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CBD Reddit: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

CBD is making a real name for itself in the news lately. But what is this mystery substance really all about? Does it work? Is it time that you gave it a try? Is it legal? Many of these questions and more have likely crossed your mind at some time or another. The fact is, CBD is proving to be an incredible therapeutic treatment option that may help with a number of medical conditions and everyone from your mother to your grandmother is probably wondering what it’s all about.

Thanks to Reddit, we could find exactly what everyday people like yourselves want to know about CBD. The great thing about Reddit is that it’s a worldwide platform that is made up of millions of regular people, and it’s generally trusted to provide accurate, top-notch, unbiased information on any topic you can think of.

The way that people look for information on the internet is ever-changing, and Reddit has undoubtedly become one of the go-to sources for everyday people like you and me. If you have any reservations, here are some numbers for you. As of 2017, the platform had over 540 million monthly visitors, which made it the fourth most frequently visited site in the United States and the ninth most visited site around the world.

In this article, we have put together the most popular and best CBD Reddit questions and answers and brought them to you in a convenient and comprehensive guide.

What Is the Best Way to Take CBD?

This will differ drastically from person to person, but it can be very helpful to hear what other people on Reddit CBD are saying. Essentially, it all depends on what you are using CBD for and what your preference is. Generally speaking, the most appropriate method is one that provides an optimal dose for the desired duration. Here are some of the most common ways of consuming CBD:

  • Hold CBD under the tongue: This method offers the fastest delivery because the CBD is able to bypass both the metabolization in the liver and digestive system since it’s absorbed through the glands instead. Sublingual oral drops are the preferred method by many. You will probably notice that the CBD takes effect more quickly when using this method.
  • Vape: Vaping CBD is a relatively lung-friendly way of inhaling the herb. This method allows the CBD to be absorbed into the bloodstream through the large surface area of the capillary-wrapped alveoli. Inhalation is great for treating acute symptoms that need immediate attention. You should feel the effects within a few minutes, and it typically lasts for a few hours.
  • Swallow and ingest: Capsules are one of the most common ways to take CBD. It’s great for anyone who doesn’t like the taste of the oils. This method also offers ultimate convenience with easy-to-swallow and tasteless capsules.
  • Topicals: CBD products are also available in the form of lotions and salves that you apply directly to the skin. This method is best used for pain – when you have a specific area that you want to relief by using a topical cream.
  • Edibles: Many people on Reddit talk about blending CBD in with their favorite food and drinks. Alternatively, you can buy already made CBD edibles, such as chewing gum, gummy bears, and more.

What Is the Optimal Dosage of CBD?

According to CBD oil Reddit, an effective dosage can vary from as little as a few milligrams of CBD oil to a gram or more. The fact is when it comes to dosage, there are a lot of different factors that come into play, and generally, the optimal dosage will be different for everyone.

The other factor that makes determining optimal CBD dosage so difficult is that because cannabis is still illegal on a federal level (thus not FDA-approved), physicians are not legally allowed to prescribe it and aren’t allowed to give recommendations on dosage. This leaves a lot of people in the dark when it comes to how much CBD they should take.

The general recommendation from CBD experts is to start slow with a low dose of CBD, and you can increase from there. Take a few small doses over the course of a day (rather than one big dose) and use the same dose and ratio for several days. Observe the effects and only if necessary adjust the amount or ratio. Eventually, you should find your optimal dosage – the amount that gives you the desired results.

Keep in mind that there are many different factors at play when it comes to dosage. These include the individual’s weight, metabolism, what condition they are treating, and what method of consumption they are using, among various other factors. The great thing about Reddit is that you can get ideas from hundreds of different people, all with varying circumstances and conditions.

Can You Get High from CBD?

One of the most asked Reddit CBD oil questions is whether you can get high using CBD. Reddit users respond with a virtually unanimous “no.” THC is the psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant that makes users high. CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive properties and doesn’t have any influence with CB1 receptors in the brain, thus has absolutely no intoxicating effects on the mind. CBD is used purely for its medicinal benefits.

