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Blackwell CBD

South Jordan, Utah

Page updated: Mar 6, 2019



Educating based on the best available scientific studies and providing the highest quality Hemp Cannabidiol oil.


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South Jordan, Utah

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Zen Leaf Health focuses on improving wellness by delivering high quality all-natural products for our customers. We pledge consistent, transparent, and premium quality on all of our products.

New Labs

New Labs CBD products are made with certified organic hemp grown in Colorado and Kentucky and are free of any synthetic or artificial ingredients. Our farms are 100% compliant and all of our products meet the “Federal Legal Limit” of .03% THC by dry weight.

Health Hemp Pet

Hi. My name is Dave. My discovery of natural hemp as a pet health product started with my dog Mya. Although I bought her from a reputable breeder, when Mya was just six months old, I noticed she was having trouble keeping up with her brother, Che. Our vet recommended non-steroidal medication and invasive surgery. I wanted a healthier option. During my research, I discovered natural hemp oil and immediately ordered a variety of hemp pet products to try. I wasn’t impressed with the quality and more importantly, Mya wasn’t either. Mya deserves better. I decided to make a higher quality hemp oil health product for dogs than I could find in the marketplace. A product that would list the dosage and all of the other ingredients for pets. Most of the hemp oil used in these products was coming from China and contained heavy metals and pesticides. Again, Mya deserved better.

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We are now owners of Blackwell CBD.

We can hardly contain ourselves over this big change!
Customers have been asking us for years to source pure CBD, and trust us. we have gone down every avenue to try and make this a possibility for you.

Over the last 12 months, we have studied the CBD market before deciding on how to bring you the highest value and the best CBD products.

With Adam, our CEO as an acting president of BLACKWELL CBD, we now have the opportunity to offer
full spectrum CBD from industrialized hemp plants with proven scientific results. On top of that, we get to have fun and infuse the CBD oil with our 100% pure essential oils like Lemon & Orange giving the products great flavor and even more benefits.

So, you may be wondering, “is this even legal” or maybe, most importantly, “will this get me high?”. Well, CBD is 100% legal + there is no THC in our products, meaning using BLACKWELL CBD will not get you high & will not show up on drug tests.

Just like essential oils, CBD is an extremely complex product to navigate and it is often unclear what you are getting. This is why we have all of our CBD tested by a 3rd party lab. All of the lab results are posted on product pages for the public to view.

We are now owners of Blackwell CBD!!! We can hardly contain ourselves over this big change! Customers have been asking us for years to source pure CBD,… ]]>