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Top 8 Best Tasting Cannabis Strains

Cannabis isn’t only fun because of its effects – a large portion of the joy it brings to its users comes from weed being packed with rich, diverse and delicious flavors. As such, we want to share with you which strains we think taste the very best. In compiling this list, we considered terpene profiles as well as customer reviews. The following eight cannabis strains have been handpicked by the Herbies’ team as the best-tasting buds out there, so let us guide you in the direction of our very favorite Sativas, Indicas and hybrids based on their various tastes and aromas.

What Determines The Taste Of Cannabis?

What makes cannabis taste the way it does? The flavor profiles of our favorite strains are determined chiefly by their terpenes and flavonoids. Terpenes are fragrant oils secreted by the same glands that produce THC and CBD, and which lend to the distinctive flavors we often associate with cannabis like citrus, berry, mint and pine. Similarly, flavonoids play a key part in determining the sensory qualities (odor, flavor) that help us differentiate between strain varieties. Terpenes and flavonoids share certain qualities that enhance the smell and taste of cannabis. The most common terpenes used to characterize weed are myrcene (herbal), pinene (pine), caryophyllene (peppery), terpinolene (fruity) and ocimene (minty). These main flavor profiles are what distinguish the wide flavor variety and diversity of cannabis.

Sweet Strains

Without Further Ado, Our Tastiest Strains

This list describes the flavors and aromas associated with our top eight best-tasting strains. Terpenes, as discussed above, play an important role in cannabis taste and odor, and in these eight, they shine brighter than ever!

    Autoflowering 21 – 23 % Euphoria and flight of fantasy 450 – 650 g/m² indoors50 – 350 g/plant outdoors
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Tangie’matic Auto: Like A Fresh Sativa Smoothie

Tangie’matic Auto is a delicious Sativa strain from FastBuds. This autoflowering version of Tangie is a nearly pure Sativa that delivers a cerebral and euphoric high on top of its tantalizing flavor. Strong notes of tangerine are present in both taste and aroma. Enjoy citrusy and fresh flavors with a hint of spice thanks to the strain’s herbal, piney and peppery terpenes. Sit back and let Tangie’matic take you on an uplifting journey.

    Photoperiod World of Strawberry relaxation 15 – 22 % 300 – 400 g/m² indoors
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Try Strawberry Cough For A Delightful Afternoon Smoke

Our next favorite is another Sativa-dominant strain, Strawberry Cough, brought to us by Dutch Passion. We think you’ll agree that this is one of the best-tasting cannabis strains out there thanks to its remarkably unique strawberry taste and aroma, complemented by hints of pepper and spices. Herbal and peppery terpenes are responsible for the undertones of flavors at play here. However, Aa word of warning: it’s called Strawberry Cough for a reason – the smoke can be a bit harsh!

    Photoperiod A flower of calmness 25 % 450 g/m² indoors 900 g/plant outdoors
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Get Comfortable With Sugar Black Rose Early Version

The first Indica on our list, Sugar Black Rose Early Version, is a Delicious Seeds strain that’s the result of a cross between Critical Mass and Black Domina. The flavors of this strain are particularly complex, and arguably why it deserves the title of one of the best-tasting cannabis strains on the market. The buds themselves smell sweet and fruity, reminiscent of orange and fresh flowers, and the weed tastes like mature grapes and a touch of skunk, while the smoke may leave behind a spicy, earthy aftertaste reminiscent of hash.

    Photoperiod 19.33 % On wings of High 800 g/m² indoors1200 g/plant outdoors
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Super Lemon Haze: A Cerebral Citrus Combination

Our list wouldn’t be complete without Super Lemon Haze, an award-winning strain from Green House Seeds. This cross between Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze is a long-lasting, quick-acting, Sativa-dominant cannabis strain. Limonene (lemony) and terpinolene (fruity) are the dominant terpenes in Super Lemon Haze. These fragrant oils emphasize the strain’s tart and earthy flavors, along with the skunky aroma of the buds. After the first hit, you’ll know exactly how lemony cannabis can be!