Many CBD oils, particularly full-spectrum CBD oil, will contain trace amounts of THC. However, it’s not enough to make them high. But, if you are at risk of having a random drug test at work, you may want to choose CBD isolate products that are completely devoid of THC.

Are There Side Effects Associated with CBD?

When it comes to CBD effects Reddit clarifies that generally speaking, CBD is believed to be safe and comes with very few side effects – none of which are very serious. These include; dry mouth, lightheadedness, drowsiness, and low blood pressure. While recognizing the need for more research, up until now, CBD has shown to be mostly well-tolerated. Based on a global report that was published by the World Health Organization (WHO), CBD isn’t addictive and there is no risk of dependency.

However, the long-term CBD side effects Reddit confirms have not yet been studied. At this point in time, we can best judge the long-term effects by looking at anecdotal evidence from frequent, daily users. This is another way that Reddit can be so valuable – we can get firsthand information from those who have been consuming CBD for years.

Is CBD Legal?

This answer will obviously depend on where you are. However, because CBD is a component of marijuana, it’s legality is still very unclear. In all honesty, the answer to this question is very complex and depends on several factors that are determined by each specific state. The most important factor is whether the CBD is derived from marijuana or hemp.

Marijuana usually contains a much higher THC level – up to 30%, while hemp contains no more than 0.3% THC. This is, of course, the main concern for lawmakers since THC is the compound that is responsible for the psychoactive effects of marijuana. Because hemp doesn’t have any psychoactive effects, the law doesn’t have a problem with it, and it’s legal throughout the United States. Marijuana is a lot more complex.

Ultimately it depends on what state you are in and the specific laws of that state. If marijuana is legal in that state, then CBD will obviously be legal as well. However, if weed isn’t legal in a specific state, then only CBD that is hemp-derived and has a THC content of under 0.3% will be legal.

Will CBD Show up in a Drug Test?

Technically speaking, drug tests are looking for traces of THC and not CBD. CBD is a chemical, so if you ingest it, your body will metabolize it which means that it can be detected. However, the average drug test is not designed to pick up CBD, or any other cannabis compound for that matter, other than THC. Because CBD is chemically different from THC, it’s unlikely that pure CBD will be detected in drug tests.

But, that doesn’t mean that you are completely in the clear, because some CBD oils and other CBD-infused products contain trace amounts of THC. The good news is that more often than not, it won’t be enough THC to show up in a drug test.

What Should You Look for When Choosing a CBD Product?

It’s important that you look for products that have clear labels which show manufacturing date, the quantity of THC and CBD per dose, and a batch number – for quality control purposes. Choose products that have quality ingredients; no artificial additives, corn syrup, thinning fats, preservatives, or trans fats.

High-quality CBD products should be lab tested for consistency and verified as being free from pesticides, bacteria, contaminants, and mold solvent residues. These results should be available in the form of a report that can be accessed by anyone and everyone. It’s best to avoid products that are extracted with toxic solvents like hexane, propane, and BHO. Rather, choose brands that use safe extraction methods such as food-grade ethanol or supercritical CO2.

How Does CBD Help with Anxiety?

There is a huge ongoing forum called “your experiences with CBD and anxiety” on Reddit. You can check out some incredible real-life, first-hand stories of users who have had success using CBD to treat their anxiety.

One of the most well-known health benefits of CBD is its ability to treat anxiety. Various studies have been done on CBD and research suggests that it has very effective anti-anxiety properties. CBD exerts different actions in the brain which explains why it has the potential to treat anxiety. It has the ability to boost cell signalling via the serotonin receptor 5-HT1A agonist, which is important because this is a receptor that is involved in the chemical pathways of both anxiety and depression.

