0888 or Robert KaneVP Investor Relations 1–561–234–6929

Cannabis Science, a pioneering U.S. Biotech Company developing pharmaceutical products for global public health challenges, reports on a recent press release by the San Francisco NBC news, with new studies by Scientists at California Pacific Medical Center, which have shown that cannabidiol, (CBD), has the ability to “turn off” a gene that causes breast and other types of cancers to metastasize, according to the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper. …

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Jan 8, 2016

What type of products can be made from CBD (Cannabidiol)?

The main thing we need to remember is that CBD (Cannabidiol) is not some type of snake oil drug. CBD (Cannabidiol) truly works and is continuing to make tremendous headway in the treatment of various illnesses. So what does this mean for you? It means that from a business point of view, the possibilities of using CBD isolate in your products is virtually endless; let me explain.

Let’s take a look at Epilepsy; there are many documentaries and studies which show that Cannabidiol helps to reduce the number of epileptic seizures in children and adults. Since hemp-derived CBD powder is legal, THC-free, and organic, this makes any product you manufacture with it safe for use in children, with the proper dosage. CBD isolate goes far beyond basic CBD products such as oils and balms. You can create an entire pediatric line of products. Due to the purity and organic nature of hemp-derived CBD, it makes it perfect to create products such as sweets, chewy tablets, etc. …

Read writing from CBD Pur US on Medium. CBD PUR US is a premium provider of 99% Pure CBD Pharma Grade Isolate for CBD Manufacturers looking to formulate their own cannabidiol products. (843) 422–1200.