    Photoperiod 19 % Clear-headed and relaxed explorer 400 – 600 g/m² indoors2000 – 3000 g/plant outdoors
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Next, A Classic Among Cannabis Enthusiasts: Blue Dream

If you’re familiar with cannabis strains, chances are you’ve heard of (or tried) Blue Dream – a Humboldt Seeds classic and certainly one of the best-smelling weed strains out there. Characteristics of both parent strains, Blueberry and Haze, are certainly noticeable in both smell and taste. When smoked, the aroma is reminiscent of its haze origins, hinting at citrus, blueberries and cedar, yet the strain maintains a flavor profile including sweet fruit and piney incense.

    Photoperiod Couch-locking stone 25 % 600 g/m² indoors
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Pineapple Chunk: A Sweet Treat For The Senses

Barney’s Farm brings us Pineapple Chunk, a cross between two of their other strains, Sweet Pineapple and Cheese/Skunk #1. This Indica-dominant hybrid’s ancestry is more than apparent in its cheesy, skunky aroma, which is well-balanced by the crispness of the sweet pineapple flavor. We think this is one of the best-tasting strains because of how uniquely the taste and smell merge together. Pineapple Chunk will have your palate and body tingling from a chill, mellow high, perfect for relaxation or medication.

    Photoperiod A punch that brings you to high 22 % 600 g/m² indoors 1000 g/plant outdoors
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Fruit Punch Packs A Punch

Another Sativa-dominant strain that makes the list is Fruit Punch from Heavyweight Seeds, a hybrid cross of Skunk, Haze and Northern Lights. The flavors and aromas are strong, sweet and exotic with a hint of berries, all due to the excellent resin production and high terpene and cannabinoid levels. Myrcene leads the way with herbal notes, while limonene holds up its end with bright, citrusy flavors. A light peppery zing from caryophyllene follows to make this an indulgent strain well worth a smoke.

    Autoflowering Refreshing medicine 22 % 400 – 500 g/m² indoors
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(Not Your Mom’s) Purple Lemonade

Last but not least, we have Purple Lemonade, another strain from FastBuds – a seed bank that appeared at the beginning of this list. As one might guess from the name, this type of weed is zesty and citrusy in both taste and aroma; in fact, the lemony scent is apparent as early as the beginning of the flowering stage and lingers through the curing phase. This heavenly Indica strain also looks gorgeous with its vibrant, deep grape color due to a mixture of Purple and citrusy Cali genetics.

What’s On Your Tasty Top?

Clearly, there’s something out there for everyone depending on what you’re craving. Fruity, skunky and cheesy cannabis strains all have their own individual characteristics that make them stand out from the crowd. Whether you prefer a daytime Sativa session or an evening couch lock with some Indica, we think you’ll agree that the above strains are some of the best-tasting weed available. Now it’s your turn! Don’t be shy – leave a comment below and let us know about the tastiest strains you’ve tried so far!

Top 8 of best flavored cannabis strains. Check out our list of marijuana plants with extraordinary taste and terpene profiles

Top 5 cannabis seeds with fruity flavour

Fruity cannabis strains never go out of fashion. In addition to a satisfying and enjoyable smoke quality, most cannabis fans love a fruity flavour. If you choose your cannabis seeds carefully you can combine potency with the sweet delicious fruity flavours of your choice. Whether you like dark fruit flavours or a zingy citrus taste there are some great fruity autoflower strains and feminised seeds to suit you.

What are the most common flavours found in cannabis?

The terpene profile of a particular fruity cannabis strain provides the natural chemical magic which gives us the familiar smell of a particular fruit or plant. Terpenes are produced in the plant cells and all use the molecule isoprene as their starting point. Using different biosynthetic pathways various terpenes are produced, according to the genetics of the plant.

