cannabis infused coffee

How to make coffee with cannabis

How to make a cannabis coffee

For some people, this is the most enjoyable way to start or end the day, combining two products they love: coffee and cannabis; the science concludes that coffee consumption increases the desire to consume cannabis. We discuss how to prepare this combination and its effects, among other things.

A few days ago, I met a friend on the street. He barely noticed I was there. He was painting one of his paintings, but with particular dedication. I didn’t want to disturb him, but I was curious to know what he was painting. The first thing he said to me was when I approached him: God bless coffee with cannabis!

Cannabis coffee? I didn’t understand anything. He and I share our passion for cannabis, so the first thing I thought was that it was a new product he bought. Finally, he told me that he had tasted cannabis coffee for breakfast and that he felt really inspired.

Then I understood everything. Some time ago, a common friend told us about the benefits of having breakfast or finishing the day with a cannabis coffee. I had tried to take cannabis herbal teas (How to Make Marijuana Infusion), but it wasn’t the same thing.

The fact is that between the two of them, I was curious to investigate cannabis coffee and its effects, as well as the methods of preparation according to what I was looking for at the time with marijuana, and I want to use this post to explain it to you as well. Do you want to? Come on, let’s go!

🎯 Preparation

Tell me, when do you usually have coffee? in the morning? in the afternoon? at night? Probably, if you like it very much, you will drink it several times a day and almost certainly there will also be a specific goal for each of these cups, even if you don’t know it consciously.

I explain myself. Usually, when we drink coffee in the morning, it’s usually to cool our minds, as well as after lunch, when you’re knocked out or in the middle of the morning, when you’re hungry or feel that if you don’t drink it, you won’t be able to continue your chores.

Something similar happens with cannabis. If we smoke it in the morning, or at least if we do it during the week, we always try to use one that activates us, a sativa. If we also carry out artistic works, as was the case with my friend, we will also seek to achieve this effect.

If you’ve ever read the stories of Sherlock Holmes, you’ve probably heard this sentence:”There’s nothing like a cup of coffee to stimulate brain cells,” but you know as well as I do that there’s something else. Isn’t that correct? 😉

Am I wrong or am I on the right track? Well, I’ll keep going. If we smoke at night, we usually use an indica, which helps us to relax and fall asleep. Like when we were having decaffeinated coffee.

And another question: how many social cafes do you have? That is, how often do you meet for coffee? In such cases, the objective is different. Usually to have a good time. Like when you smoke cannabis with a laugh and date friends.

But since I know that you also like to drink coffee, don’t forget its flavour, because depending on the type of roasting you choose (light, medium or strong), it would also be advisable to choose one type of cannabis or another.

Par exemple, pour les cafés torréfiés légers qui sont généralement beaucoup plus acides, mais au goût plus sucré, une variété de Skunk, comme Cheese, sera excellente parce qu’elle rehaussera la saveur du café, mais contrebalancera l’acidité. Ce pourrait être une combinaison parfaite pour commencer la journée, car elle vous apporte bonheur et créativité.

However, if you opt for strong roasted coffees, there’s nothing like Blueberry, whose fruity flavor will go wonderfully well with this type of bitterness. If you also choose a variety with touches of chocolate or nuts, the result will be epic. How about a Blueberry 99 to start the day? It will bring you happiness and inspiration and make you enjoy your first cup of coffee of the day as never before.

In the case of medium roasting, it is also advisable to choose a sweet-tasting cannabis, but it all depends on how you like coffee. The fact is that combining the softness of one with the other could be excessive if you don’t manage to do it properly.

🚀 Cannabis Coffee Recipe

And now, yes, take note of the cannabis coffee recipe, because if you haven’t tried it yet, I promise you will have a hard time getting rid of it once you’ve tried it. To do this, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 3 cups of water
  • coffee
  • butter or coconut oil
  • half a gram of cannabis of your choice

Cannabis Coffee Ingredients

Once you have everything, these are the steps to follow:

Step 1. Crush the cannabis. If you wish, you can use a grinder to make things easier.