Not only is it effective on a therapeutic level, but it’s also a much healthier option than the various big pharma drugs that doctors typically prescribe for anxiety. Think of Prozac and Zoloft – these come with some awful side effects and are often very addictive.

CBD Reddit; top questions and answers. Here's everything that you could possibly want to know about the miraculous cannabinoid that is CBD

CBD Oil Reddit: The Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered

CBD enthusiasts are beginning to turn to the popular online community platform, Reddit, for info on CBD, the benefits of CBD, and where to buy CBD products. Users provide their personal reviews and opinions on medical topics, CBD included.

If you’re looking to Redditt for CBD oil suggestions, we recommend My Natural CBD, Wild Things CBD, and Niva CBD.

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CBD Oil Reddit: The Highlights

  • The CBD oil Reddit community provides answers and insights from people who claim to have hands-on experience.
  • Many CBD oil Reddit contributors use CBD oil products as an effective means to treat their anxiety and other conditions.
  • CBD oil Reddit users provide insights into proper dosing of CBD which can be a helpful starting point for new CBD users.
  • Some of the popular CBD-related subreddits include,, and
  • Chronic pain can be effectively controlled through the use of CBD oil and Reddit users have seen as much as a 75 percent reduction in migraines with CBD use.

CBD Oil Reddit FAQ

As society begins to turn to the internet more and more for answers to their everyday questions Reddit has made its way to being one of the top sources. And information about CBD is no different.

What Is CBD?

When it comes to a clear and understandable description of CBD oil, Reddit users contribute coherent and intelligible information on the popular website.

CBD is a cannabinoid that is found in plants and can provide significant health benefits. Cannabinoids are chemicals that occur naturally in the cannabis sativa resin, most well known as the marijuana plant.

THC is the most well-known cannabinoid, but CBD is rapidly catching up. These chemicals have the ability to impact the central nervous system, immune system, and bring a change in mood and pain as well as other significant health outcomes.

Can CBD Treat Pain?

Chronic pain affects around 20 percent of Americans adults annually, which has been linked to depression, anxiety, opioid use, reduced mobility and overall quality of life.

When it comes to chronic pain and treatment with CBD oil, Reddit contributors give advice on CBD’s pain relief benefits.

The fatty acid content of CBD oil is the main reason it is effective in treating chronic pain. Joint pain and inflammation result in pain throughout the body and when those joints are lubricated with fatty acids it can cause a decrease in inflammation and pain and provide long-lasting relief.

Full Spectrum vs. Isolate

There is much debate and many opinions over which is better, full spectrum or isolate. Both are quality products and the type used really depends on the needs and preferences of the individual.

At its foundation CBD isolate is what it sounds like; pure CBD isolated without any other ingredients added. Full spectrum CBD contains other plant compounds found in the cannabis plant, not just cannabidiol.

Full Spectrum CBD provides additional cannabinoids which aid each other in being more effective — this is called the entourage effect — than when CBD is consumed alone, as in its isolate form.

Because there is no high obtained from either they are not considered a controlled substance. Making them both convenient for everyday use.

While full-spectrum seems to be popular among people wanting maximum benefits with little effort some CBD oil Reddit users agree that Isolate is useful for creating their own CBD concoctions.

Does CBD Help With Anxiety?

Considering that anxiety disorders impact greater than 18 percent of American adults it is no surprise that there is a forum of significant size that discusses the benefits of cannabis oil and cannabis products on this condition.

CBD oil for anxiety is one of the major cannabis uses. When it comes to anxiety and CBD oil, Reddit contributors share real-life stories of their success.

A major benefit to using CBD oil for anxiety is avoiding the potential unwanted side effects of pharmaceutical treatment options. It is an effective alternative that does not have the long-term effects that some medications may create.

CBD works in the brain to bring about the relief of anxiety and depression by acting on a serotonin receptor, 5-HT1A. CBD boosts the cell signaling of this receptor making it more likely to release the needed serotonin to control anxiety.

How Much CBD Should I Use?

