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What to look for in CBD reviews

This article is brought to you by CBD Lion, making consistent CBD products in a variety of flavors and formats for consumers to enjoy.

When it comes to selection, CBD Lion has a wide range of options for consumers to choose from. The quality of their products is evidenced by hundreds of reviews, left by CBD consumers who had something to say about the products they tried.

Reviews are an informative way to learn about CBD products, and the reviews of CBD Lion products provide potential consumers with a multitude of information so they can feel good about purchasing one of their nearly 80 different products. From vape pens, to shatter to CBD gummies, CBD Lion’s product lines were created to help people experience the impact of one of today’s most infamous cannabinoids.

Here are some ways consumers can learn about a product through reviews:

1) Using CBD as an alternative

There are many products that we consume to support our bodies and their individual characteristics. Pulling insights about how CBD products stack up is a smart way to learn about how others perceive their quality.

While you should always keep in mind that your body is unique in its own characteristics, it might be helpful to see if anyone else has tried to tackle the same problems using a CBD product. Here, one user tried the CBD Lion tincture.

“We see a diverse set of people from cancer patients to construction workers, all the way up to very elderly people back down to very young children. I think that’s one of the really cool things about our products,” says Katie of CBD Lion. “We cover a very wide range of consumers and we do a very good job with including childproof packaging and dosage control, because we know that they need to know what products are best for them very quickly. We try to make a product that everybody can use, that is easy to use, and easy to understand.”

2) When others are using their CBD products

The wide range of CBD Lion products can be used in a variety of scenarios. Many people take tinctures as part of their daily routine or after strenuous activity. If you’re someone interested in using CBD daily, reviews that include the times of day that others take CBD can be very helpful.

In addition to taking CBD at the right time for your schedule, CBD buyers should investigate the different ways that they can weave CBD products into their lifestyle. For instance, this CBD Lion customer tried a CBD lotion, and definitely had something to say about how it changed their day-to-day.

CBD Lion makes consistent products so that their consumers can get reliable results with every use.

“Some brands only test their isolate, or one batch per product line, but we do things differently to make sure that we are providing customers with safe and consistent products,” says Katie. “We want to remain transparent and honest about this with anyone who interacts with a CBD Lion product.”

3) Impact testimonies

The best way to use reviews for information is to look for testimonies about the impact of CBD in people’s lives. If you’re on the fence about incorporating CBD into your lifestyle, nothing is quite as informational as hearing from someone who’s life has been changed by their own use and exploration of cannabidiol.

A CBD brand with rave reviews

When shopping for CBD, the most important thing to do is to stay smart. Always talk to a doctor if you are considering making a habit of using CBD, and make sure that you are only purchasing products that are tested and safe. If you’re considering CBD Lion products, they provide consumer education to make it a true learning experience – like this chart, which helps people understand the ins and outs consumption.

(Courtesy of CBD Lion)

As Katie puts it, “we love for CBD consumers to learn, but our reviews are a resource in themselves for new customers to understand the true power of CBD. By staying informed, using products consistently, and finding trusted brands, I think we’ll see a lot more people using CBD the right way.”

CBD Lion has a host of rave reviews that give new customers insight on the quality and reliability of their CBD products.

High-Quality CBD

The self-regulation found at CBD LION is rare in the industry. Not all CBD is created equal, and only the best make it into our product after it passes an array of full panel testing. Our products are formulated by our co-founders, who have extensive experience working for one of the biggest companies in medical and recreational cannabis. We manufacture in an ISO 7 certified lab, so you have a product free of contaminants. Each batch of product is tested again to provide the transparency that our product is pure and the advertised potency. You can view the test results on our site or scan the QR code that is on all of our packaging.

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Featured reviews

Fast Shipping, Superior Customer Service

A lot of top companies in addition to outsourcing their product, they outsource their fulfillment. Here at CBD LION, we knew the only way to deliver the consistent customer experience you need is to do all of our shipping in-house. That means we can extend our same day shipping window to 3 pm CST and handle any problems that arise almost instantly. Shipping is free on all orders with a low rate of $4.99 for expedited priority shipping.

An Experience You Can Enjoy

What’s rare in the CBD space is to find a product that is enjoyable and effective. Most companies sacrifice one for the other. With our proprietary formulations and deep understanding of the cannabis plant, we can offer a product that works, and you enjoy taking. CBD LION products have won numerous awards and have garnered hundreds of five-star reviews from happy customers. Our CBD Vape products and flavored tinctures use the power of terpenes to create a synergistic experience called the entourage effect.

CBD Anyway You Like

There are many ways to consume CBD, and we have something for everyone. For those who like simplicity and effectiveness, our gummies and tinctures are the perfect product. Our topical line allows you to target specific spots on your body and is potent to maximize results. For those who like the fast onset of vape products, our line features award-winning terpene profiles in disposable pens, carts, and shatter.

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