Crush the cannabis

Step 2. Once you have crushed it well, heat the 3 cups of water I indicated above and bring them to a boil. Don’t forget to add coconut oil or butter. Whatever you want.

heat the 3 cups of water

Why is that so? Because this product will absorb the cannabinoids lost in boiling marijuana. Otherwise, we would not achieve the desired effect or to a much lesser extent.

Step 3. Add the crushed cannabis to the water and leave on for 40 minutes, but stir occasionally.

Add the crushed cannabis

Spend that time, strain the mixture into a strainer. Prepare the coffee with the water obtained. Tip: To complete the mixture, you can mix it with a blender.

Strain the mixture

Ready! Now you can enjoy your hot or cold cannabis coffee. Whatever you say. However, keep in mind that with coffee like when you eat marijuana: the effect is much longer to appear, about 40 minutes or an hour or two depending on the person and the variety used, so go slowly. You better take advantage of it, don’t you?

👾 What are its effects?

I will now tell you something that may not be entirely agreeable, but until there is conclusive data, that’s all I can tell you. At this stage, coffee and marijuana, and the combination of the two, have very different effects for different people.

How? Yes. As you see fit. Just look around or see it for yourself. You can be one of those who drinks coffee at any time and sleeps like an angel or, on the contrary, you can only take one cup of coffee a day and the rest decaffeinated, because this stimulates you strongly.

It also happens with cannabis, as you know. Cannabis coffee follows the same pattern. That is why it is very important not to take it in large quantities and, above all, to wait for it to take effect and not to go forward and take more if we believe that too much time has passed and that it does not work for us, because it will.

For some, coffee with marijuana reinforces the effect of marijuana. That is, if, for example, you drink coffee to wake up and use a variety that makes you happy and inspires you, it will happen like my friend: a total inspiration.

This is something that science has not yet been able to certify, but what some studies have concluded with regard to the combination of these two products is that the higher the amount of coffee we drink, the greater the desire to consume cannabis and this will decrease if the volume of coffee is reduced.

⭐ Coffee with milk and cannabis

Since I haven’t told you yet, you may be wondering if cannabis coffee should be used as a coffee only or if other ingredients like milk can be added to make a recipe for coffee with milk and marijuana. The answer is clearly yes..

Café au lait et cannabis

However, you will have to use whole or semi-skimmed milk, because they are the ones with fat. If you don’t tolerate this feeling, you can use others, but you should add fat, such as butter. It’s not the best option, but health comes first.

The steps to follow are the same as in the recipe above, only at the end you add the milk. To soften it, there are people who add cinnamon and even honey. It’s a matter of taste. Of course, you can also use sugar, although I encourage you to eat it without anything, so that you can enjoy coffee and marijuana on the palate.

✨ Conclusion

And that’s all I had to tell you about the coffee. On the one hand, what must be taken into account when preparing the recipe itself (with and without milk) and, finally, the effects of combining the two products.

Remember that, just like when you eat it, in this case, cannabis will also take time to act, so be patient, enjoy the moment and its effect will be felt. Also, remember that each organization is different and its impact will be different. Don’t forget this, especially with the amount of cannabis you use.

Finally, I would like to know whether you think that I left something in the inkwell that you want us to discuss together or whether you have something to bring in so that we can all take it into account when making coffee with cannabis

And, of course, if you liked it, I invite you to evaluate it and share it in your social networks. Until the next post!?

Read here how to prepare a delicious ☕ cannabis coffee ☕ and enjoy the benefits of marijuana at breakfast or at the end of the day.

The Best Cannabis-Infused Coffee Products And Recipe

Never before has such a pairing of products felt so right. With the recent boom in coffee drinking, it seems only natural to venture into new ways of enjoying caffeine. What better way than with a dose of THC? The buzz of caffeine wakes you up while the high of cannabis keeps you level and going throughout the day.

