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Easy Step-by-Step CBD Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

February 26, 2019

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By: Chef Dale Ascough

Ok, so I’m a chef, right? If I were your stereotypical foodie one could assume I drink my body weight in coffee every day. Well, I hate stereotypes but am completely guilty as charged on this one!

There was once a point in time when I was drinking 6-8 cups of coffee a day. And that was with a lot of sugary and flavored creamers. You can only guess how that worked out long term. Not good.

It was time for a change, but there was no chance of me giving up my relationship with coffee. We go back way too far, and have shared so many fond memories — some relaxing, others energizing.

But what could I do?

For one, I spent some time with black coffee and grew to appreciate it. It is amazing how much of a coffee snob I became. Coffee had to be fresh and yes, I could tell the difference in beans. Light, dark, medium roasts — that’s not just fluff.

There really is a difference!

But still, something was missing. I was craving that rich and satisfying mouth feel that was missing in black coffee. I needed to fill the void that all my rich creamers left behind.

Enter my keto exploration, and the discovery of paleo bulletproof coffee! (Cue angels singing and rays of light shining from around my cup).

Seriously, this is a great cup.

The coffee comes through, and the healthy fats give a mouth feel that is simply amazing. CBD oil not only pairs well with the coffee and the fats, but it imparts a relaxation and enjoyment that is hard to match.

While I don’t drink coffee nearly as much as I used to, I enjoy this CBD-infused cup of coffee every single time I have it!

This CBD bulletproof coffee recipe will kick your morning off on the right foot. Chef Dale Ascough walks us through the ingredients and preparation.