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Does CBD oil help with brain fog?

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What is Brain Fog?

A particularly distressing symptom, “brain fog”, as the name suggests, is described by patients as an inability to think clearly: “like thinking through cotton wool”; “can’t remember a thing”; or “woolly-headed”. Such feelings of disorientation and confusion can be enormously disabling: sufferers not only find that it affects their ability to complete everyday tasks, but it can also cause enormous mental distress: nobody likes to feel that they are “losing it”! The causes of brain fog are numerous and in some cases complex. This means that there is no “one size fits all” remedy. That said, scientific studies and a wealth of anecdotal evidence supports the view that, for some individuals, CBD oil can provide a degree of relief from brain fog.

Brain fog is a general umbrella term for what is actually a collection of different symptoms. Although brain fog can be a convenient, shorthand term to describe a general feeling of mental unwellness, different people may experience it in a different way. In addition, the symptoms of brain fog can vary over time. For example, one person may feel that their brain fog prompts less anxiety, but that their ability to concentrate has reduced over time. Another may feel that their brain fog is increasing their levels of frustration and irritation, but that their memory is improving. Let’s take a look at the various symptoms that can form part of brain fog and how CBD may be able to affect each one of them.

How does CBD oil work?

CBD oil is a derivative of the cannabis plant that’s rich in chemical compounds called cannabinoids. For clarification, it contains only trace amounts of THC – the chemical compound which causes cannabis users to get high. CBD oil targets the endocannabinoid system in the body, bonding with the chemical receptors which control functions such as: appetite; sensations of pain; concentration; memory; cognition; mood; and awareness of time. Some individuals find that the action of CBD results in an improvement in one or more of the factors that contribute to brain fog.

What is the medical evidence that CBD oil helps brain fog?

There are numerous factors which can contribute to brain fog: anything from fatigue through to pain, depression, anxiety or stress may result in brain fog. CBD may help with some of the factors which contribute to brain fog, thereby reducing its severity. Studies show that CBD oil can relieve anxiety symptoms in some sufferers. There has also been clinical research conducted which suggests that CBD oil may help to relieve pain and reduce insomnia. If anxiety, insomnia or pain are contributing factors to an individual’s brain fog state, CBD oil could provide some relief.

Poor memory

Divided into short term and long term, memory is a vital part of informed consciousness. Many sufferers of brain fog report that it is their short term memory which is affected, rather than more deeply rooted memories. This means that they are usually able to remember things such as the names of their children, childhood memories and how to perform repetitive activities. Short term memory failure involves being unable to recall information from a few minutes to a few hours ago. A trivial, but common, example is when an individual goes upstairs for something, but can’t remember what it is they’ve come up for once they get there. At times, people with brain fog may forget what they were saying mid-sentence, as well as forget important information such as train times, appointments or items of personal clothing. They may also frequently misplace keys, purses, wallets, mobile phones and similar small items.

Can CBD help memory?

Although study sizes are relatively small at this time, there is a growing body of evidence that suggests CBD can help to maintain and even improve memory function. Unlike cannabis (which has been shown to have an adverse effect on the memory), CBD promotes the growth of nervous tissue, potentially helping to repair damaged nerves which lead to memory loss. Some research also suggests that CBD can help to dull painful memories, although the mechanism for this is not fully understood. In general, there is compelling evidence that CBD doesn’t cause harm to memory and may actively promote it.

A key component of brain fog is anxiety. Intrusive thoughts, a sense of being overwhelmed and difficulty working out how to complete a variety of mental tasks are key symptoms of both brain fog and anxiety. Even if the two are caused for separate reasons, the symptoms blend into each other, causing enormous distress to the sufferer. Many individuals end up anxious because of the effects which brain fog is having on their life. Concerned that they are unable to complete the tasks they used to be able to (or even frightened that they are going mad), brain fog sufferers can feel enormous levels of anxiety, which in turn makes the brain fog symptoms worse.

Can CBD oil help anxiety?

Encouragingly, there is a significant amount of research which shows that people with anxiety almost always notice a significant improvement in their symptoms once they start taking CBD. Not only can it reduce the mental distress associated with anxiety, CBD is also found to improve the physical symptoms which the condition can cause. Various studies have noted that CBD appears to aid restful sleep and promote relaxation. This means that it has the potential to really make a difference to brain fog sufferers for whom anxiety is a significant problem.

