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CBD cannabis infusions, definition and instructions for use

Since 2018, the European market has found itself inundated with cannabidiol products, better known as CBD. More recently, these are the CBD cannabis infusions, sometimes simply sold under the namehemp infusions, which attract attention. If the soothing effects of CBD are no longer in doubt, what really contains hemp tea, what are its effects and how to use it? The team of Weedy, expert in legal cannabis products, answers your questions.

What is a hemp tea?

Le tea and herbal teas are infusions. Common in our daily lives, we no longer question its consumption for a long time. It must be said that this is a process that dates back to the dawn of time and simply consists of extract the active ingredients or aromas from a plant by dissolving it in a liquid, usually boiling water.

Literally, therefore, a hemp tea is nothing more than the leaves of hemp, fresh or previously dried, placed in hot water to make a herbal tea. Yet most of the products sold as ” hemp infusions Or “CBD cannabis infusion” have more components than light cannabis. Generally, we therefore find a considerable proportion of hemp (20 to 25%), mixed with other plants (chamomile, verbena, lime), fruits (date, apple, peach) and even vegetables (fennel, carrot).

Is it better to brew pure cannabis or a mixture?

Infused alone, hemp is bitter and does not benefit from the complementary properties of other plants

It may seem logical to think that, since we consume CBD for our soothing effects, or pure cannabis infusion is more powerful and therefore more efficient. The truth is, as is often the case, counter-intuitive since it is not necessarily the case. The first advantage of the mixture of plant species is in fact to allow strengthen and complement the natural effects of light cannabis. We will come back to that in a moment.

Many plants have the ability to act on the human organism, cannabis is far from the only one. If the desired goal is for example to relax, traditional herbal teas such linden or chamomile have very interesting properties. Sometimes similar to those of CBD, they are not the same and can intervene at different levels on the body. Rather than focusing on just one aspect of relaxation, associating different plants with each other allows to benefit from complementary effects… And therefore to optimize the result.

Second advantage, and not the least, hemp alone has a relatively bitter taste, sometimes appreciated for its nutty notes, but often feared because of its earthy and powerful aromas. By infusing it just the right time and by combining it with sweeter and fruity flavors, it becomes much more pleasant to drink.

mixtures for infusions of hemp and other plants are therefore ideal.

What are the effects of a CBD cannabis infusion?

The effects of a CBD cannabis infusion are quite simply those of cannabidiol. Most consumers therefore generally seek to relax in times of stress, relieve persistent pain or relax in order to fight against insomnia.

It is therefore important to ensure the quality of the plant that you are about to consume as a CBD infusion. Herbal teas are much more natural and healthier than other ways of taking, starting with smoke. However, if the regulations around cannabis are part of such a vague legal framework, it is for the less appreciated properties of marijuana, the preferred name for illegal plants. The main responsible? The THC, considered a narcotic in France as in the rest of Europe.

In order to enjoy the effects of your CBD infusion with complete peace of mind, you must therefore ensure that there is no THC, which is the case with all legal products. This will ensure that your CBD infusion will not have a high or addictive effect. The hemp cultivation should also ideally respect the rules of organic farming and therefore be free of other undesirable compounds such as pesticides and heavy metals.

How to consume light cannabis tea?

Pour simmering water over your cannabis light infusion, wait 10 minutes, it’s ready!

Le light cannabis tea is prepared like any other herbal tea. The easiest way is therefore to deposit one to two teaspoons of your mixture in a tea ball, place it in a cup, then pour simmering water. After 8 to 10 minutes, your CBD infusion is ready!

CBD is a molecule soluble (soluble in fat). However, she does not like water very much, which does not allow its good assimilation by the body. For’optimize the effects of a light cannabis infusion, it is therefore strongly recommended to add fat, like milk (preferably whole) or cream. Sugar could also aid assimilation so, if you prefer to avoid dairy products, honey is also an option, as is coconut milk!

How to properly store your CBD cannabis infusion mix?

An airtight container is ideal for storing a CBD infusion mix

Like any other infusion mix, hemp herbal tea can quickly lose color, taste, and effects if left in the open. Ideally, therefore, place your CBD infusion in an airtight container, which you close carefully after each use. It is then advisable to place it away from light and excessive heat. A dark and cool cupboard is therefore ideal, especially if it is high. You can then enjoy the soothing effects of your cannabis light tea for a long time, while keeping the mixture safe from children, pets, or anyone who should not be able to access it freely.

What does hemp tea contain, what are its effects and how to use it? Our answers to relaxing legally thanks to the calming effects of CBD.

Hemp flowers – CBD infusions – 50grs






Contains Cannabinoids (CBD), resins, fats, waxes, fatty acids, proteins, choline and essential oils among other active ingredients.

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Store in a cool, dry place and out of reach of light.

This product is NOT a medicine and is not intended to diagnose or cure any disease.

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