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Blue Dream Hemp Oil Extract: Natural Pain, Anxiety & Stress Relief Benefits?

Blue Dream Hemp makes effective and affordable hemp supplements to solve people’s health problems in a natural way. One of their remarkable products is the 2500mg Hemp Oil Extract. Here is its review.

About Blue Dream Hemp Oil Extract

Each bottle of Blue Dream Hemp Oil Extract is made using natural ingredients that offer unmatched quality and an all-in-one health solution. Blue Dream Hemp does not outsource hemp, and the user is thus assured that what they get is 100% US hemp. Blue Dream Hemp Oil Extract is also made and distributed in the US.

Blue Dream Hemp Oil Extract is made in facilities registered by FDA to ensure consistency and quality. The hemp used is organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and free of pesticides, herbicides, and other toxic chemicals. Blue Dream Hemp Oil is internally, and third-party lab tested for quality and potency.

Blue Dream Hemp Oil Extract is flavored with peppermint oil to give a delicious taste and make the product fun taking. The formula behind this hemp oil is meant to offer anti-anxiety and relaxation to the user. Coming with 2500mg of hemp oil extract, Blue Dream Hemp Oil Extract is an ideal supplement for use when starting the day to make the user feel relaxed and energized all through. It can also be taken at night to improve the user’s moods and offer a calm night sleep. It drastically reduces night tossing and turning, makes the user fall asleep faster, and enjoy quality rest.

The 1FL OZ 30ml has 30 servings, and a bottle gives the buyer a 30 day supply of hemp oil. After subscribing to this hemp product, the user needs not to worry about bi-weekly or weekly shopping as the seller gets it delivered in time.

Health Benefits

Blue Dream Hemp Oil Extract is packaged with Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. These nutrients are good for calming anxiety, depression, psoriasis, and inflammation. They also help in skin, nail, and hair health and as well protect the user from cardiovascular problems. This hemp oil has anti-inflammation properties and is able to treat nerve pains, stiff joints, and end of day aches or pains. Hemp oil achieves this by binding brain receptors.


To get the Blue Dream Hemp Oil Extract, you will have to part with $28.99, which is an equivalent of $0.45 per count or serving. Shipping charges are not included in this price, but you can access them after placing an order since they differ depending on the shipping location.

Final Verdict

2500mg hemp oil extract in a 30ml bottle is an amount enough to give you all the wellness you require. Blue Dream Hemp Oil Extract is relatively cheaper than many of its competitors and is thus worth trying. Besides, a 4.5/5 customer rating proves that a good number of people who have used this oil found it beneficial. Past users mainly seem to love the oil’s calming and relaxing effect, pain, inflammation and anxiety relief, and the ability to offer better sleep. That said, we highly recommend Blue Dream Hemp Oil Extract to anyone in need for high quality and potent hemp oil for natural health benefits.

Blue Dream Hemp Oil Extract: Natural Pain, Anxiety & Stress Relief Benefits? Blue Dream Hemp makes effective and affordable hemp supplements to solve people’s health problems in a natural way.

Blue Dream CBD Shatter

Made with 99% pure CBD Isolate infused with all-natural terpenes. Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with a sweet berry aroma redolent of its Blueberry parent. Blue Dream balances full-body relaxation with gentle cerebral invigoration.

  • 99% CBD / 1000mg CBD/g
  • Terpene infused / C02-extracted
  • THC free
  • American hemp
  • Lab-tested

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  • Description
  • Suggested Use
  • Terpenes
  • Lab Results
  • Why Extract Labs?


Extract Labs’ CBD Shatter is concentrated CBD meant for dabbing or smoking. Made from CBD Isolate infused with plant-derived terpenes, our Shatter is a great way to augment your current smoking ritual. We offer a wide array of terpene profiles from indica to sativa, and everywhere in between. Isolate used to produce Shatter is CO2-extracted in our Boulder, Colorado headquarters. Shatter is sold in 1g (0.03oz) increments.

New to CBD concentrates? Check out our handy guide: Dabbing CBD: A Guide For Beginners

Ingredients: CO2-Extracted CBD Isolate, Plant-derived Terpenes.

Suggested Use

CBD Shatter is great because it can either be dissolved into a fat/oil of your choice or vaporized via dabbing or dab-pen. When it comes to feeding your endocannabinoid system with full spectrum CBD Concentrate, dabbing is the preferred way to go. It involves heating the Shatter to a vapor, at which point its ready for direct inhalation to the lungs. Vaporizing the Shatter also helps to avoid burning any harmful carcinogens.

Dabbing Directions
Turn on your torch and aim the flame directly at the nail. Most people will heat the nail until it begins turning red-hot. If you’re using an electronic nail, please consult your product’s manual.
Once the nail is hot, turn off your torch and place the glass dome over the nail. It’s recommended to let titanium nails cool for about 10 seconds and quartz nails about 45 seconds so the surface temperature isn’t too hot.
Take your dabber, apply the dab directly on the nail inside the dome, and inhale slowly. Rotating the dabber tip on the nail can help you prevent wasting any oil stuck to the dabber.
Exhale and enjoy!


Lab Results

Why Extract Labs?

The CBD market is still the wild wild west. Anyone can make it, sell it and slap a misleading or even outright false label on their product. With so many brands to choose from, it can be hard to determine who to trust. Instead of just claiming our products are the best, we show you. All of our products are backed by our batch tracking system so you can view a certificate of analysis for the product in your hand. Yes, many companies provide a COA, and some are legit. However, many are showing you an old, irrelevant COA. Even some of the biggest names in the business have gotten busted for inaccurate lab reports! We put a tracking number on all products that you can use to view the COA specific to each batch produced. What about 3rd party testing? Here’s what we can say about that… we are a lab, and we provide analytical services just like other labs, therefore, it is both cost-effective and of a higher quality to use our own facility. This is not a compromise. It is the only way we can provide the best quality and best value possible. Therefore, it is directly in line with our core values and mission as a company. Occasionally, a CBD vetting company will have our products tested by multiple 3rd-party labs, and guess what they find? We have been awarded the highest standards for perfect scores. One company (CBD Examine) went so far as to detail that per cannabinoid volume, our tinctures are the best quality and value on the market.

Extract Labs is privately owned. When you shop with us, you are purchasing a product made by the hardest working people in the industry. We are all obsessed with making the best CBD products available to everyone. Your hard-earned money doesn’t go into the pockets of investors. It goes towards upgrading equipment to lower product costs, research into new cannabinoids, and helps keep a roof over the heads of our 40-something employees.

Shop with us and see why Extract Labs customers are raving about our quality, pricing, and as they say: “a level of customer service unheard of in this day and age.”

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Made with 99% pure CBD Isolate infused with all-natural terpenes. Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with a sweet berry aroma redolent of its Blueberry… ]]>