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“San Jose now finally has a workable system for patients-price competition, product variety, diverse supply chain from all over the state, and legal delivery.” – Sensible San Jose Coalition’s

In this article we provide a summary of the Need-to-Know issues that affect Cannabis users in Silicon Valley Central.

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  • What is the latest useful news and laws relating to pot?
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About The Silicon Capitol

With a population of over 1 million (2016) people, San Jose is the largest city in the Bay Area
and is the tenth-largest city in America.

MMJ Fartioids

  • MMJ ID Cards issued until 2015 = 137
  • Doctor’s Recommendations issued to date is approximately 1370

San Jose was founded in 1777, as San José de Guadalupe by the Spanish. At the time, there were no Taco Bell’s in town so the first settlement served to supply food to the regional military in San Francisco and Monterey. In 1850 California joined the Union and was selected as capitol of California. Until World War 2, San Jose was still pretty much a farming related community. During the 1950’s and 1960’s the area underwent massive urbanization. Now San Jose is world famous for its Hi-Tech and electronics industries, well-earning the title, capitol of Silicon Valley.

On June 17, 2014, the San José City Council approved the medical marijuana program regulating where and how medical marijuana businesses could operate in San Jose. The two components of the program are::

  • The Medical Marijuana Land Use Ordinance
  • The Medical Marijuana Regulatory Ordinance

“These ordinances, together with the City Manager Regulations for Medical Marijuana, set forth the rules for operating in San Jose. For example, the Program requires all medical marijuana establishments, including collectives, cooperatives and dispensaries (“Collectives”) to register with the City. “

Collectives and Cultivation in San Jose

As of March 2016, there are 16 collectives registered in San Jose. Collectives are allowed to cultivate marijuana off-site in San Jose, Santa Clara or a neighboring county. Collectives must adhere to California law which states MMJ business must stay 1,000 feet away from schools, day care community centers among other requirements. It’s anticipated that by May 2016, San Jose will have final changes on the books concerning dispensaries and cultivation sites.

Disclaimer: Before taking action, readers should refer to SJ County’s actual website, or the original source, to verify the ultimate accuracy of any information provided herein.


Rules For San Jose Marijuana Dispensaries Could Change With Measure C in May, 2016

City Hall’s Measure C would clamp down and impinge on the rights of dispensaries to operate, forcing dispensaries to register in the city on a continual basis and decrease their space restrictions from certain places.

  • “Passing Measure C would be a tragic step backwards and would stunt efforts for statewide regulation.” – Sensible San Jose Coalition’s chairman – James Anthony
  • “We won that battle, Measure C has been wildly successful already. It gave us the political power and leverage to get City Hall to cooperate. I think that when you win, then you move on to the next battle.” – James Anthony (in a complete reversal of previous policy)
  • “San Jose now finally has a workable system for patients–price competition, product variety, diverse supply chain from all over the state, and legal delivery.” – Sensible San Jose Coalition’s
  • “Measure C has served its purpose by giving patients political power and leverage over the City Council. We even have ex-Mayor Chuck Reed standing with dispensary operators on 4/20 supporting safe access!” – Sensible San Jose Coalition’s

The Green Mayor, Sam Liccardo appears to be a friend of Marijuana but there is little doubt that he’s a hybrid politician too; meaning that some of his moves are apparently compromised and don’t necessarily make perfect sense to most educated and reasonable pot smokers.

When City Council had the chance to regulate the budding medical marijuana industry in San Jose, some think Liccardo dropped the ball and sided with the council majority by arbitrary capping the number of collectives at 10.

    “Liccardo pleaded ignorance on about how to handle the situation – a surprise coming from someone who left the U.S. Attorney’s office in San Diego because he felt the war on drugs was ineffective.” – San Jose Metroactive
  • “Chief Garcia assumed the role of Acting Chief of Police on January 19, 2016 upon the retirement of former Chief Larry Esquivel. Two years after enacting citywide pot regulations, San Jose may create a dedicated department to enforce them.” – San Jose Inside (paraphrase)
  • A Division of Marijuana Control would cost about $2.7 million a year and require more than a dozen employees with expertise in law, code enforcement and finance. To recover costs, the city would charge each of its 16 registered collectives a yearly fee of about $170,000.

    • “The City Council will consider the plan in addition to other changes to its marijuana ordinance. City officials recently met California Marijuana Czar Lori Ajax, who heads the state’s new Bureau of Medical Marijuana Control, to talk about packaging, testing and the lack of uniformity of local pot laws.” – San Jose Inside (paraphrase)


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