Lack of concentration

An inability to focus is one of the most irritating brain fog symptoms: many sufferers speak of their frustration in “not being able to get down to things”, putting off tasks, not being able to get started on a task, losing track whilst completing a task, getting diverted from what they were meant to be doing and similar scenarios. This can have a devastating impact on work performance, as well as affect household routine and the completion of basic tasks. The frustration which otherwise able people feel when brain fog prevents them from completing even the simplest tasks is enormous. Some people find that their lack of concentration gets so bad that they have to give up work! In these circumstances, it’s comforting to know that research indicates CBD can have a beneficial effect on the ability to concentrate.

Does CBD Help brain fog – can it improve focus and concentration?

Intriguingly, lack of focus is a key symptom of anxiety. Some professionals suggest that the inability to concentrate which many brain fog sufferers describe could actually be down to high levels of anxiety. CBD has been shown to improve serotonin uptake in the brain, (working in a similar way to SSRI anti-depressants). It is also believed to affect brain physiology in a number of other ways, further reducing anxiety levels. Because CBD has reduced anxiety levels in many people, it’s highly likely that the reduction in anxiety which many users experience will result in improved focus and drive.

It has been shown that CBD and the brain interact together in a complex, multi-faceted manner. Addressing both mental and physical ill-health, CBD can be particularly effective in treating low energy, as it targets both physical and mental causes. As well as targeting the brain, reducing anxiety and making it easier for sufferers to believe they are strong enough to get up and do what they want to do, CBD also reduces pain in sore muscles and joints. It may also relieve nerve pain. Because many people with brain fog also experience listlessness, joint pain and lack of motivation, CBD is a good option because it also works on the physical causes of suffering, helping to reduce pain and provide users with some additional “get up and go.”

Is CBD oil right for you?

Generally, CBD oil is well-tolerated and, even if not beneficial in the relief of brain fog, is unlikely to make the condition worse. Make sure to pick a reputable supplier for your CBD oil and check its provenance: the higher the quality of the oil, the more likely it is to deliver the therapeutic effects you’re looking for. CBD oil isn’t a miracle cure, but there is certainly scientific evidence out there that suggests, for some people, it could provide a measure of relief from the symptoms of brain fog.

If you have any questions about CBD or require any further information about CBD and its benefits, we are always delighted to give you the information you need.

Does CBD help brain fog? Do you struggle with brain fog or lack clarity? Well CBD could help you. Find out how in this blog post.

Cbd brain fog

Cannabis use has a reputation for causing forgetfulness. Popular movies portray stoners as unable to form sentences because they are too high. But the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Brain fog may be caused by a variety of issues including lifestyle, medication and disease. Common lifestyle causes of memory loss are stress, anxiety and depression.

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is the chemical in cannabis that provides a balanced, relaxing effect on the body and has been shown to improve memory health. Adding CBD to a holistic approach that addresses many of the common lifestyle causes of brain fog can help to improve memory functions and get you back to feeling normal again.

Why can’t I remember?

We’ve all been there. Forgotten keys or items from a grocery store. Struggling to remember the right word to use in a sentence. Whether someone says that something has “slipped their mind,” they had a “brain fart” or a “senior moment,” they all describe the same thing: temporary memory loss.

While it can be startling or embarrassing in the moment, memory loss is a common occurrence that happens with age. There are multiple causes of memory loss that may be attributed to the use of medications or an underlying disease. Most commonly, lifestyle conditions, such as emotional disorders, contribute to less than optimal brain capacity. Stress, anxiety and depression can cause memory loss and is quite common. 72% of people who experience daily stress and anxiety say that it moderately affects their lives ( Anxiety and Depression Association of America ).

Stress causes the body to go into fight or flight instinct. While this temporarily causes mental alertness, it impairs the long-term memory function . Prolonged exposure to stress can wreak havoc on the body and mind not only causing physical symptoms like anxiety and depression, it can also lead to cardiovascular disease, obesity, skin and gastrointestinal problems.

Cannabis Affects Memory

Memory and learning are associated with the hippocampus part of the brain, a small area tucked into the temporal lobe. The hippocampus stores two types of memories : the declarative memories (facts and events) and spatial relationship memories (paths, streets and locations).

According to a study conducted by the National Institute of Health , prolonged use of tetrahydrocannabinols, or THC, has been shown to shrink the size of the hippocampus thus impairing memory. The study also showed that CBD was not only beneficial in increasing memory function, it also had restorative effects for THC users.

CBD not only enhances memory support, it’s also known as a potent pain reliever and is used to treat epilepsy, cancer and diabetes with very few risks or side effects.

CBD and THC Products that can Improve Memory

Cannabis products that contain high levels of CBD are available in many different forms to support your lifestyle. Some products that both contain high levels of CBD as well as other natural extracts that improve working memory are:

For a high dose of CBD without the psychoactive effects of THC, Papa & Barkley delivers an all-natural CBD tincture with a convenient dropper for easy dosing. Support your memory function by adding CBD into your daily food and beverage.

