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Canna Hemp Pain Relief Cream Product Review

Product: Pain Relief Cream
Brand: CannaHemp
Total MG per Package: 256 mg CBD
Throughout our time reviewing products, we’ve gone over a lot of the basics. Edibles have been a constant with a few specialty products sprinkled in. A category that we haven’t explored much, however, are topicals. Topical products are not the newest in the cannabis world but they are often neglected, as we’ve discussed before. But, when we find those that oppose all the topical-misconceptions we’ve gotta get the word out. Locally created, Canna Hemp has been committed to the pursuit of natural healing and their products are all focused on changing the CBD and topical game. To introduce you to the organic and vast world of theirs, we decided to look into one of their most popular products. This past week, The Social Weed tried CannaHemp’s Pain CBD Relief Cream

Unlike many brands that focus the majority of their products as THC-based, Canna Hemp does the opposite. The company is focused on using the power of hemp oil combined with cannabis-derived terpenes to deliver the best CBD products on the market. Even in their vapable products, they are higher in Cannabidiol potency instead of Tetrahydrocannabinol. This simple drive has made them a fan-favorite amongst medical patients in various states. One of the bigger factors aiding that are those cannabis-derived terpenes I mentioned before.
Due to the long-term cost, numerous brands opt for food-grade terpenes in products. It gives products a strong flavor but the artificial base can leave a burn in the back of users throats or simply lack appropriate potency. Regardless of our boasting, Canna Hemp indeed goes the extra mile in the production products, many times making them the superior award-winning option.

Potency Test
The first thing you might notice about the Pain Relief Cream is its smell or what its smell is actually lacking. The product contains completely no weed smell. It’s refreshing replaced with the light scents of eucalyptus, peppermint, and rosemary. The onset of the team’s smell can come on strong, opening the airways and helping with any stuffiness of its an issue. After application, the scent wears off pretty quickly as it begins to take effect.
I used the product to help with headaches and light body pain throughout the course of a week. Despite our promotion of a “greener” lifestyle, some items are a bit harder for me to knock. The trial was done to, hopefully, stop using aspirin or items of the sort for pain when I’m at work. Every time I felt an intense pain, I rubbed the thicker cream on my temples and pressure points to relieve the inflammation. Despite it’s appearance, Canna Hemp’s cream actually has an extremely light weight feeling that leaves no greasy residue on the skin.
The pain relief cream has a tingle that gradually builds as it begins to work. It’s very soothing and great for anyone with neuropathy. In my experience with it, caused a warmth that eased any tension or soreness in my body as time went by. After a few days, I was already rubbing it over most of my body just to enjoy the all-over pain relief. As some one who hates mornings as equally as she loves cannabis, it was a great way to start the day. The pain relief cream felt like getting a massage first thing in the morning.
This product is CBD-only which waa a concern of some dispensary patrons as I purchased it. It’s assuring however to see that the lack of one cannabinoid did not remove for the effectiveness of he product. I can happily say that I felt the same, if not more, relief from this product as I have with THC-based ones.
The way I used this product was one of many. CBD addresses many ailments and, whatever plagues you can be eased with some form of it. Canna Hemp has tons of other CBD products that can be used interchangeable. The Pain Relief Cream, particularly, can be used for neuropathy, chronic body pain and menstrual cramps amongst other things.

The Verdict
I love Canna Hemp’s Pain Relief cream and have already purchased more to keep as a staple in my stash. It works great, it smells amazing, and considering the potency and quality of the product, it’s fairly inexpensive. The pain relief wasn’t personally the longest I’ve experienced but, I still prefer the product to many others because of the lack of cannabis smell and the initial relief that I did get. As someone who micro-doses through the day to focus as well as deal with pain, this fits perfectly into my regiment. For those looking for one singular product to use through the day, I would still recommend this product but be wary that you may go through a jar quicker than I did.
I definitely recommend the cream. If you have further questions before making a purchase, I would highly recommend reaching out to the brand ’s product ambassadors as they are a fountain of information about their products.
Check out Canna Hemp’s products here and happy toking, my friends!

Throughout our time reviewing products, we've gone over a lot of the basics. Edibles have been a constant with a few specialty products sprinkled in.