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I’ve searched the forums a little and anything regarding “baggie sizes” is people arguing how much comes in a dub in their area.

What I need to know is what size little zip baggies typically will hold a gram, 6th, 1/4, and half. I need them for each of those amounts. I don’t want to purchase 1000 of them of each size and not be able to fit it all in or not get it to close.

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Some of you need to calm down and not be so paranoid. LEO is not gonna come knocking at my door, serve a warrant, or call in the SWAT and raid my house because I’m asking about baggie sizes. And I’m asking hypothetically. Where in lies the jurisdiction here or probable cause? How does that even equate to a crime (intent to distribute w/o any drugs)? Even if your wild conspiracies were to pan out and they show up at my door “out to get me,” they could just as easily end up finding nothing because nothing is actually going on. I know there are a lot of dumbfucks on here, but don’t generalize. Before you try to school someone on the legal exposure, thing about it: who knows the law better than the people breaking it?

Back to the topic at hand:
If you want a little more back story; there’s nothing of quality in my area (like a 30 mile radius) and if there is, it certainly is kept a good secret and no one knows how to find it. I’m hypothetically part of a committee planning a hostile takeover of the majority local market share. We found a good broker of high end stuff for cheap and want to monopolize the area. It wouldn’t be all the same stuff all the time, we can negotiate for different product. But we just don’t want it showing up here and there often or have clients have to search for who has it, or even if this is really the actual stuff. We want to “brand” it and we’re going to start a marketing campaign. We have a network of about a dozen trusted distributors and we’re working on covering a larger area by finding more distributors and matching their source’s price but with higher quality shit.

Firstly, we’re gonna launch our brand by giving it out free along with some wild story of “the brand” to create a buzz (like straight from Cali, developed by the Dutch, bred with BC’s elite, cures cancer, grown by the Most Intersting Man in the World, blessed by Chuck Norris) and give out about 4000 sample sized bags (1/4g for a taste). Hopefully, they’ll come back with money in hand asking for more of out stuff and it’ll be the same price as they were paying before. After that, we’ll need baggies for every other size up to an ounce (we’re not distributing in any larger quantities for a discount). So, it’s not just some stuff you’re buying in a makeshift bag, standard plain clear or tacky patterned bag. It’s going to be highly recognizable and people will ask for it by name. It will always come in a branded bag, be medical quality (have no seeds, bugs, or mold), always be available (no dry spells) and have everyone talking about it. And if positive word travels as fast as they claim, we’ll have others small-timers wanting to sell our stuff cause they can’t compete. And “Operation: Weedwacker” isn’t going to happen until we can be certain all our ducks are in a row. So again, I’m inquiring about what would be an adequate size for each amount. I’m asking for your experience before I purchase a ridiculous amount of custom bags.

Yes, I know that different or unique bags can “trace” back to the source, but the individual distributors would get a brick and some bags. It’s not like they already come prepackaged from one source. Just as if they were plain bags, the product could come from anywhere and would no easier for LEO to track down.

I've searched the forums a little and anything regarding "baggie sizes" is people arguing how much comes in a dub in their area. What I need to know is…

What size Mylar do I need? What size Dram do I need?

There are many options for packaging of cannabis. Sometimes, there are so many options it is overwhelming. This page should help guide you as to what the best options are for your individual needs. We will start with the basics.

What Bag or Vial Options Are There For Packaging?

Drams currently come in the following sizes :

Mylar Bags currently come in the following sizes :

DymaPak Bags currently come in the following sizes:

How Do I Know Which Size To Order?

This can be confusing, so we will give you some guidance on this issue. On the chart included, you will see that if you have:

Alternatively, you can use this chart as guidance.

Pop Top Vials Size Chart

What Else Do I Need To Keep In Mind?

If your dry product weight has different size options, you need to consider how dense of a product you have. The more dense your product is, the smaller the container it will fit in.Likewise, the less dense your product is, the larger the container you will need for it. Another rule of thumb is that the cleaner the grower of the product, the less dense your product will be.

What Are The Benefits of Each Type of Packaging?

Mylar Bags

Mylar Keeps Flowers Fresh and Extends Life of Products

Mylar is Durable for Transportation and Storage

DymaPak Bags

DymaPak bags are odor proof.

DymaPak bags are certified CPSC child resistant.

DymaPak bags are durable.


Drams come in Pop Top, Push & Turn, and Screw Top Vials.

Pop Top Vials can be opened by firmly squeezing both sides until you hear the signature “pop” sound. They are certified CPSC child resistant as well.


Hopefully by now, you have figured out what type of packaging you would like to use. We understand that there are many options and that it can be overwhelming. However, this article should help to break it down a bit for you. Thank you for trusting us with your health.

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There are many options for packaging of cannabis. Sometimes, there are so many options it is overwhelming. This page should help guide you as to what the best options are for your individual needs. We will start with the basics. What Bag or Vial Options Are There For Packaging? Currently we offer these options: