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OG Kush CBD (Dinafem) feminized

Dinafem presents an ever-popular classic, the famed OG Kush, now in a no-less spectacular CBD rich version with their OG Kush CBD to the delight of medicinal cannabis users everywhere. Like her famed parent, OG Kush CBD impresses with good yields, outstanding flavour and her legendary reliability that makes growing this strain as delightful as smoking her.

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Dinafem – OG Kush CBD: Classic legend now in a CBD version

There are not many cannabis enthusiasts who don’t know about the legendary OG Kush. No surprise there, this is a strain where growers (and smokers!) simply can’t go wrong. Unparalleled taste, her stability and good yields are just one of the highlights which made OG Kush so popular.

With OG Kush CBD, Dinafem is bringing together the recreational and therapeutic benefits of the OG making for an outstanding medicinal cannabis strain. This easy-growing strain grows into a gorgeous slender plant with broad leaves and an optimal distance between her nodes. OG Kush CBD can grow indoors or outdoors easily and she doesn’t demand any special growing experience to do so. Indoors, she will flower in a reasonable 55-60 days where she rewards with good yields of up 550g/m². Outdoors, in optimal conditions she can yield as much as 1100g per plant. This 60% Sativa can reach a height of up to 3m outdoors but should still keep things manageable when you grow her indoors.

Not just OG lovers will be pleased by the strain’s intense flavour that combines notes of lemon, spicy herbs and wood with some Diesel notes. OG Kush CBD measures 10% THC and 10% CBD which makes for a well-balanced smoke experience that is both cerebral and physical. She gives a nice euphoria and very deep relaxation when you smoke her. Being a CBD rich plant, OG Kush CBD has some good medicinal potential for the treatment of various conditions like muscle tension, pains, anxiety or sleeping disorders.

Dinafem’s OG Kush CBD brings us all the goodness of the legendary OG Kush in a variety that’s ideal for those who like potent medicine but with a more-gentle effect. She’s an all-around great plant to grow not just for medicinal users!

Dinafem’s OG Kush CBD brings us what we love from the legendary OG in a CBD variety that won’t just please medicinal users.