These terpenes are detected by specialised cells in our nose. The signal is sent to the brain which tries to interpret a flavour based on the many terpenes which were sensed. Remember that cannabis contains numerous terpenes in different ratios. These produce a wide range of flavours.

Terpene Flavours
Alpha-pinene Piney, rosemary
Beta-caryophyllene Citrus, oily, spicy
Caryophyllene oxide Clove, peppery, spicy, woody
Geraniol Rose, sweet
Limonene Citrus, juniper, lemon, peppermint, rosemary, tangerine
Linalool Candy spice, floral, herbal
Myrcene Acrid, citrus, clove, fruity
Nerolidol Berry, floral, sweet, woody
Phytol Creamy, earthy, floral, vanilla

Best fruity cannabis seeds from Dutch Passion

Blueberry : Legendary sweet taste of dark fruit with a powerful high

1970’s Original Blueberry
Blue family
Very high
8 weeks

Blueberry is usually one of the first varieties which springs to mind when people think of the best tasting strains. Blueberry seeds are a member of Dutch Passion’s Blue Family of cannabis seeds. In addition to the famous Blueberry taste and aroma, Blueberry seeds give a rich sweet taste of dark fruit alongside a famously powerful, long lasting and wonderfully enjoyable high. Fruity weed seeds don’t get much better than Blueberry, which is also available in autoflower seeds (Auto Blueberry) as well as regular seeds.

Blueberry is an indica dominant strain with very high THC levels. The plants often produce blue hues in the buds, especially during cool bloom conditions. With original 1970’s Blueberry genetics, Dutch Passion Blueberry seeds have always been repeat best sellers with growers who love the irresistible combination of a powerful THC rich high with a great fruity smell.

To get the very best weed flavor a good cure is required. If you have ever wondered why does weed taste fruity / how does cannabis develop fruity flavors, much depends on the quality of the cure. Curing is a process which takes several weeks, often done in glass jars to allow the rich weed flavor to really develop. The blog below, explains it in more detail.

Orange Bud : The daddy of all citrus flavoured fruity weed strains

Original Orange Bud
Orange family
Very high
7 weeks

Dutch Passion’s original Orange Bud dates back to the 1980’s. Like Blueberry she is a member of the ‘Very High THC seed collection’, reserved for those special strains who can touch around 20% THC. Orange Bud is a very powerful vape/smoke with rich sweet citrus notes. The Orange Bud seeds form the core of the ‘Orange Family’ of fruity weed strains, which share the citrus flavoured weed characteristics. Orange Bud is a fruity skunk strain, like other skunks she is easy to grow. The sativa genetics are heavy yielding, Orange Bud is available in feminised Orange Bud seeds, Autoflower seeds (Auto Orange Bud) and regular seeds.

If you like fruity autoflower seeds then Auto Orange Bud needs to be mentioned. Auto Orange Bud seeds grow from seed to harvest in around 75 days. Like all Dutch Passion autoflower seeds they perform well indoors with 20 hours of daily light. They are easy enough for first time growers to feel confident with!

When well dried and cured, Orange Bud has a smell of nectarines and ripe oranges. The feel-good high is happy and uplifting. When enjoyed in a vape you can enjoy a delicious, sweet flavoured experience followed by a profoundly enjoyable few hours of after effects. Orange Bud produces XL quantities of fruity smelling weed, bloom time is 8-9 weeks and she grows in any grow system/grow method. Few fruity weed seeds come with reputations as good as Orange Bud. If you are looking for a proven classic with a great fruity flavor then Orange Bud seeds should be in your seed collection.

Passion Fruit : A fruit punch which will really knock you out

Sweet Pink Grapefruit X Orange Bud
Orange family
Very high
8 weeks

Passion Fruit feminised seeds produce a real fruit punch flavor with a highly effective anti-anxiety ‘high’. Ideal to dissolve stress and relax at the end of the day. Passion Fruit’s parent strains are the legendary Orange Bud and Sweet Pink Grapefruit. They combine to produce Passion Fruit, a hybrid indica/sativa strain which is available only in feminised seeds.