When dosing CBD oil, Reddit contributors discuss their preferences based on the issue being treated or the desired outcome. These doses range from vaping CBD to using CBD capsules and tinctures.

For managing anxiety, CBD oil Reddit users discuss taking 5mg capsules three times daily.

This is beneficial in getting the effects of cannabidiol throughout the day as if using an extended release method. For those not wanting to take multiple capsules a day, one user suggests placing one 20mg drop of a tincture of CBD oil extract under the tongue each morning.

For treating gastrointestinal issues users, the doses recommended range from 5-10mg of a tincture each morning to 20mg capsules in the evening.

Each person has to determine for themselves what the best dose is for their condition and needs. But, checking out CBD oil Reddit user’s experienced doses will help to find a good starting point.

Taking in CBD through edibles, tinctures, and capsules are the easiest methods to properly dose. It can be hard to determine how much CBD is being consumed with vape pens.

Differences Between CBD Oil And Hemp Oil

Realizing that there is, in fact, a difference between hemp oil and CBD oil is eye-opening. The industry can sometimes use them interchangeably, but this is not accurate. One of the foundational differences in the two is where the oil comes from.

In the hemp/marijuana industry there are two primary plants; industrial hemp and the cannabis plant.

Hemp oil comes from the hemp plant only. This plant is a type of cannabis sativa that is commonly grown industrially for the purpose of making hemp products. The hemp plant contains almost none of the cannabinoids THC and CBD.

Cannabidiol oil is the oil extract from one of the two major cannabinoids in the marijuana plant, THC is the other cannabinoid, while hemp seed oil is the extract from the seed of the cannabis sativa hemp plant itself.

Hemp extract within hemp products has its own benefits. Hemp seeds do not contain THC, making the product safe for drug tests.

Though there are times where there may be trace amounts left due to the plant matter from the industrial hemp plant possibly adhering to the seeds. However, these levels of THC are quite low.

Can CBD Boost Your Productivity?

Many CBD enthusiasts will use the product to boost their productivity and give them more energy. A popular method of consuming CBD for this purpose is through a CBD vape pen with CBD vape juice.

This is an excellent way to get pure CBD without the additives from capsules such as vegetable glycerin, alcohol, or polypropylene glycol.

Many users on the CBD oil Reddit community state they are more productive after implementing CBD into their healthcare routine. One reason this takes place is due to a reduction in anxiety from CBD.

When anxiety and depression are running high it can be debilitating and cause a lack of desire to get one the things that need to be done. CBD has also been shown to improve sleep quality and the ability to focus.

It is no secret that a rested person is a more productive person.

Is CBD Better Than Anxiety Drugs?

The rate of anxiety in the United States is rather high and continuing to trend upward. With this growth in anxiety disorders, the pharmaceutical industry is adding more anxiety drugs each year.

While it may be necessary to take a pharmaceutical to treat anxiety disorders many sufferers have seen improvement with the use of CBD oil.

A 2017 study by Brightfield Group, the largest CBD usage study, surveyed 2400 members of their community regarding anxiety and pharmaceuticals and found impressive results. Of those surveyed, 42 percent gave up their pharmaceuticals and switched to CBD only as a means for their treatment.

Another reason CBD may be better than pharmaceuticals is the side effects. CBD is often used to treat insomnia, nausea, pain, appetite loss, and headaches.

Ironically, these are common side effects of many anxiety medications.

CBD Oil Reddit Community: The Final Word

While the information on hemp, CBD, and other alternatives to medication can be found through a simple internet search, the CBD oil Reddit community is a trusted and unbiased means to obtain answers from CBD users.

The community is a quick approach to getting answers without weeding through sales pitches and untested opinions. But Reddit isn’t the only place to get recommendations. We recommend trying the following CBD brands.

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CBD enthusiasts are beginning to turn to the popular online community platform, Reddit, for info on CBD, the benefits of CBD, and where to buy CBD products.