It is more than likely that wherever you go today, you will come across a coffee shop. Be it an independent business or a street-dominating chain, it seems there is no end to their presence. The recent boom in coffee drinking has led to more brands and products than ever before. Many households are unable to function until that first hit of caffeine kicks in every morning. But what if there was a way to further enhance that buzz that so many of us dearly crave? The answer lies in an unexpected pairing.

Cannabis-infused coffee, also known as a “hippie speedball,” proves that there is no stopping the coffee hype train. With the practice of making coffee being simple enough, companies are now targeting a group of consumers at the intersection of coffee and cannabis. We’ll be honest, what’s not to love about the buzz of the caffeine first thing in the morning, with a slowly-rising sativa high to follow throughout the day? If you agree that these two make an iconic pairing, follow along below to see some of the brands making the leap into this new market. Then, we’ll offer you an easy cannabis-infused coffee recipe to make at home!



In strolls Brewbudz. As the name would suggest, coffee and cannabis has become their thing. What really sets them apart from any other cannabis coffee brands is their eco-friendly nature. Just by looking at the design, you can tell that sustainability is a major tenet of their products. Their coffee pods are designed to be single-use, yet fully compostable. Furthermore, the packaging itself can be composted. Using a Keurig or Keurig 2.0 brewer, you can have fresh coffee with a buzz in minutes. If coffee isn’t your thing, they also have numerous tea varieties as well as cocoa.

What really helps is the variety of doses available with Brewbudz. Their cannabis coffee comes in doses ranging from 10-50mg of THC. Of course, THC is the active cannabinoid in marijuana that gets us high, so being able to manage your dose is a huge advantage. I’m sure we can all think of days where a 10mg dose just won’t cut it!


Nothing screams quality product like a play on words. Similar to Brewbudz, the Pot-O-Coffee pods are designed for Keurig brewers. The difference here, however, is that the cannabis-infused pods come with either a blend of CBD or THC, including tea and chocolate varieties. With a whopping 100mg dose available, this can definitely help kickstart your day if you are not a morning person. The biggest downside is that Pot-O-Coffee is currently only available in California. A bigger rollout is planned, but it may be some time before we see this brand take the leap across the pond.


Priding themselves on using locally roasted, fair trade coffee beans, it will come as no surprise that this particular brand of cannabis coffee caught the eye of the judges at the High Times Cannabis Cup. Placing 1st in the Edibles category is a powerful accolade and a sure sign of a quality product. With tea bags, coffee filters, blended bottled coffee, and brew cups, they have all your cannabis-infused needs covered. Combine that with a large variety of flavours and waking up has never felt so good.


Less is more with Canyon Cultivation, an ethos they have taken at every stage. Be it their subtle product design or the low cannabinoid dose of their coffee drinks, this brand puts forth a strong statement in cannabis-infused edibles. This perspective may put users off, but if that gentle pick-me-up is what you require, then Canyon’s cold brew is the perfect product for you. Still held in high regard by High Times Cannabis Cup judges, Canyon Cultivation also includes a variety of teas very similar to the other brands listed. All around, a strong, well-presented product.


Last, but by no means least. Taking the cannabinoid cake, House of Jane offers the highest THC dosage at a staggering 200mg. There is no doubt that this brand takes the cannabis-infused coffee process seriously. Their smallest dose starts at 20mg, so you can be sure to find a dose that suits you, along with a wide variety of coffees and teas to match all tastes. House of Jane is also able to offer a number of CBD strains (something we don’t see from every manufacturer) while keeping products fat-free, sugar-free, and gluten-free.


While the above brands represent only a taste of what the cannabis coffee market has to offer, there is no doubt that homemade is often preferred. Lucky for you, we have a ready-to-go recipe on how you can combine your favourite cannabis with your favourite coffee. A very straightforward and simple process that will have you reaping the benefits of both these commodities in no time. What’s more, cannabis-infused coffees are very discreet. No aroma or cannabis aftertaste means they can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. Go on, what are you waiting for? Get brewing!

With such an iconic pairing, it is no wonder this market is booming. Find out the brands at the forefront of cannabis-infused coffee. ]]>