Grow Passion fruit in organic conditions for the best flavoured weed. We recommend BioTabs organic nutrients for a simple, stress free growing experience. Passion Fruit seeds produce buds which smell like you have just set foot in a candy store!

The most dominant aromas tend to be the sweet, citrus, sour and orange. Passion Fruit also has a unique grape flavour which is particularly tasty. If you want a delicious, rich and extremely powerful cannabis variety with genuine fruit-taste overload then you will love Passion Fruit feminised seeds!

Strawberry Cough : Nothing quite beats the taste of fresh strawberries!

Original Strawberry Cough
USA Special
9 weeks

Original Strawberry Cough seeds have remained popular ever since they were introduced. These high THC feminised sativa seeds are easy to grow. Repeat growers love the sweet taste of fresh strawberries. It’s a unique terpene profile which somehow captures the taste of freshly picked strawberries.

The sativa high is powerful and particularly relaxing. Strawberry Cough is an iconic fruity weed strain with one of the best fruity weed names. If you cough after smoking/vaping some you may notice the special strawberry flavour.

Lovers of fruity favoured weed have plenty of good options. But Strawberry Cough fans will tell you that fruity skunk strains or fruity kush strains simply don’t compare to the great strawberry taste of well grown and cured Strawberry Cough buds. Strawberry Cough seeds are part of the USA Special seed collection. This collection contains some of the highest quality cannabis genetics from recent years.

Mokum’s Tulip : Fruity gelato seeds with very high THC levels

Gelato X Sherbet
Very high
8 weeks

Mokum’s Tulip seeds were produced by crossing prized specimens of Gelato and Sherbet. As well as very high THC levels you get a very special sweet scent, very similar to a rose in full bloom. With such acclaimed parent strains, Mokum’s Tulip produces excellent consistency and took 1st Prize in the 2019 Clouds In The City cannabis cup. The indica genetics produce hard buds with a white frosting. If you love a fruity Gelato strain with a strong weed flavour you won’t get much better than Mokum’s Tulip seeds.

Mokum’s Tulip is only available in feminised seeds. Bloom time is around 8 weeks. She is part of our Classic Seeds collection. Mokum’s Tulip seeds are easy to grow with a sweet candy fruity flavor.

How to flavour your weed

In order to grow the best tasting strains you need to consider two key issues; Genetics and environment. You will need to use fruity cannabis strains from a reliable seed company whose genetics can be trusted. You will also need to optimise your environment to bring the best out of the genetics. Below are a few professional tips and advice to anyone looking to grow fruity autoflower strains or fruity feminised strains.

LED growlights, the modern way to grow cannabis seeds

Interested in how to make your weed smell fruity? LED is the preferred light source for the serious and professional indoor growers. With inherently lower levels of heat stress and a superior light spectrum, LED allows the full potential of your genetics to be released. As well as superior cannabinoid levels, terpene production is increased with LED. Anyone with adjustable spectrum LEDs can also try offering their plants the ‘Blue Light Treatment’ at the end of bloom. This means delivering just blue (or blue dominant) wavelengths for the last 2-3 days of bloom to optimise terpene content.

UVB light in cannabis/herb cultivation increases terpene production

Many serious cannabis growers supplement their indoor grow with UVB lights from companies like California Lightworks, Solacure or AgroMax. UVB lighting is also used by fine quality herb growers who find that UVB increases the taste and flavour of their crops with measurable increases in terpene production.

Organic growing and BioTabs for the best weed to smoke

Organic growing is, for many growers, the best way and the only way to bring out the best weed flavour. BioTabs are Dutch Passion’s preferred organic nutrients. Organic growing can also simplify the cultivation process when done correctly, reducing the chances of errors occurring.

If you love fruity cannabis strains and want to grow some fruity weed seeds then read on. We select the 5 fruitiest weed strains for you to enjoy growing. ]]>