Consider a vape pen for convenient and easy dosing. Select CBD Focus contains C BD only, so there are no psychoactive effects and the spearmint oil which has been shown to stimulate and focus the mind. This CBD product can easily fit into your pocket and can be taken at any time during the day for that little memory boost.

For those who are able to combine the benefits of THC with CBD, the following products can give your brain the boost it needs through out the day:

When you’re looking for easy dosing edibles to support your memory, KIVA brings together the equal ratio of THC and CBD in a delicious semisweet chocolate bar that feels like a decadent treat. Mixed with espresso, this chocolate offers you the memory support of CBD and the stimulating effects of chocolate and espresso for a double punch that will keep you awake, alert and ready to work.

For those moments when timing is everything, this one to one ratio of THC to CBD in delayed release capsules is the perfect way to insure that you get the stimulating effects of THC with the memory boosting support of CBD when you need it. Perfectly portioned into easy to use capsules, CBD Alive can be taken hours before you need the memory boost.

Easy Lifestyle Changes that Support Memory Function

There is no single cure to improve memory functions. In the same way that the brain supports all areas of the body from vital functions to fond childhood memories, it’s imperative to provide the body with the support it needs to perform at its best.

Get Moving

Exercise is extremely important in the support of a healthy, functioning brain. Specifically, aerobic exercise has been proven to support the hippocampus function thus improving memory. Aerobic exercises that get your heart rate up include walking, running, and dancing. Only 30 minutes most days will improve memory.

Adding CBD to an exercise regime can help with pain management associated with increased physical activity and adds memory support. Fast acting products like vape pens can expedite relief.

This ready to load cartridge is perfect for blending THC and CBD in a ratio that will leave you feeling euphoric and ready to take on what the day brings you. With twice as much CBD as THC, one dose of Care will give you the memory support you need and the energy you crave.

Self Care

Stress management and reduction is a critical step to improving memory function. One of the best things for the body is to sleep. While you can make the time to get horizontal, sleep can be elusive if the mind is spinning on work or personal issues.

Meditation is one way that can help to clear the mind and provide a pathway for sleep and stress reduction. Another is using cannabis to help relax and fall asleep. Indica and indica-dominant hybrid strains can provide that relaxing effect on the body making it easier to get to sleep. Try an indica dominant strain with added CBD to improve your memory as you sleep.

This edible product is perfect for those that need to focus on pain reduction and stress reduction for sleep. With the indica dominant strain of THC combined with CBD, these deliciously chewy chocolate caramels are the perfect night time treat to lull you to sleep while helping to improve your memory function.

Natural Brain Boosting Nutrition

Having a diet that supplies the body with balanced nutrients is critical to memory support. Brain boosting nutrients can be found in whole foods or supplements.

Brain Food

Memory enhancing foods include dark leafy vegetables, especially those like broccoli or cabbag e, dark berries and cherries, walnuts and foods containing Omega-3, like salmon, tuna and sardines.

Caffeine is already recognized as an energizing drink that improves cognitive function. The health benefits of CBD have become so popular that it’s now appearing in caffeinated drinks like CBD infused matcha lattes providing both memory support combined with powerful antioxidants. To mix your own CBD drink at home, consider a CBD infused tincture.

This tincture is derived from a Colorado farm that uses 100% organic practices. Receptra Prime delivers 20 mg CB D per serving in the natural hemp oil to support memory function. The natural flavor allows you to customize your palate.

Herbs and Supplements

When your diet needs an added boost, herbs and supplements can help. Common herbs in Eastern medicine that have shown to improve brain functions are ginseng, rosemary and ginkgo biloba.

Omega-3 , most commonly found in fish, plants and nut oils, has major brain boosting power and can be a challenge to consume. Ma ny people have turned to the convenience of capsules to add omega-3 supplements to their diet. Adding CBD to support memory function can also be done with capsules.

This CBD hemp oil is perfect for those who are looking for a natural, convenient daily dose of CBD without the THC. The perfectly portioned oils serve up 15 mg of CBD and 375 mg of hemp oil. There are 60 capsules to the bottle and this CBD product may be shipped nationwide.

While memory loss can be quite common, it can be frustrating when it’s happening. Taking small steps to protect memory health are important to long term cognitive functionality. CBD combined with lifestyle changes aimed at reducing stress and increasing nutrition will help to lift the brain fog and focus your attention on what matters most.

Ask a cannabis doctor about ways you can help enhance your memory utilizing CBD & Cannabis today!

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Cannabis use has a reputation for causing forgetfulness, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Learn how to improve your memory with cannabis & CBD.