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I had come to you seeking relief from lower back pain due to a herniated disk. Sitting or standing for any length of time resulted in severe back pain and muscle spasms. I have tried many different forms of relief; massage, chiropractors, physical therapy, and over the counter medications such as Ibuprofen and Naproxen, both which gave me an upset stomach after standard doses. It should be noted that my back pain also led to insomnia where it was difficult to fall asleep and to stay asleep.

In December 2017 after I first visited you, I began using medical marijuana. I tried several different tinctures and oils, but the 10mg edible THC capsules work the best for me. I take the capsule around 6 – 7 pm. I do not feel any side effects. These pills stop the spasms in my lower back and I can fall asleep and stay asleep.

The best part is I can now go dancing with my wife and it doesn’t hurt as much.

Thank You Dr. Stein.

I want to share my Cannabis experience with you because it has exceeded my expectations. I’ve had problems with my ankle from old sports injuries. This resulted in neurological damage to my ankle which was painful. To make matters worse, I then suffered two herniated discs in my back which was extremely painful and resulted in surgery to fuse them.

I did not want to take opioid based medicine and came to you for help. After trying several different Cannabis medications I found what works for me. I use 5mg of THC oil and 5 mg of CBD oil taken together and I have no need for anything else.

Thank you for your help. I’m truly a believer and a huge advocate for medical Cannabis.

I just wanted to tell you about my experience with medical marijuana as a result of your recommendation in conjunction with my current doctor. I’m a Vietnam era vet who has numerous diseases, PTSD and pain. I wanted to get off opioids and my Doctor suggested I see you. I had never used marijuana in my life but through experimentation I found what works for me and no longer need opioid based medicines.

I use a tincture during the morning and again later in the day. If I need a little boost to help with pain, I use my vape pen in between the tincture doses. It has been over a month and I haven’t taken any opioids and do not plan to take them again.

Thank You for helping me get my life back.

I was in a serious skydiving accident and almost died. I have PTSD, and chronic pain as a result of my accident. Medical Marijuana has given me an outlet to deal with the PTSD, pain and resulting insomnia. My family life has improved tremendously. I’m more productive when I’m not stressed and in pain, and my life is a lot calmer now.

Such peace of mind!! Friendly, professional and even with my many, many medical conditions—- it’s amazing how much better I feel. So thankful!

When I first came to you I was a mess and now I could be a poster child for the benefits of medical marijuana.

I stopped taking lorazepam and lost 15 lbs since I don’t get emotional and overeat.
I had no idea it was going to help me this much.

I want you to know that the medical marijuana you recommended has been a tremendous help to me. I went into this as a skeptic and I am now a true believer. I started my medical marijuana June 24, 2018.

I am currently off the following: Tramadol, Morphine, Trazodone

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Amazing Cannabis Oil Testimonials

11 Jun Amazing Cannabis Oil Testimonials

Amazing Cannabis Oil Testimonials

The countless advantages of Cannabis Oil as Told through customers

Cannabis oil could be the subject of the very most current medical buzz aroundanti-cancer treatments, epilepsy and anxiety.

No scientific despite the many cannabis oil testimonials available online scientific studies are available yet to guide the claims that are anti-cancer.

Testimonials are typically published by honest individuals who genuinely believe that cannabis oil aided them, however it is a good idea to maintain some doubt before the medical community pops up with solid proof.

Having said that, there clearly was clinical help for a number of other ways that medicinal marijuana has aided individuals – means that additionally conserve everyday lives. THC (the psychoactive substance in cannabis) has revealed great vow and leads to treating…

Nausea (also chemotherapy-induced sickness and cachexia)

Tens and thousands of individuals have provided their amazing tales on exactly how cannabis oil improved their well being.

The Tale of Little Charlotte

Young Charlotte Figi provides perhaps one of the most famous demonstrations of exactly how cannabis could possibly improve a person’s quality of life.

Charlotte endured Dravet Syndrome, which caused her to have over 300 seizures per week. This caused her in order to become delayed and catatonic her message, walking and development that is general.

She received medications that are typical but, as with numerous instances, they might perhaps not fight her severe symptoms enough to change lives. Her moms and dads tried every thing before they finally discovered the anti that are potential good thing about cannabis.

They offered their child cannabis oil, along with her seizure regularity dropped very nearly instantly.

Charlotte regained some normalcy inside her life and surely could enjoy tasks of a normal five-year-old again.

The strain of cannabis she used was named Charlotte’s Web in her honor and this stress is usually used to greatly help kids with Dravet Syndrome and epileptic seizures.

Anxiety can be quite a debilitating problem that ruins life and decreases the power to work in everyday circumstances.

On a website dedicated in helping individuals flake out and revel in life more through the usage of cannabis, numerous customers have provided heartwarming cannabis oil testimonials about their anxiety relief:

“The 24 months I happened to be medicated on my 1:1 Mango Haze oil, i did son’t have one(!) panic attack!”

“…it simply relaxed me without making my head spin.”

Among the reviewers additionally mentions exactly how cannabis that are much him with general aches that are chronic

“Pain simply melts away the body aches, arthritis, and also you get up after the journey feeling fresh.”

Cannabis might have an effect that is different everybody. It does not benefit everybody else, and there are lots of side that is potential. Nonetheless, these cannabis oil testimonials show there is a lot of possible effective this item may do, and several are anxiously awaiting brand new research in the aftereffects of cannabinoids on more serious conditions like cancer tumors.

The storyline of Stephanie LaRue

Although her story is controversial, when cannabis that are sharing testimonials, it really is worth mentioningStephanie LaRue.

Stephanie was identified as having breast cancer tumors when she had been just three decades old. She underwent chemotherapy but has also been trying to find alternate remedies.

She used and discovered Rick Simpson cannabis oil.

Following this, her cancer tumors went into remission, and this woman is a cancer tumors survivor for over nine years now.

There’s absolutely no clinical proof that cannabis/hemp/Rick Simpson oil remedies cancer tumors in people (there clearly was some proof for mice), but Stephanie herself Believes that she was saved by the oil life.

How do CBD and THC Help You?

Testimonials reveal exactly just how people that are many benefited from and put their hopes in cannabis natural oils – and CBD oil is specific, because it’s appropriate in most states and will be offering lots of advantages with few negative effects.

CBD hails from the hemp plant and soothes the sensory faculties. You will findnumerous safe CBD supplementsto choose from, so we will allow you to select the right one.

THC can provide stronger leisure but in addition is sold with appropriate issues, more negative effects and effects that are psychoactive often are very unpleasant.

As a whole, thousands worldwide are utilising both substances to battle everyday symptoms and boost their lifestyle.

Inform us, what’s cannabis oil to your experience? We’re wanting to read your unique tale within the reviews below!

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